"Shim-bi Tai-Kwan"

Selected Relics of Japanese Art, 20 Volume Set
Photographs and Collotypes by K. Ogawa
Published by Shimbi Shoin
(Nippon Shimbi Kyokwai), 1899~1908


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Volumes 14-20

~~ Set 1899031229 ~~


Condition. The volumes are in Very Good condition or better with only scattered minor foxing. Volume 1 has a crease on the front cover. Volume 2 has several plates with damage outside the image area. The folding cases are worn and their condition ranges from Fair to Very good. Most cases show significant wear and several have the ivory clasps missing or damages. The cases have done their job well and protected the contents. Very seldom do you find a complete set of this important work.


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Shiiji Tajima (Editor)
Ogawa, K:
Selected Relics of Japanese Art, (20 Volume Set) Nippon Shimbi Kyokwai - Zenkyoan, Kenninji, Shimokyoku - (The Shimbi Shoin), Kyoto/Tokyo, 1899~1908, folio (19 x 13 in - 49 x 34 cm), 20 volumes, double folded leaves (collotypes), bound Japanese style, decorated stiff paper wraps, purple silk threads, two edges gilt (top & bottom), 987 plates (899 black and white collotypes (8 foldout) and 88 color woodcuts), approximately 1782+ pages in total. There is a two page English introduction by Ernest F. Fenollosa in Volume 1. The non-foldout collotype plates are on thin wove rice type paper which is folded over a sheet of thicker backing paper. The foldout collotype plates are on thick paper. Woodcut plates are on thick paper. Each plate (or unit of plates when similar plates were grouped together by the editor) is protected by a tissue guard with text in English and Japanese which describes the art and artist and the source/location of the relic. The art in the first 6 volumes was photographed and collotyped by K. Ogawa (279 plates). Volumes 1-19 were printed at the Tokyo Tsukiji Type Foundry. Each paper wraps volume came with a protective mat finish folding slipcase (grass or grass like covering) with ivory clasps.

The series presents reproductions of Japanese art relics from the earliest times up to the end of the Tokugawa Era from collections in Buddhist Temples in Nara and Kyoto and held in private hands. The entire series was published over the 10 year period from 1898~1908. According to the Wenckstern bibliography of the Japanese Empire (Volume II), the entire set of 20 volumes was anticipated to sell for Y390 in the regular edition format. An edition with silk covers was said to be sold for Y490. This was a very expensive set, even when newly issued. According to my calculations the set would have cost the equivalent of $3,402 in 2004 dollars. To see how I came up with this rather remarkable figure, click here. Wenckstern also contains a comprehensive index (15 pages) of the first 10 volumes of the set.


Details of Contents

~~ Plates Volume 14 ~~
Black and white collotypes except * is a color woodcut  -   ** is a color collotype -  *** is a folding plate

1. Waves and Mandarin Ducks by Koi Kano
2. Waves and Sanderlings by Koi Kano
3. Reeds and Boats by Koi Kano
4. Welcoming the Horses by Gantai

5. Vimala-kirti said to be by Ku Chi-chin (Chinese)

6. The Descent of Amitayas from Paradise said to be by Yshin Sozu
7. Mayura-vidyaraja artist unknown
8. Buddhist Sutras and Pictures on Folding-fans -- two plates -- artist unknown
9. The Story of Tomo no Dainagon -- two plates -- said to be by Mitsunaga Fujiwara
10. Hen and Chickens, with Puppies by Mu-chi (Chinese)
11. A Drunken Old Man by Liang Kai (Chinese)
12. Amogha-vaja said to be by Chang Ssu-hung (Chinese)

*13. The Ennen Dance said to be by Hirotaka Kose

14. Arhats Karika and Jivaka -- two plates -- said to be by Chi-shan (Chinese)

15. Panoramic History of Michizane Sugawara said to be by Yukimitsu Tosa

16. Moon and Wild Geese by Shubun
17. Landscapes -- two plates -- by Sesshu
18. Summer and Winter Landscapes -- two plates -- by Toyo
19. Willow-trees and herons by Sesson
20. A Fisherman by Chang Lu (Chinese)
21. Landscapes -- two plates -- by Chang Shui-tu (Chinese)
22. The Four Aesthetic Accomplishments -- two plates -- by Yusho Kaihoku
23. Landscape by Kun-tsan (Chinese)

