"Fine Arts of the Far East - Chinese Paintings"


Masterpieces Selected from the
Fine Arts of the Far East
, Volumes VIII-IX
Chinese Paintings, Volumes 1-2
Published by Shimbi Shoin, 1910

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Table of Contents Covers and Cases Statistics

Condition. The books and folding cases are in Very Good condition. The bindings are solid and covers free of faults. Internally, the books have light to moderate foxing in the margins of the plates and on some text pages. The first two volumes (Volumes VIII-IX) have very little foxing. The last three volumes (Volumes X-XII) have moderate foxing. The foxing on plates is confined almost entirely to the margins and backs. All folded text pages are sound and uncut/unbroken at the fold. The folding cases are sound with only light wear along the folds. The books have been carefully reviewed against the listings of plates for completeness. One plate (#158 - "Snowcapped peaks in a blast" - Volume X) is missing. I believe this was a black and white collotype plate. There is no evidence that it was removed and the absence appears to have been an error in the compilation/binding process. All other plates are present. The five volumes contain 306 plates (57 color woodblocks prints and 249 black and white collotypes).


Tajima Shiichi (Editor, Volumes VIII & IX)
Kubota, Kanroku (Editor, Volumes X - XII
Omura Seigai (Original Text):
Masterpieces Selected from the Fine Art of the Far East (Ty Bijutsu Taikwan), a 5 volume set, "Chinese Paintings, I-V," The Shimbi Shoin, Tokyo (13 Shinsakana-cho, Kyobashi-ku), 1909 (Volumes VIII & IX), 1918 (Second Edition, Volumes X-XII), folio (19 1/2 x 13 1/2 in - 50 x 34 cm), 5 volumes of art reproductions of Chinese art held in collections in Japan, 307 plates (57 are color woodblock prints and 250 are black and white collotypes), bound Japanese style, decorated cloth, purple silk threads, two edges gilt (top & bottom), 96 pages of text. Volumes X-XII are "Deluxe Edition" and contain more color plates than the regular edition and many of the color woodblock plates are executed on silk. They are, however, not designated "Deluxe" on the title page and that is determined by the number of color woodblock plates and the fact that several are on silk.

Summary of Plates (Color Woodblocks /Black & White Collotype).

These 5 volumes are part of a set of 16 volumes (8 volumes - Japanese paintings, 5 volumes - Chinese paintings and 3 volumes - sculptures). In a catalogue published before the publication of the set the Shimbi Shoin advertised the set (16 volumes) stating that it was limited to 500 sets in two grades.

The Shimbi Shoin advertised that this set (16 volumes) was limited to 500 sets in two grades. The ordinary edition (400 sets produced) with 130 color plates all on ordinary paper and the "edition de luxe" (100 sets produced) with 200 color plates and where the original was printed on silk, it is reproduced on silk in the deluxe edition. The deluxe edition is also characterized as having "rich brocade" covers. In a Shimbi Shion catalogue published ca 1910 the set was priced at 66 (deluxe) and 55 (regular). In a 1920 Shimbi Shoin catalogue the complete set was priced at 1,200 yen (deluxe) and 1,000 yen (regular). As of the 1920 catalogue the set is listed as 15 volumes ("or in folios"), not 16 volumes. In this catalogue the Japanese painting volumes were priced at 650 yen (deluxe) and at 525 yen (regular) and the Chinese paintings volumes were priced at 450 yen (deluxe) and 400 yen (regular). In the 1922 catalogue the complete set was priced at 1,300 yen (deluxe) and 1,000 yen (regular). The 1922 catalogue states the deluxe edition has 200 color plates and the regular edition has 130 color plates. My review of deluxe editions of volumes I-XII (Japanese and Chinese paintings) confirmed 202 color woodblock plates.


Summary of Volumes
Five Volumes of Chinese Paintings

  • Volume VIII (1910)- Chinese Paintings, Volume I, Comprising Productions of the Tang, the Five and the Sung Dynasties, plates 1-64, 28 pages of text.

