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~~ Item No. 1901081139 ~~

Calling Cards (240+)

Admiral Rodgers and Dedication of the
M.C. Perry Monument (#1901081139)

Albumen Photographs (5) Calling Cards Paper Lantern

This is a unit composed of:

  1. Five albumen photographs. Three relating to the dedication of the M. C. Perry monument in Kurihama, Japan on July 14, 1901 and two photographs of Rear Admiral Rodgers.

  2. 240+ calling cards (100+ are Japan related) with accompanying binder from Admiral Frederick Rodger's records.

  3. A paper lantern commemorating the M.C. Perry monument.


Calling Cards
Rear Admiral Rodgers
March 1901 - July 1902


Calling Card of the Prime Minister of Japan


Calling Card Binder Open

Outside of Calling Card Binder


Condition. The binder is in fair condition. It has significant wear. The individual pages are in Good to Very Good condition. They have age toning and the glue used to affix the calling cards has left some damage.

General Comment. This is a binder and the contents which contains calling cards from Rear Admiral Frederick Rodgers (Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Naval Force on Asiatic Station) visit to the Far East aboard his Flagship, the U.S.S. New York, during the period from ca March 1901 through July of 1902. During this time Admiral Rodgers participated in the dedication of the Monument to his grandfather, Commodore Matthew C. Perry at Kurihama, Japan on July 14, 1901. He also participated in Naval support activities of American military actions in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War.

Admiral Rodgers would keep calling cards (meishi) he received at the various ports the U.S.S. New York called in. He maintained these cards by gluing them to standard letter size (8 x 10 inch) ruled writing paper. These pages were kept in a four post "Sissons Magic Standard" binder. They were maintained in chronological order with the first page of cards from that call generally dated and identified by location.

The cards from the Japan portion of the voyage were in three major sections.

  1. Kobe, Japan, June 29, 1901
  2. Yokohama, Japan, July 7 1901 to July 27, 1901
  3. Yokohama, Japan, July 13 1902

During the period from June 29 though July 26, 1901, Admiral Perry participated in the dedication ceremony of the monument commemorating Commodore Matthew C. Perry's first landing in Japan on July 14, 1853. This ceremony took place in Kurihama, Japan (near Yokohama) on July 14, 1901. The calling cards from this period include many high ranking officials (civilian and military) of the Japanese government to include General Vicomte Katsura, President du Conseil des Ministres (The Prime Minister of Japan).


A Page by Page Record of the Calling Cards

Port of NY (not dated) 3 pages - 20 cards (Pages 1, 2 & 3)
Hampton Roads, Va (not dated) 1 page - 1 card (Page 4)
Gibraltar, March 22, 1901, 1 page (front & back) - 10 cards (Page 5a & 5b)
Gibraltar, March 22 & 23 1901, 1 page - 2 cards (Page 6) 
Gibraltar, March 23, 1901, 1 page - 1 card (Page 7)
Gibraltar, March 23, 1901 & Tangier Morocco, March 28, 1901, 
           1 page - 3 cards Gibraltar, 1 card Tangier (Page 8)
Algiers, Algeria, March 30, 1901, 1 page, 2 cards (Page 9)
Algiers, Algeria, March 31, 1901, 1 page, 6 cards (Page 10)
Port Said, Egypt, April 13, 1901 and Port Twefik, Perin Island April 17 & April 22, 1901,
           1 page, 3 cards (Page 11)
Colombo, Ceylon, May 1, 1901, 1 page, 6 cards  (Page 12)
Singapore, SS, May 13, 1901, 1 page, 4 cards (Page 13)
Singapore, SS, May 15, 1901, 1 page, 2 cards (Page 14)
Cavite, PI, May 20, 1891 (1901?), 5 pages, 33 cards (8 marked "Manila") (Pages 15, 16, 
          17, 18 & 19)

Kobe, Japan, June 29, 1901, 5 pages - 22 cards
   (Kobe, Page 20 - 6 cards + 1 loose card)
   Mr. Hunter Sharp, US Vice and Deputy Consul, Kobe, Japan
   Robert H. Hall, Brigadier General, United States Army
   Samuel L. Lyon, Consul of the United States of America, Osaka & Hiogo, Japan
   Mrs. Samuel L. Lyon
   Captain Edward H. Bayly, R.N., H.M.S. "Aurora
   Lieut Commdr C.F. Corbett, R.N. H.M.S. Redpole 
   Lt.Col (Major) A.C. Kelton, U.S. Marine Corps (loose on the page)
   (Kobe, Page 21 - 3 cards)
   Mr. John Stewart Harper
   Mr. Lyndsay van Resselaer, Kobe
   The Ward Room Officers of H.M.S. Aurora

