US Mint Commemorative Medal
Presented to Oliver Hazard Perry

Silver Medal - Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry

Restrike of the Medal with New Dies

(No Engraver's Name Under the Bust of O.H. Perry)

A restrike of this metal is available.

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  • Obverse has bust of Perry facing right surrounded by "Oliverus H. Perry Princeps Stagno Eriense." ~ "Classim Totam Contudit".

  • Reverse depicts a sea battle scene with inscriptions reading:
    "Viam Invenit Virtus Aut Facit
    Inter Class. Ameri.
    Et Brit Die X. Sep.
    (Valor finds a way. Between the Fleets of America and Britain September 10, 1813.)

  • Engraver's Name.
    Original - "Furst F." under bust (obverse) and at bottom (reverse).
    Restrike (1869 forward) - "Furst. F." only at bottom (reverse)

  • Metal/Size
    Original - Gold, Silver and Bronze -- Silver Medal - 2,047.5 gns. 64.4 mm, 3.4~3.7 mm
    Restrike - Bronze, 65 mm.

This medal is listed in Medals of the United States Mint, The First Century, 1792-1892 by R. W. Julian, edited by N. Neil Harris, 1977. It is listed as a "Navy Medal" and assigned the number NA-17. The catalogue listing notes that the original dies, completed in mid-summer of 1818, were broken in 1866 and were replaced in 1869 with "Furst" omitted on the reverse. The catalogue also notes the bust of Commodore Perry in the new die was inferior to the original. Mintage quantities are not stated in the Julian catalogue.


Authorizing Resolution

For the Medal in the Top Picture

Thursday, 6 January 1814

Resolutions expressive of the sense of Congress of the gallant conduct of Captain Oliver H. Perry, the officers, seamen, marines and infantry acting as such, on board of his squadron.

Resolved, by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That the thanks of congress be, and the same are hereby presented to Captain Oliver Hazard Perry, and through him to the officers, petty officers, seamen, marines, and infantry serving as such, attached to the squadron under his command, for the decisive and glorious victory gained on Lake Erie, on the tenth of September, in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirteen, over a British squadron of superior force.

Resolved, That the President of the United States be requested to cause gold medals to be struck, emblematical of the action between the two squadrons, and to present them to Captain Perry and Captain Jesse D. Elliott, in such manner as will be most honourable to them; and that the President be further requested to present a silver medal with suitable emblems and devices to each of the commissioned officers, either of the navy or army, serving on board, and a sword to each of the midshipmen and sailing masters who so nobly distinguished themselves on that memorable day.

Resolved, That the President of the United States be requested to present a silver medal with like emblems and devices to the nearest male relative of lieutenant John Brooks, of the marines, and a sword to the nearest male relatives of midshipmen Henry Laub and Thomas Claxton, jun., and to communicate to them the deep regret which Congress feel for the loss of those gallant men, whose names ought to live in the recollection and affection of a grateful country, and whose conduct ought to be regarded as an example to future generations.

Resolved, That three months' pay be allowed, exclusively of the common allowance, to all the petty officers, seamen, marines, and infantry serving as such, who so gloriously supported the honour of the American flag, under the orders of their gallant commander on that signal occasion.

Approved, January 6, 1814.

[Public Statutes at Large of the United States of America, 1846, Volume III at page 141. To see the resolution click here or here. ]



Government of Pennsylvania Medal

The US Mint struck the O.H. Perry medal shown below for the Government of Pennsylvania.

Obverse reads: "Oliverus Hazard Perry, Pro Patria Vicit" (Oliver Hazard Perry. He Conquered for His Country) - "Presented by the Government of Pennsylvania."

Reverse reads: 'We Have Met the Enemy; and They Are Ours.' - "Perry" - "In Testimony of His Patriotism and Bravery in the Naval Action on Lake Erie September 10, 1813"

These medals are listed in Medals of the United States Mint, The First Century, 1792-1892 by R. W. Julian, edited by N. Neil Harris, 1977. They are listed as a "Navy Medals" and assigned the numbers NA-18 and NA-19. The medal was issued in two different forms. The two medals have somewhat different busts of Perry on the front. On one medal (NA-18) the engraver's name (Furst) appears below the bust. The engraver's name does not appear on the other medal (NA-19). The engraver's name does not appear on the back of either medal. Both NA-18 and NA-19 are 59 mm and were minted in silver and bronze.

To see the medal in honor of Commodore M.C. Perry, click here.

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