*24. Lotuses by Hon-ani Koyetsu

25. Han-shan and Shih-te -- two plates -- by Shokwado
26. Autumnal Scene and Flowers -- two plates -- by Matabei Iwasa

*27. Plum-tree and Wild Ducks by Chen Nan-pin (Chinese)

28. Peacocks under Pine-trees -- two plates -- by Okyo Maruyama
29. Scenes from the Poem, Chang-hen-ko -- three plates -- by Genki Komai
30. Lao-tze by Gessen
31. Kuan Yu by Ganku
32. A Poet under the Pine-trees by Chikuden Tanomura
33. Lin Ho-ching and Plum-blossoms by Kwasan Watanabe
34. Nakoso no Seki by Ryuko Hata
35. Landscape by Kaioku Nukina
36. Willow-trees and Herons by Hoyen Nishiyama

Summary of Plates:
3 --- color woodcut plates
45 -- black and white collotypes (two foldouts - thick paper stock)
48 --- Plates in total

~~ Plates Volume 15 ~~
Black and white collotypes except * is a color woodcut  -   ** is a color collotype -  *** is a folding plate

1. Beauty under the Tree artist unknown

2. Panoramic History of the Deity of Kasuga Shrine, Picture-roll -- two plates -- by Takakane Takashima a. Collotype
*b. Woodcut

*/*3. A Pair of Mandarin Ducks and Willows; Small Birds and Chrysanthemums -- two plates -- by Jakuchu Ito

4. Harvest Scene by Bunrin Shiokawa

5 Bhesajyaguru: Bodhisattva -- two plates -- said to be by Tori a. Collotype
*b. Woodcut

6. Plum-flowers and heron) said to be by Hsu Hsi (Chinese)
7. Mandala of the Mahamani-vimana Sutra artist unknown
8. Maha-vairocana artist unknown *9. Scene from Genji-monogatari by Takayoshi Kasuga

*10. Panoramic Pictures of Niraya -- two plates -- said to be by Mitsunaga Fujiwara while the index says both collotyes, one is a woodcut

11. Landscape by Ma K'uei (Chinese)
12. Landscape in Perspective said to be by Hsia Kuei (Chinese)
13. White Herons and Rocks by Liang Kai (Chinese)
14. A Distant Coast and Returning Ships by Mu-Chi (Chinese)
15. Arhats -- two plates -- by Chou Ch'ang (Chinese)

16. Pu-tai by Men Wu-kwan (Chinese)

17. Avalokitesvara artist unknown
18. Fishing-boat in the Moonlight by Wan Jo-shui (Chinese)
19. Village in Gorge, Enveloped in Mist by Ho T'eng (Chinese)
20. Landscape by Li Tsai (Chinese)
21. Mother Quail and Her Little Ones by Sotan Oguri
22. Avalokitesvara by Sesshu

23. Dharma by Sesshu

24. Tung Fang-so by Chang Lu (Chinese)
25. Koto and Checkers -- two plates -- by Ta Hsien (Chinese)
26. Landscapes -- two plates -- by Toyeki Unkoku
27. Lonely Wanderer in a Mountain Valley by Shang Maohua (Chinese)
28. Autumnal Landscape by Lan Yin (Chinese)
29. Manusri Among the Clouds by Tannyu Kano
30. Fishing in a Lonely Valley by Wu Tan (Chinese)
31. The Old Poet: Semimaru by Itcho Hanabusa
32. Tiger by Okyo Maruyama
33. Monkeys by Sosen Mori

*34. The Six New Poets by Hoitsu Sakai

35. Landscape by Buncho Tani
36. Wandering Among Chih-pi by Chinzan Tsubaki
37. Bamboos by Baiitsu Yamamoto

*38. Arya Acar by Kiitsu Suzuki

39. Arashiyama by Chikkei Nakabayashi
40. Landscape by Kaioku Nukina
41. Hermit Mountain and Pavilions by Taizan Hine

Summary of Plates:
8 --- color woodcut plates
40 -- black and white collotypes (two foldouts - thick paper stock)
48 --- Plates in total

~~ Plates Volume 16 ~~
Black and white collotypes except * is a color woodcut  -   ** is a color collotype -  *** is a folding plate

*1. Chinese Imperial Palace by Tannyu Kano

2. Fishing Boat by Tannyu Kano
3. White Herons Among Lotus and Reeds by Tannyu Kano 4. Lun-ting by (-- two plates --) Hironuki Sumiyoshi