   (Kobe, Page 22 - 5 cards)
   J.S. Kawah (manuscript "Committee of the Beiyeu Kejo-Kwai")
   Mr. Yonejiroh Ito, Nippon Yusen Kaisha, Yokohama
   T. Kuroma, Inspector-Chief of Police Kanagawa Ken
   Vice Admiral G. Yamamoto, Minister of Marine
   Commander S. Yoko, H.I.J.M.S. "Fuji"
   (Kobe, Page 23 - 3 cards)
   General Vicomte Katsura, President du Conseil des Ministres
   Baron Takatomi Senge, Governor of Tokyo Fu
   D. Aoki, Director of Posts and Telegraphs, Yokohama
   (Kobe, Page 24 - 4 cards)
   Dr Gary B. Perl
   Mr. Lindsay van Rensselaer, Kobe
   J.E. Bissell
   Albert Lenoir Key, Lieutenant United States Navy
Yokohama, Japan, July 7 1901 to July 27, 1901,   13 pages - 68 cards

   (Yokohama, Page 25 - 4 cards)
    Mr. E.C. Bellows, Consul General of the United States of America, Yokohama, Japan
    B. Chandler Harrard 
    Commandant Ed. Oldam, Croiseur "Friant"
    George Hawthorne Scidmore, Deputy Counsel General of the United States of America
    (Yokohama, Page 26 - 8 cards)
    M.N. Wyckoff
    Mrs. M.N. Wyckoff
    Mr. Louis E. Sperry
    Mrs. Frederick Morgan Steele/Miss Elizabeth Livingston Steele
    Dr. Rudolf Teusler/Mrs. Rudolf Teusler, 13 Tsukiji
    Rev. Allan Worthington Cooke, 53 Tsukiui
    Dr. A. Gillmore Smith, 66 Awacho, Yokohama
    Mr. D.H. Blake
    (Yokohama, Page 27 - 7 cards)
    Captain S. Fjichi, Imperial Japanese Navy, H.I.J.M.S. "Kongo"
    C.A. Lera, Ministre du Mexique au Japon
    Z. Ishida, Head of Sanitary Lic., Kanagawa Police 
    K. Kawada, Private Secretary to the Governor, Kanagawakencho
    The Ward Room Officers, H.I.J.M.S. "Kongo"
    Mr. Ransford L. Miller, Interpreter to the Legation of the United States
    Leon van de Polder, Secretaire et Interprete de la Legation des Pays-Bas au Japon