  • Volume IX (1910) - Chinese Paintings, Volume II, Yuan Dynasty, plates 65-129, 8 pages of text.

  • Volume X (1918) - Chinese Paintings, Volume III, Comprising Productions of the Ming Dynasties, plates 130-193, 16 pages of text.

  • Volume XI (1918) - Chinese Paintings, Volume IV, Comprising Productions of the Ming and Ching Dynasties, plates 194-255, 22 pages of text.

  • Volume XII (1918) - Chinese Paintings, Volume V, Comprising Productions of the Ching Dynasties, plates 256-307, 22 pages of text.

Each volume has a full title page listing the volume number in the entire series of 16 volumes. This is followed by an illustrated title page giving the volume number in the "Chinese Pictures" set of 5 and stating the dynasties covered by the volume. Each volume has a single page "List of Plates" which gives, for each plate, the plate number, a general description (subject), the artist, the period (expressed in A.D. date), and the source. The text pages are printed on folded sheets of thin, high quality, paper. The woodblock plates are tipped to very thick high quality paper plates that have die sunk (recessed) areas for the woodblock print. The collotype plates are printed directly on medium thick high quality paper. Each plate (or unit of plates when similar plates were grouped together by the editor) is protected by a tissue guard with text in English and Japanese which describes the art and artist and the source/location of the relic. Each volume comes with a protective decorative cloth folding slipcase with ivory clasps.


Details of Contents

Volume VIII
Plates 1-64

Chinese Paintings, Volume I
Comprising Productions of the Tang,
the Five and the Sung Dynasties

Edited by Shiichi Tajima
Original Text Written by Seigai Omura

Title Page.

Short Title Page

Plates (Complete Listing of Plates, Volume XI, click here).
1. Mounted on an Elephand and Playing Music and Dancing - Unknown, Sosoin, Nara 2-5. Sakyamuni, Manjusri, and Samantabhadra - Said to be by Wu Tao-tzu, Kofukuji, Kyoto 6-7. Landscapes - Said to be by Wang Wei, Kotoin, Kyoto 8. Waterfall - Said to be by Wang Wei, Chishaku-in, Kyoto 9. Pu-kung Chin-Kang - Li-chien, Kyowogokokuji, Kyoto 10-11. Arhats - Chan-yeuh Ta-shih, Baron Takahashi, Korekiyo 12-13. Arhats - Said to be by Chan-yeuh Ta-shih, Todaiji, Kyoto 14-15. Lotus-flowers and Water-fowls - Hsu Hsi, Chion, Kyoto 16. Snow-covered Willow Trees and White Heron - Said to be Hsu Hsi, Count Yamagisawa Yasuyoshi 17-18. Two Patriarchs with Minds in Harmony - Shih-ko, Shohoji, Yamashiro Province 19-20. Arhats - Unknown, Seiryoji, Kyoto 21. White Jessamine - Said to be by Chao Chang, Mr. Akaboshi Tetsuma, Tokyo 22. Putal sleeping - Li Lung-mein, Count Tokugawa Satotaka 23-24. Arhats - Li Lung-mein, The Tokyo Fine Art School 25. Wang-mo (Vimalakirti - Li Lung-mein, Marquis Kuroda Naganari 26. Autumnal Landscape - Chao Tai-nien, Mr. Akaboshi Tetsuma, Tokyo 27. Crows in a Wintry Forest - Chao Tai-nien, Mr. Hara Tomitaro, Yokohama 28. Landscape in Storm - Said to be by Emperor Hui-tsung, Kuonji, Minobu, Kai Province 29-30. Landscape in Atumn and Winter - Said to be by Emperor Hui-tsung, Konchi-in, Kyoto 31-32. Kujaku Myo-o (Mayura Vidyaraja) - Said to be by Chang Ssu-kung, Ninnaji, Kyoto 33. Pu-kung San-chang (Fuku Sanzo) - Said to be by Chang Ssu-kung, Kozanji, Yamashiro Province 34. Priest Hsuan-chuang (Genzo Sanzo) returning to China - Unknown, Mr. Hara Tomitaro, Yokohama 35-6. Bullock Drivers in the Snow - Li Ti, Mr. Masuda Takashi, Tokyo 37-8. White and Red Hibiscus - Li Ti, Viscount Fukuoka Takachika 39. Dhyana Meeting of Wei-yen and Li Ao - Ma Kung-hsien, Nazenji, Kyoto 40. Lin Ho-ching admiring Plum Blossoms - Ma Kuei, Baron Iwasaki Koyata 41. A Man and a Boy in a Boat - Said to be by Ma Kuei, Mr. Magoshi Kyohei, Tokyo 42. Landscape in Rain - Ma Yuan, Baron Iwasaki Koyata 43. A Man under a Pine-tree - Ma Yuan, Count Tanaka Mitsuaki 44. Looking at the Moon form Under a Pine-tree, Ma Yuan, Marquis Kuroda Naganari 45. A Lone Fisherman on a Wintry Lake - Ma Yuan, Marquis Inouye Kaoru 46. A Man under Pine-trees - Said to be by Ma Yuan, Mr. Magoshi Kyohei, Tokyo 47. Samantabhadra Bodhisattva (Fugen Bosatsu) - Said to be by Ma Lin, Myoshinji, Kyoto 48. Cattle under Trees - Said to be by Yen Tzu-ping, Viscount Akimoto Okitomo 49. Puppies - Mao I, Viscount Fukuoka Takachiea 50-51. Arhats - Lin Ting-kuei, Daitokuji, Kyoto 52. Arhats - Chou Chi-chang, Daitokuji, Kyoto 53. Hsiang-hsiang Ta-shih - Unknown, Todaiji, Nara 54. Court Ladies Embroidering - Said to be by Liu Sung-nien, Marquis Kuroda Naganari 55. Landscape in a Storm - Hsia Kuei, Mr. Kawasaki Shozo, Kobe 56. A Boat at Anchor - Hsia Kuei, Baron Iwasaki Koyata 57. Landscape and Bower - Hsia Kuei, Marquis Kuroda Naganari 58-59. Looking at a Waterfall and on a Stream - Hsia Kuei, Mr. Akaboshi Tetsuma, Tokyo 60. Landscape - Hsia Kuei, Mr. Gejo Masao, Tokyo 61. A Couple of Herons - Hsia Kuei, Marquis Kuroda, Naganari 62-64. Landscapes - Hsia Kuei, Count Meyeda Toshitomo
Colophon - Volume VIII

