"Fine Art of the Far East - Japanese Pictures"


Ty Bijutsu Taikwan


Masterpieces Selected from the
Fine Arts of the Far East, 8 Volume Set
Published by Shimbi Shoin, 1909
(Deluxe Edition)

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Fine Art of the Far East - Japanese Pictures, 8 Volume Set

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Condition. The set is in very good condition. The individual books are clean and bright with occasional light foxing but only in the margins. All The folding case are clean but a couple have a clasp fastener missing. Overall a very attractive and well preserved set.  Set #1909040512


Omura, Seigai (Introductory Volume)
Tajima, Shiichi (Editor):
History of Japanese Pictorial Art With Explanatory Notes on and Critical Descriptions of Masterpieces Selected from the Fine Arts of the Far East (Ty Bijutsu Taikwan) (1 volume) and Masterpieces Selected from the Fine Art of the Far East (Ty Bijutsu Taikwan), (7 volumes), (Deluxe Edition, 8 volume set), The Shimbi Shoin, Tokyo (13 Shinsakana-cho, Kyobashi-ku), 1909, folio (19 1/2 x 13 1/2 in - 50 x 34 cm), 1 history (text) volume (182 pages with numerous collotype and woodcut illustrations) and 7 volumes of art reproductions with 485 plates (145 are color woodblock prints and 340 are black and white collotypes), bound Japanese style, decorated cloth, purple silk threads, two edges gilt (top & bottom). Fifteen plates are folding (3 color woodblocks and 12 black and white collotypes). This Deluxe Edition contains more color plates than the regular edition and many of the color woodblock plates are executed on silk. It is not designated "Deluxe" on the title page and that is determined by the number of color woodblock plates and the fact that several are on silk.

These 8 volumes were part of a set of 16 volumes (8 volumes - Japanese paintings, 5 volumes - Chinese paintings and 3 volumes - sculptures). In a catalogue published before the publication of the set the Shimbi Shoin advertised the set (16 volumes) stating that it was limited to 500 sets in two grades. In the Shimbi Shion catalogue published ca 1908 the "Japanese series (Eight volumes or folios)" was priced at 37 (deluxe - ") and 31 (regular). In the catalogue the Shimbi Shoin company made the following comments:

The works which we propose reproducing cannot easily be seen by the public: those which belong to the Imperial Household and are quite inaccessible to people generally; and the same may be said of the Fine Art treasures belonging to Temples, Shrines, Private Collections in the Houses of Nobility. When all these circumstances are carefully considered, we are convinced that the public will think that this series is not unduly expensive.

In a 1922 catalogue the complete set was priced at 1,300 yen (deluxe) and 1,000 yen (regular) and the number. The limit of 500 sets was restated. The catalogue stated the ordinary edition (all 16 volumes) had 130 color plates all on ordinary paper and the deluxe edition with 200 color plates and where the original was printed on silk, it is reproduced on silk in the deluxe edition.

Summary of the Contents
the of 8 Volumes

  • History (text) Volume, 182 pp.

  • Volume I - Japanese Painting of the Oharida, Asuka, Nara & Heian Periods (Including Ocho, Fujiwara and Heike Days), plates 1-77.

  • Volume II - Japanese Paintings of the Kamakura, plates 78-135.

  • Volume III - Japanese Paintings Comprising Picture Rolls, Buddhistic Pictures, Portraits and Other Forms and the Paintings in Sung and Yuang Styles of the Ashikaga Period, plates 136-193.

  • Volume IV - Japanese Paintings Comprising Paintings of the Sesshu and Kano School of the Ashikawa Period, and of the Kaihoku, Unkoku, Hasegawa, and Various Other Minor Schools of the Toyotomi Period, plates 194-266.

  • Volume V - Japanese Paintings Comprising Paintings of the Kano, Kaihoku, Unkoku, Hasegawa, Soga, Tosa and Korin Schools of the Tokugawa Period, plates 267-338.

  • Volume VI - Japanese Paintings Japanese Paintings Comprising Paintings of the Ukiyoye, Maruyama, Shijo, Kishi and Other Independent Schools of the Tokugawa Period, plates 339-406.

  • Volume VII - Japanese Paintings Comprising Paintings of the Ming and Ch'ing Schools of the Tokugawa Period, plates 407-485.