    (Yokohama, Page 28 - 4 cards)
    Le Lieutenant General Baron Kodama, Ministre de la Guerre
    T. Yegi, Councillor of Kanagawa Ken
    G. Dubail, Ministre Plenipoteiare de la Republique Francaise
    Admiral, Viscount Y. Ito, Chief of the Naval Commanding Department
    (Yokohama, Page 29 - 10 cards)
    Reverend William Imbrie
    Hannosuke Sawada, Committee of the "Bei-yu-kyo-kai"
    Mr. C Keith marshall Martin, 265 Bluff (address handwritten)
    Mr. John Mackintosh Ferguson, Second Secretary of the United State Legation
    Mr. N.W. M. Ivor, 62 Bluff (address handwritten)
    Mr. Frederick Morgan Steele, Chicago
    Ino C. Ballagh, Meiji Gakuin Shirokane, Tokyo
    Mr. Edwin Dun, Manager, International Oil Co., Ltd, "Grand Hotel" written in manuscript
    Captain S. Ijichi, Imperial Japanese Navy, H.I.J.M.S. "Kongo"
    Giovanni Casella, Capitano di Vascello, Commandante della R.N. "Ella"
    (Yokohama, Page 30 - 6 cards)
    Mr. Robert Edwin Whitney
    Captain Assheton G. Curzon Howe, R.N.
    Le Marechal Marquis Oyama, Chef d' Etat - Major General
    Mr. Timothy L. O'Leary, Passed Assistant Paymaster, U.S. Navy, 238 Bluff (address handwritten)
    Le Baron Y. Sannomiya, Grand Maitre des Ceremonies, de la Majeste l' Empereur
    Burger, Korvetten Kapian, Kommandant L.M.L. Jaguar
    (Yokohama, Page 31 - 5 cards)
    Mr. Everett Welles Frazar, #10 Bluff, Yokohama (address handwritten)
    Mr. Huntington Wilson, First Secretary of Legation of the United States
    Vice-Admiral Yamamoto, Minister of Marine, requests the honor of Admiral Rodgers' Company
      at dinner on Tuesday, the 16th July at 7 o'clock, Kasumagasiki, R.S.V.P.
    Commander W.H. Nicholson, Royal Navy, H.M.S. "Phoenix" Naval Military Club
    Lieut. Comder K. Usui, H.I.J.M.S.. "Soko"
    (Yokohama, Page 32 - 4 cards)
    A. Sakaya, Councillor of Kanagawa Ken
    Le de la Barrera, Envoy Extraordinaire et Ministre Plenipotentiaire de L.M. le Roi Espagne
    Y. K(?)meda, Mayor of Yokohama City
    Tasuk Yegi, Councillor of Kanagawa Ken
    (Yokohama, Page 33 - 3 cards)
    F. Watanabe
    Le Marquis G. de Nembrini Gonzaga, Prefecture Imperiale de Kanagawa
    Captain Y. Enouye, H.I.M.N.
    (Yokohama, Page 34 - 4 cards)
    Mrs. William Imbrie
    Miss Wyckoff
    Mrs. Robert Edwin Whitney
    Miss Schereschewsky
    (Yokohama, Page 35 - 5 cards)
    Sone Arasuke, Ministre des Finances et des Affaires Etrangeres
    Kohey Sufu, Governor of Kanagawa Ken
    E. Graf Arco Valley, Kaiserlich, Deutscher Gesandter, 14 Nagata-cho
    Vice Admiral H. Togo, Commander in Chief
    Commander K. Wada, H.I.J.M.S "Amagi"
    (Yokohama, Page 36 - 4 cards)
    General Vicomte Katsura, President du Conseil des Ministres (2nd card, see Kobe)
    Jonkheer H. Testa, Envoye extraordinaire et Ministre Plenipotentiaire de L.M. la
        Reine des Pays Bas
    Alfred E. Buck, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of the United 
        State of America
    Le Marechal Marquis Oyama, Chief d Etat-Major General (second card)
    (Yokohama, Page 37 - 4 cards)
    Le Lieutenant-General Baron Kodama, Ministre de la Guerre
    M. Komatsu
    T. Rinoiye, Secretary of Kanagawa Ken
    Alexandre Jsnolsky, Envoye Extraordinaire et Ministre, Plenipotentiaire
        de L.M.l Empereur de Russie
Cavite PI, August 27, 1901, - 2 pages - 7 cards

    (Cavite, Page 38 - 4 cards)
    Rear Admiral George C. Remey, United States Navy, Commander in Chief 
        Asiatic Station
    Major Randolph Dickins, United States Marine Corps, Navy Yard
    Lieutenant John H. Shipley, United States Navy, Flag Lieutenant to
        Commander-in-Chief Asiatic Station
    Major General and Mrs. Chaffee at Home, First Monday evenings each
        month, nine to eleven o'clock
    (Cavite, Page 39 - 3 cards)
    Lieutenant Commander Cowles, United States Navy
    Luis Marinas y de Lavaggi, Consul General de Espana, Manila
    Captain George Omen Squire, Signal Corps, United States Army,
         Cable Ship Burnside

Zamboanga PI & Lloilo, PI, Nov. 27, 1901 & Dec 7, 1901, - 1 page - 3 cards  (Page 40)

    (Zamboanga, 2 cards)
    George W. Adair, Surgeon, U.S.A.
    Captain Alexander M. Davis, United States Army
    (Iloilo, 1 card)
    Robert Houston Noble, United States Army