Printed: Meiji 43 (1910).4.20
Published: Meiji 43 (1910).4.25


Volume IX
Plates 65-129

Chinese Paintings, Volume II
Part One, Primitive Times, The Eras of Tang
and The Five Minor Dynasties
Part Two, Sung Dynasty.

Edited by Shiichi Tajima
Original Text Written by Seigai Omura

Title Page.

Short Title Page

Plates (Complete Listing of Plates, Volume IX, click here).

65. Han-shan and Shih-te (Kanzan and Jittoku) - Liang Kai, Mr. Isogai Sheizo, Tokyo 66. Li Po (Ri Haku) walking and singing - Liang Kai, Count Matsudaira Naosuke 67. The Sixth Patriarch of Zen Sect - Liang Kai, Count Matsudaira Naosuke 68. The Sixth Patriarch of Zen Sect - Liang Kai, Count Sakai Tadamichi 69. A Man under a Pine Tree - Liang Kai, Mr. Magoshi Kyohei, Tokyo 70-71. Sakyamuni coming out from the Mountain - Liang Kai, Count Sakai Tadamichi 72. Reading under Trees - Liang Kai, Marquis Kuroda Naganari 73. Snowy Landscape - Liang Kai, Count Sakai Tadamichi 74. Snowy Landscape - Liang Kai, Mr. Akaboshi Tetsuma 75. A Pair of Herons - Liang Kai, Count Date Munemoto 76. Portrait of Wu Chun Chan-Shih (Bushun Zenshi) - Artist Unknown, Tofukuji, Tokyo 77-78. Zen-zai Do-ji - Artist Unknown, Count Hisamatsu Sadanori 79. Dragons - Chen So-weng, Baron Yokoyama Takatoshi 80-81. Dragons - Said to be by Chen So-weng, Count Sakai Tadamichi 82-83. Landscapes and Mansions - Wang Hui, Mr. Takata Shinzo, Tokyo 84-86. Avalokitesvara (Kwannon) Monkeys, and a Crane - Mu-chi, Daitokuji, Kyoto 87-88. Arhat (Rakan) - Mu-chi, Baron Iwasaki Koyata 89. Priest Chien-tzu (Kensu) - Mu-chi, Mr. Masuda Takashi, Tokyo 90-91. Dragon and Tiger - Mu-chi, Kaitokuji, Kyoto 92. Old Pine-tree and Bull-headed Shrike - Mu-chi, Count Matsudaira Naosuke 93. Bull-headed Shrike - Mu-chi, Mr. O-oka Ikuzo, Tokyo 94. Returning Sails Along a Distant Beach - Mu-chi, Count Matsudaira Naosuke 95. The Haze dispersing from around a Town in the Mountains - Yu-chien, Count Matsudaira Naosuke 96. Lotus-leaves and Wild Goose alighting, Said to bey by Lo-chuang, Mr. Asabuki Eiji, Tokyo 97. Landscape in Mi's Style - Kung Kai, Mr. Namba Tsunesaburo, Takamatsu 98. Tao Yuan-ming - Chao Tzu-kung, Nishi Hongwanji, Kyoto 99. Willow-trees covered with Snow, and a Flock of Herons - Said to be by Chao Chung-mu, Nishi Hongwanji, Kyoto 100. Plum-blossoms and Birds - Said to be by Chien Shun-chu, Count Sakai Tadamichi 101. Pomegranate and Birds - Said to be by Chien Shun-chu, Marquis Kuroda Naganari 102-3. Landscapes in Summer and Winter - Said to be by Kao Jan-Hui, Konchi-in, Kyoto 104. Summer Mountains - Said to be by Kao Jan-Hui, Viscount Akimoto Okitomo 105-6. Landscapes in Spring and Summer - Said to be by Kao Jan-Hui, Count Sakai Tadamichi 107. Lotus and Birds - Wang Jo-Shui, Marquis Kuroda Naganari 108-9. Landscapes and Human Figures - Jen Yeuh-shan, Tokyo Fine Art School 110. Autumnal Landscape - Sun Chun-tse, Yotokuin, Kyoto 111. Landscape - Sun Chun-tse, Mr. Kikuya Gojuro, Nagato 112-3. Landscapes - Sun Chun-tse, Baron Iwasaki Koyata 114-7. The Two Hermits, Ha-ma (Gama) and Tieh-kuai (Tekkai) - Yen Hui (Gan ki), Chionji, Kyoto 118-9. Han-shan (Kanzan) and Shih-te (Jittoku) - Yen Hui (Gan ki), Mr. Kawasaki Shozo, Kobe 120. Hermit - Yen Hui (Gan ki), Count Tanaka Mitsuaki 121. Bamboos - Chao Yuan, Nanzenji, Kyoto 122. Landscape in Minature - Said to be by Meng Yueh-chein, Count Tokugawa Satomichi 123. Avalokitesvara in White Robes - Said to be by Chang Yeuh-hu, Daitokuji, Kyoto 124. Tan-hsia burning an Image of a Buddha - Said to be by Yin-to-lo, Marquis Kuroda Naganari 125. Arhats - Said to be by Chi-shan, mr. Hara Tomitaro, Yokohama 126. Bamboos - Tan Chih-jui, Mr. Magoshi Kyohei, Tokyo 127. Arhats - Liu Hsin-chung, Shokokuji, Kyoto 128. The Ten Deva Kings - Lu Hsin-chung, Daitokuji, Kyoto 129. Avalokitesvara (Kwannon) - Said to be by A-chia-chia, Count Sakai Tadaoki
Colophon - Volume IX

Printed: Meiji 43 (1910).4.20
Published: Meiji 43 (1910).4.25

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