Woodblock plates are tipped to very thick high quality paper plates that have die sunk (recessed) areas for the woodblock print. The collotype plates are printed directly on medium thick high quality paper. The folding collotype plates are on high quality thin pager. Each plate (or unit of plates when similar plates were grouped together by the editor) is protected by a tissue guard with text in English and Japanese which describes the art and artist and the source/location of the relic. Each volume comes with a protective decorative cloth folding slipcase with ivory clasps.

Details of Contents


Volume V
Plates 267-338

Japanese Paintings Comprising Paintings of the Kano,
Kaihoku, Unkoku, Hasegawa, Soga, Tosa and Korin
Schools of the Tokugawa Period
(Complete Listing of Plates, Volume V, click here).

267-268  Landscapes  (Kano Koi)
269      Moored Boats  (Kano Koi)
270      Water Fowl  (Kano Sansetsu)
271      Courtiers  (Kano Tannyu)
272-273  Great Pine-trees and Eagles  (Kano Tannyu)

274      Portrait of Shoki  (Kano Tannyu)

275      Portrait of Murasaki Shikibu  (Kano Tannyu)
276      A Heron on a Moored Boat  (Kano Naonobu)
277      Jizo Bosatsu  (Kano Tsunenobu)
278      Phoenix and Paulownia  (Kano Tsunenobu)
279      A Farm-house  (Kuzumi Morikage)
280-281  Landscapes  (Kuzumi Morikage)
282-284  Farm Scenes  (Kuzumi Morikage)
285      Makoso no Seki  (Kuzumi Morikage)
286      Long-armed Monkeys caching at the Moon

287      Osho-kun  (Kuzumi Morikage)

288      Semimaru  (Hanabusa Itcho)
289      A Shower  (Kuzumi Morikage)
290      Sports of the Four Seasons  (Kuzumi Morikage)
291      The Four White-Haired Sages of Mount
         Shang-Shan  (Skokado)
292-293  Mansions and Landscapes  (Kaihoku Yusetsu)
294      Cormorant  (Miyamoro Niten)
295      Hotei looking at a Cock-fight  (Miyamoro Niten)
296      Hawks and an Oak-tree  (Sogo Ni-Chokusan)
297-299  Landscapes  (Soga Shohaku)

300      Hawk and Peonies  (Soga Shohaku)

301      Kwo Sekko and Cho Ryo  (Soga Shohaku)
302-304  Quail and Millet  (Tosa Mitsuoki)
305      Phoenix and Paulownia  (Tosa Mitsuoki)
306      Yoro Waterfall  (Tanaka Totsugen)

307      Konkai Soshi  (Ukida Ikkei)

308-309  Emperor Nintoku  (Okuda Tamctaka)
310      Rabbit among Bush-clover  (Hon-ami Koyetsu)
311      Flowering Plants  (Hon-ami Koyetsu)
312-313  Illustration to Genji Monogatari  (Tawaraya Sotatsu)
314-316  Illustrations to Genji Monogatari  (Tawaraya Sotatsu)
317-318  Gods of Wind and Thunder  (Tawaraya Sotatsu)
319      Herd of Deer  (Tawaraya Sotatsu)
320      Narihira going Eastward  (Ogata Korin)

321      Narihira at Yatsuhashi, Mikawa  (Ogata Korin)

322      Nakakuni calling upon Kogo-no-Tsubone  (Ogata Korin)
323      Murasaki Shikibu   (Ogata Korin)
324-326  Autumnal Flowering Grasses  (Ogata Korin)
327      A Cock  (Ogata Korin)
328      Landscape  (Ogata Korin)
329      Hahacho (a kind of Crow)  (Ogata Kenzan)
330      Baskets of Grasses  (a kind of Crow)  (Ogata Kenzan)
331      The Six Master Poets  (Ogawa Haritsu)
332      The Six Master Poets  (Watanabe Shiko)
333      The Seven Sages in Bamboo Grove  (Watanabe Shiko)
334      Autumnal Herbage  (Sakai Hoitsu)
335      Pink Plum-Blossoms  (Sakai Hoitsu)
336      Emperor Nitoku  (Sakai Hoitsu)
337-8    Ripe Persimmons  (Suzuki Ki-itsu)


Volume VI
Plates 339-406

Japanese Paintings Comprising Paintings of the
Ukiyoye, Maruyama, Shijo, Kishi and Other
Independent Schools of the Tokugawa Period
(Complete Listing of Plates, Volume VI, click here).