5. Chinese Sages - two plates -- by Gantai
*a. Woodcut

b. Collotype

6. Landscape said to be by Hsia Kuei (Chinese)
7. Looking at a Waterfall said to be by Ma Liu (Chinese)
8. Samantabhadra and Rakshashi artist unknown
9. Avalokitesvara said to be by Chang Yeh-hu (Chinese)
10. Street Merchant said to be by Jen Kang-miu (Chinese)

*11. Arya-kshati-sarva Bodhisattva artist unknown

12. View of the Temple, Tofukuji said to be by Sesshu
13. Spring and Autumn Landscapes -- two plates -- by Toyo
14. Landscape said to be by So-ami
15. Lin Ho-ching by Suyeyori Kano
16. Fishing for Pleasure by Chang Ping-shan (Chinese)
17. Plum-blossoms by Wang Mien (Chinese)
18. Pine-tree and Cranes by Wang Chao (Chinese)
19. Landscape by Chou Chin (Chinese)
20. Landscape by Chang Shui-tu (Chinese)
21. Horse-training artist unknown

22. Kabuki no Soshi -- two plates -- artist unknown

*23. Dancing Girl by Haritsu Ogawa

24. Landscape in the Spring by Liu Mei (Chinese)
25. Arhats -- two plates -- by Shojo
26. Mountain Villa in Spring Night by Wang Yen (Chinese)

27. Horses and Leafless trees by Chen Nan-ping (Chinese)

28. Flowers by Yutei Ishida
29. Wild Geese by Okyo Maruyama
30. Han-shan and Shih-te -- two plates --by Shohaku Soga
31. Bamboo-sprouts by Goshun Matsumura
32. Admiring the Cherry-blossoms by Ryuko Hata
33. Plum-trees in a Valley by Chikuden Tanomura
34. Landscapes in Spring and Summer -- two plates -- by Keibun Matsumura
35. Pine-trees and Cranes: Waves and Cranes -- two plates -- by Toyohiko Okamoto
36. Foliage by Chinzan Tsubaki
37. Birds on Bare Trees by Baiitsu Yamamoto
38. Daimyo and Retinue Passing Along the Tokaido by Hiroshige Ando
39. Festival for Protection Against Fire by Hoyen Nishiyama

Summary of Plates:
4 --- color woodcut plates
43 -- black and white collotypes (two foldouts - thick paper stock)
47 --- Plates in total

~~ Plates Volume 17 ~~
Black and white collotypes except * is a color woodcut  -   ** is a color collotype -  *** is a folding plate

1. Withered Trees and Crows by Koi Kano
2. Drawing the Seine by Oritsu Maruyama

3. The Uji Bridge by Roho Nagasawa

4. Sutra of Causal Events in Past and Present Existences -- two plates -- artist unknown
*5. Maitreya Bodhisattva by Toshitari Ishikawa
6. Wooden Image of Sakyamuni artist unknown
7. Waterfall of Nachi said to be by Kanaoka Kose

*8. Apricots and Bird by Li Chih (Chinese)

*9. Akadoji said to be by Mitsunaga Kasuga
10. Samantabhadra and Rakshasi said to be by Mitsunaga Kasuga
11. Kino Tsurayuki and Kino Tomonori -- two plates -- by Nobuzane Fujiwara
12. Syakamuni said to be by Nobuzani Fujiwara
13. Tung-shan Crossing the River said to be by May Yuan (Chinese)
14. Swallows and Willows by Mu-chi (Chinese)
15. Landscape and Figures by Fen Yueh-shan (Chinese)
16. Kakinomoto no Hitomaro by Yeiga Takuma
17. Fujiwara Kamatari said to be by Yukimitsu Tosa
18. Landscape said to be by Shubun
19. The Kamo Festival said to be by Yukihide Kasuga

20. Landscapes -- two plates -- by Sesshu

21. Wild Geese and Reeds -- two plates -- by Shugetsu
22. Michizane Sugawara by Syuko
23. Quail by Yukinobu Kano
24. Rock and Bamboos by Tung Chi-chang (Chinese)
25. Cleaning the Ear by Shoi Iwasa
26. Pictures Illustrating the Origin of Toshogu at Nikko by Tannyu Kano
27. White Heron by Sotatsu Tawaraya
28. Lake Tong-Ting by Morikage Kuzumi
29. The Priest Saigyo by Yukinobu Kiyohara
30. Scenes from the Poem on Chi-pi by Cha Shih-piao (Chinese)
31. Kakinomoto no Hitomaro by Gukei Sumiyoshi

