Sights and Scenes in Fair Japan, 1917
Kazumasa Ogawa


Silk Embroidered With Flowers and Bird

Ogawa, K. (Kazumasa)
Sights and Scenes in Fair Japan, Reproduced and Published by K. Ogawa, F.R.P.S, Yokohama, Ogawa, Kelly & Walsh, Taisho 6 (1917), large oblong 4to (10 1/2 x 14 3/4 in - 37.5 x 26.5 cm), silk covers, cord ties, front cover with embroidered flowers and bird design, gilt edges, 50 collotype plates (16 color and 34 black and white), no maps, organized in typical Japanese style from back to front. No text, just collotype plates printed on one side only of high quality thick card stock paper. The 16 color collotype (multi-pass color collotypes) images all have a thin white border. Each plate measures 10 1/4 x 13 1/2 in - 26 x 35 cm. Image areas vary slightly but are generally 7 x 10 3/8 in - 26 x 35 cm. The collotype type plates cover a wide range of views in Japan with an emphasis on scenic, religious and historic places. Each plate has a descriptive title in Japanese and English. More comprehensive explanatory comments are also provided in English on each plate. While published in 1917, this is a later printing of a book that was first published at the turn of the century and captures views of Japan as the country passed into the 20th century.

Publishing/Printing History, Sights and Scenes in Fair Japan (ca 1910~ca 1920).

  • ca 1910 - Imperial Government Railways, 50 color collotypes and 2 color maps, captions in English only, here.
  • ca 1910 - Imperial Government Railways, 50 black and white collotype plates, no maps, captions in English only.
  • 1910 - First printing, published by Kelly & Walsh, 50 color collotypes, no maps, captions in English and Japanese.
  • 191? - Second printing, not accounted for in the colophons.
  • 1914 - Esperanto Version, Japanaj Vidajoj Kaj Moroj, 50 black and white collotype plates (same images 1917, below), captions in Esperanto and Japanese, here.
  • 1916 - Third printing, "reproduced and published by K. Ogawa," 50 collotype plates, some color (probably same as 1917, fourth printing, below).
  • 1917 - Fourth printing, "reproduced and published by K. Ogawa," 16 multipass color collotype plates, 34 black and white collotype, here.
  • ca 1920 - Unknown printing, 53 black and white collotype plates, here.

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    * = 16 (of 50) Color Collotype Plates(multi-pass color collotypes)
    All others Black and White Collotype Plates.

  1. The Main Entrance (double bridge) to the Imperial Palace, Tokyo
  2. Uyeno Park, Tokyo -- When the Cherry Blossom Blows
  3. Shinobuzu Pond, Tokyo, Famous Lotus Flowers

  4. A Picturesque View of the Imperial Palace Moat (Naval Dept & Judicial Dept)

  5. Entrance to Mausolea of the Tokugawa Shoguns in Tokyo
  6. Under the Wisteria Arbour -- In the Grounds of the Kameido, Temmangu Shrine, Tokyo

  7. *Iris Garden at Kamata near Tokyo

  8. A Champion Wrestler in the Kokugikwan Amphitheatre, Tokyo

  9. *Typical Japanese Residence

  10. Typical Reception Room in a Wealthy Home
  11. The "Daibutsu," or Gigantic Bronze Statue of Buddha at Kamakura, Erected in 1252
  12. Enoshima, near Kamakura, a Picturesque Island and Popular Excursion Resort
  13. Miyanoshita, a Favourite Hot Spring Resort in the Hakone Mountains

  14. *Mt Fuji, Height 12,390 ft

  15. Display of Dolls and Toys on the Girls' Festival in March
  16. Display of Miniature Armour and Toys on the Boy's Festival in May

  17. Armour and Weapons of Ancient Warriors

  18. Grand Shrine of Ise, Sacred to the Imperial Family and the People

  19. *The River Kiso, Central Japan

  20. Cormorant-Fishing for Trout on the Nagara in Central Japan

  21. *Lake Biwa, near Kyoto, the Largest Lake in Japan and Noted for its Characteristic Scenery

  22. The Temple of Kiyomizu, Kyoto, Founded in 778

  23. *The Higashi Hongwanji, Kyoto, Founded in 1629

  24. Kikakuji, "Golden Pavilion," Kyoto

  25. Enjoying the Cool of a Summer Evening on the Kamogawa in Kyoto

  26. *Arashiyama, Noted for Cherry Blossoms and Autumn Tints and also the Centre of Medieval Legends

  27. *Descent of the Hozu Rapids near Kyoto
  28. The Glories of Autumn -- Maples at Toganoo near Kyoto
  29. Peony Beds

  30. *A Rich Display of Chrysanthemums

  31. A Tea-Plantation with Tea Pickers at Work
  32. *Entrance to the Ksuga Shrine, Nara
  33. *Horyuki, near Nara, Built in 607, the Most Ancient Buddhist Temple in Japan
  34. Playing the "Koto," the Most Widely Used Form of Domestic Musical Instrument
  35. *Typical Japanese Garden.
  36. The "Ikebana" or Flower Arrangement, One of the Esthetic Arts of Japan
  37. *The "Chanoyu" or Tea-Ceremony, One of the Esoteric Arts of Japan
  38. Ama-no-hashidate, Central Japan, One of the Three Most Beautiful Sights in this Country

  39. Feudal Castle at Himeji

  40. A Glimpse of the Island Sea; near Onomichi
  41. *Miyajima, a Sacred Island in the Inland Sea, One of the Three Most Beautiful Sights in This Country
  42. The "No," a Species of Lyric Drama of a Classical Nature
  43. The "Odori," a Dramatic Dance in Old Time Costume
  44. *Matsushima, in Northern Japan, One of the Three Most Beautiful Sights in This Country
  45. A Characteristic Japanese Dance

  46. *Ritsurin Park in Shikoku -- A Typical Landscape Garden

  47. In the Grounds of the Nikko Shrines, Founded in 1617
  48. Avenue of Crytomerias near Nikko

  49. Chiyo-no-matsubara, a Celebrated Pine Grove in Kyushyu (Pic of Steam Train)

  50. Mt. Aso and Active Volcano in Kyushu

    Because of scanner limitations, the right hand side of each picture is one inch shorter than the actual image.


    Printed - 1910 (Meiji 43).10.28
    First Distribution - 1910 (Meiji 43).11.1
    Third Printing - 1916 (Taisho 5).5.10
    Fourth Printing - 1917 (Taisho 6).4.20

Cover from the edition with
50 black and white collotypes
Date Unknown.

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