339      Illustration to Ise Monogatari  (Iwasa Shoi)
440-442  The Toyokuni Festival  (Iwasa Shoi)
443-444  Picture-rolls of Costumes and Custom  (Hishikawa Moronobu)
345      A Beauty  (Miyagawa Choshun)
346      A Beauty looking at Cherry-Blossoms  (Nishikawa Sukenobu)
347      A Beauty and a Little Girl  (Okumura Masanobu)
348      Two Beauties and Iris Flowers  (Suzuki Harunobu)
349-350  A Youth and a Beauty  (Isoda Koryusai)
351      A Beauty under the Cherry-Blossoms  (Katsukawa Shunsho)
352      Beauties at Their Recreations  (Utagawa Toyoharu)
353      Autumnal Revels in a Lofty Mansion (Torii Kiyonaga)
354      A Beauty and a Little Girl  (Kitagawa Utamaro)
355      Catching Fireflies  (Kitagawa Utamaro)

356      A Beauty and a Little Girl  (Hosoda Yeishi)

357-358  Beauties choosing Dresses  (Katsushika Hokusai)

359      Shoki  (Katsushika Hokusai)
360      The Rope-bridge  (Ando Hiroshige)
361      Hermits of Horai-san  (Maruyama Okyo)
362      Kaga no Chiyo  (Maruyama Okyo)
363-364  Bamboos  (Maruyama Okyo)
365-366  Carp  (Maruyama Okyo)
367      The Three Laughers  (Maruyama Okyo)

368      Hawk on a Pine-tree  (Maruyama Okyo)

369      Green Maple-leaves by a High Waterfall  (Maruyama Okyo)
370      Bamboos and Barnyard Fowl  (Maruyama Ozui)
371      Lady Pan walking with Lotus-steps  (Genki)
372      Peacock  (Nagasawa Rosetsu)
373      Peacock  (Yamaguchi Soken)
374      A Pine-tree and a Crane  (Mori Tessan)
375      A Wintry Forest at Sunset  (Goshun)
376-378  Boats under Willow-trees  (Goshun)
379-381  Willow-trees and a Heron: Birds on
          Dead trees  (Goshun)
382      Flying Heron in the Rain  (Goshun)
383      Gnarled Pine-trees on the Sea-Beach  (Goshun)
384      Bamboo 'Sprouts  (Goshun)

385-386  Eguchi no Kimi  (Goshun)

387      Autumnal Flowers  (Matsumura Keibun)
388      A Drooping Cherry-tree and a Pair of Doves  (Matsumura Keibun)
389      A Big Waterfall and a Single Crow  (Matsumura Keibun)
390      Landscape and Horsemen  (Okamoto Toyohiko)
391      Fishing with a Net  (Okamoto Toyohiko)
392      A Beauty  (Shibata Gito)
393      A Heron on a Willow-tree in the Rain  (Nishiyama Hoyen)
394      Li Po in His Cups  (Ganku)
395      Three Beauties under Trees  (Ganku)
396      Cranes among Bamboos  (Ganku)
397      Autographic Portrait of Ganku  (Ganku)
398      Koma-mukai (Going to Meet the Tribute
          Horses  (Gantai)
399      Wild Geese and Rushes  (Kishi Renzan)

400      A Couple of Barnyard Fowls and
          Hydrangea  (Iro Jakuchu)

401      Group of Blind Men  (Gessen)

402      Mother Monkey and Her Little One  (Mori Sosen)

403      A Couple of Monkeys  (Mori Sosen)
404-5    A Drove of Monkeys  (Mori Sosen)
406      Deer in Autumn  (Mori Sosen)


Volume VII
Plates 407-485

Japanese Paintings Comprising Paintings of the
Ming and Ch'ing Schools of the Tokugawa Period
(Complete Listing of Plates, Volume VII, click here).