Cavite PI, Jan 1st 1902, - 6 pages - 31 cards

    (Cavite, Page 41 - 3 cards)
    Mariano Trias
    Ricardo Summers, Consul of Liberia, Manila
    Wardroom Officers, U.S.S. Princeton
    (Cavite, Page 42 -  2 cards)
    Col J.H. Page et al "A Happy New Year" 3rd US Infantry
    Theodoruc Porter, Commander U.S. Navy
    (Cavite, Page 43 - 6 cards)
    Major Harry L. Rees, Paymaster, U.S.A.
    Jose Rosales, Compa. Gral de Cabacos, de Filipas
    Dr. Ralph W. Plummer, United States Navy
    F.J. Moses, Captain, U.S.M.C.
    Mr. J. R. Twentyman
    A. Malvehy, Consul for Chile
    (Cavite, Page 44 - 8 cards)
    Commander D.D.U. Stuart, U.S. Navy
    Dr. Holton C. Curl, United States Navy
    John Wills Grenslade, United States Navy
    Lieutenant John J. Knapp, United States Navy
    Mr. Robert Henry Wood, Consul for Denmark, Manila
    Rev. John P. Chidwick, U.S. Flagship New York
    Mr. Powers-Symington, United States Navy
    Henry Bertrand price, U.S. Navy
    (Cavite, Page 45 - 6 cards)
    Compania General de Tabacos de Filipinas, Manila
    Captain Frank DeWitte Ramsey, Ninth Infantry, United States Army
    Commander Selfridge, United States Navy, Commandg U.S.S Princeton
    The Ward Room Officers, U.S.S. Don Juan de Austria
    Mr. Amos H. Martin, 19th Infantry, United States Army
    Mr. John Fletcher Hatch, United States Navy
    (Cavite, Page 46 - 6 cards)
    Lieutenant C. B. Price, United States Navy
    Walter J. Leans, Lieutenant, United States Navy
    Daniel Earmshaw, Jr.
    Wilbur G. Biggs, United States Navy
    Ensign Charles E. Courtney, United States Navy
    Cosme de Churruca, Acting Consul for Mexico
Cavite PI, Jan 7. 1902, - Page 47 - 2 cards
    A. Tarassoff, Captain Imperial Russian Navy, Battleship "Sissoi Veliki"
    Captain C.P. Lah, I.C. Navy, H.I.C.M.S "Hai Chi"

Yokohama, Japan, July 13 1902,   4 pages - 19 cards
    (Yokohama, Page 48 - 4 cards)
    Vice-Admiral R. Geissler, Chef des Kreuxer-Geschwaders, L.M.L. Furst Bismarch
    Friedrich, Kapitan zur Lee, Kommandant L.M.L. "Furst Bismarck"
    Korrettenkapitan Bachmann, Chef des Stabes des Kreuzergeschnaders (sp)
    Hssmann, Lietnatn & Sec, S.M.S. Fiorst Bismarck (sp)
    (Yokohama, Page 49 - 5 cards)
    Le Marquis Saionji, President du Conseil Prive 
    H. Minakami, Director of Imperial Customs, Yokohama
    J. Tsukuda, Chief Inspector of Customs, Yokohama
    Captain H. Sanji, H.I.J.M.S. "Yasaoma" (sp)
    Le Baron A.d Anethan, Envoye Extraordinaire et Ministre Plenipotentiaire
         de la Majeste le Roi des Belges
    (Yokohama, Page 50 - 6 cards)
    Mr. Kahe Otani, Chairman Chamber of Commerce, Yokohama
    Hiranuma Seuzo (sp)
    Hidei Fukuoka. LL.B.M.I. (Yale), Docteur en Sciences Politiques et Administratives,
          Professor of International Law, in the School of Foreign Languages of Tokyo,
          Tokyo, Koishikawa, Kanatomicho, 59
    M. Saito, Assistant-mayor of Yokohama
    Geo. E. H. Harmon, Medical Inspector, U.S. Navy, U.S. Naval Hospital,
          Yokohama, 99 Bluff
    Mr. John Lindsley, No. 118B Yamate cho
    (Yokohama, Page 51 - 4 cards)
    Rt. Rev. S.I.J. Schereschewsky 
    Mrs. S.I.J. Schereschewsky 
    Y. Takagi, Assistant Mayor of Yokohama City
    Lieutenant Commander K. Oguri, I.J. Navy, Private Secretary to the minister of marine

Loose at the rear of the binder are 45+ calling cards and miscellaneous paper items.  Only
three of these items appear to be related to Japan - 6 items, click here.
I have assigned the pages in the binder numbers. However, these numbers are not actually on the pages.


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