407      Wild Geese among Rushes  (Yu Hi)

408      Hollyhocks  (So Shiseki)

409      Willow-trees and Cock   (Kurokawa Kigyoku)
410      Crowd of Hermits on Mount P'eng Lai  (Yanagisawa Rikyo)
411      Peonies and Peacocks  (Yanagisawa Rikyo)
412      Landscape in Autumn  (Watanabe Gentai)
413      Landscape in Autumn  (Gion Nankai)
414      Looking at the Moon from under a Pine-tree  (Sakaki Hyakusen)
415      Crimson-tinged Trees  (Ikeno Taiga)
416      Landscape  (Ikeno Taiga)
417-418  Fishing-Boat afloat in Autumn, and Discussing
          Ancient Matters under a Pine-tree  (Ikeno Taiga)
419      Landscape  (Yo Shukuya)
420      Men under Pine-trees  (Kimura Kenkado)
421      Autumnal Landscape  (Yosa Buson)

422      Summer Landscape  (Yosa Buson)

423      Fishing-Boat on a Stream in Autumn  (Yosa Buson)
424      Cuckoo amid the Fresh Green of Early
         Summer  (Yosa Buson)
425      Woodcutters going Home among Pine-trees  (Yosa Buson)
426      Birds and Flowers  (Yosa Buson)
427      Landscape in Autumn  (Kushiro Unsen)
428      Pine-trees and a Couple of Cranes   (Okada Beisanjin)
429      Snowy Landscape  (Okada Hanko)
430      Plum Orchard and a Country Villa  (Okada Hanko)
431      Strong Wind and Heavy Rain  (Okada Hanko)
432      A Hut by Huge Trees  (Okada Hanko)
433      A Picnic by Boat  (Urakami Shunkin)
434      Autumnal Landscape  (Urakami Shunkin)
435-436  Nachi Waterfall and Orange Hills  (Noro Kaiseki)
437      Rivulet, Plum-trees, and Bamboos  (Noro Kaiseki)
438      A Quiet and Cozy Residence among Bamboos  (Mokubei)
439      Autumnal Landscape  (Mokubei)
440      A Quiet Picnic on a Mountain-side
          (Tanomura Chikuden)
441      A Pure Spring in a Valley surrounded by
         Pine-trees  (Tanomura Chikuden)
442      Kingfisher among Rushes  (Tachihara Kyosho)
443      A Hundred Different Types of Human
         Beings  (Watanabe Kwazan)
444      Bamboos  (Watanabe Kwazan)

445      Wild Pheasants in a Valley  (Watanabe Kwazan)

446-447  Looking at a Waterfall  (Watanabe Kwazan)
448      Landscape in the Moonlight  (Watanabe Kwazan)
449-451  Wild Geese  (Watanabe Kwazan)
452      Heavenly Bamboos and a Couple of Barnyard
          (Tsubaki Chizan)
453      Birds and Weeping Willow-tree  (Tsubaki Chinzan)
454      A True Picture of Kuno  Tsubaki Chinzan)
455      Landscape  (Takahisa Aigai)
456      Landsdape  (Sugai Baikwan)
457      Landscapes in Autumn  (Sakurama Seigai)

458      Mount Fuji  (Nakabayashi Chikuto)

459      Brilliant Coloured Barnyard Fowls
          (Nakabayashi Chikuto)

460      Lotus and a Couple of Herons  (Nakabayashi Chikuto)

461      Landscape in Autumn  (Yamamoto Baiitsu)

462      A Stream and a Bamboo Grove  (Yamamoto Baiitsu)
463      Autumn Flowers and a Pair of Doves  (Yamamoto Baiitsu)

464      Tree Lotus and a Pair of Ducks  (Yamamoto Baiitsu)

465      Mountains in Spring and a Woodcutter on
          His Way Home  (Oda Kaisen)

466      Water-side Willows and a Shepherd
          going Home  (Oda Kaisen)

467-468  A Remote Recess in the Mountains  (Nukina Kaioku)
469      Bamboos and a Murmuring Stream  (Nukina Kaioku)
470      A Solitary Bower at the Foot of a Wood  (Nukina Kaioku)
471-474  Landscapes in Summer and Winter  (Nukina Kaioku)
475      Composing Poems in an Autumnal Valley  (Hine Taizan)
476      A Gathering of Poets in the West Garden  (Hine Taizan)
477      Valleys and Craggy Mountains  (Tani Buncho)
478      Mountains in Summer   (Tani Buncho)
479      Ch'ih-pi  (Tani Buncho)
480-481  Landscapes  (Tani Buncho)
482-483  T'ao Yuan-ming going Homeward  (Tani Buncho)
484-485  Mansions and Landscapes  (Tani Buncho)


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