*32. Bodhi Dharma by Chang Hien (Chinese)

*33. The Falling Thunder God by Itcho Hanabusa

34. The Goddess of Fortune by Itcho Hanabusa
35. Monkeys and Deer by Chen Nan-pin (Chinese)
36. Wandering on the Mountains in Spring by Buson Yosa

37. Deer in Autumn by Sosen Mori

38. Shojo Dance by Sukei Ko
39. Shichri-ga-Hama by Kokan Shiba
40. Various Fishes by Kwasan Watanabe
41. Landscape by Hanko Okada
42. Blue Falcon in Autumn by Hokusai Katsushika
43. Susa-no-o no Mikoto by Hokusai Katsushika
44. The Episode of Sadamoto Oye by Tametaka Okada

Summary of Plates:
5 --- color woodcut plates
43 -- black and white collotypes (two foldouts - thick paper stock)
48 --- Plates in total

~~ Plates Volume 18 ~~
Black and white collotypes except * is a color woodcut  -   ** is a color collotype -  *** is a folding plate

1. Chystanthemuns by Naonobu Kano
2. Flowers and Birds by Gantai
3. The Seacoast at Wakanoura by Raisho Nakashima
4. Bronze Images of Buddha and Bodhisattva Made in China During the Time of the Six Minor Dynasties artist unknown

5. Giyin Sojo artist unknown

6. Clay Images of Virudhaka and Viruphakusa -- two plates -- artist unknown
7. Mandala of Abhidharma Kosa Sastra artist unknown

8. Nakula and Cula Panthaka
*a. Woodcut b.


9. Prince Shotoku artist unknown
10. Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva said to b by Wu Tao-tze said to be by Wu Tao-tze (Chinese)
11. The Ten Regions of the Universe -- three plates -- said to be by Hirotaka Kose
12. Landscape said to be by Ma Kuei (Chinese)
13. Brama-Deva and Yama-Deva -- two plates -- said to be by Takahana Takashima

*14. Arhats said to be by Myocho

15. Yu Wan-shan by Sesshu

16. Fui K'o Cutting off His Arm by Sesshu
17. Manjusri Bodhisattva by Kei-shoki
18. Landscape by Wan Fen (Chinese)
19. Landscape by Sesson
20. Quail Among Flowers -- two plates -- by Tai Chin (Chinese)
21. Peacock said to be by Lin Liang (Chinese)
22. Landscape by Sansetsu Kano
23. Vimalakirti, Manjusri, and Samantabhadra -- three plates -- by Tannyu Kano
24. Landscape by Hsiao Yun-ts'ung (Chinese)
25. Landscape by Ch'ien Kung Chang (Chinese)
26. Landscape by Hsu Yu (Chinese)
27. Landscape by Kung Hsien (Chinese)

*28. Luxuriance and Elegance by Itcho Hanabusa

29. A Mighty Pine-tree: Puppies -- two plates -- by Okyo Maruyama
a. Collotype
*b. Woodcut

30. Yoro Waterfall by Goshuu Matsumura
31. Fisherman, Fu-tai, Shepherd-boy, Deer -- two plates -- by Hoitsu Sakai
32. Playing the Flute under Kiri-trees by Chikuden Tanomura
33. Bamboo Grove Along a Valley by Kwazan Watanabe
34. Fukurokuji -- two plates -- by Kaisen Ota
35. A Shady Valley in Early Summer by Hoyen Nishiyama
36. A Spring in a Pine Forest by Taizan Hide

Summary of Plates:
4 --- color woodcut plates
43 -- black and white collotypes (two foldouts - thick paper stock)
47 --- Plates in total

~~ Plates Volume 19 ~~
Black and white collotypes except * is a color woodcut  -   ** is a color collotype -  *** is a folding plate

1. Sakyamuni and the Bodhisattva artist unknown
2. Gilded Copper Image of Cakravarti-cintamani Avalokitesvara artist unknown
3. Wooden Image of Ekadasamukha Avalokitesvara artist unknown
4. Lacquer Image of Avalokitesvara artist unknown
5. The Kingdom of Asura -- two plates -- said to be by Hirotaka Kose
   *a. Woodcut
   b. Collotype
6. The Yellow Achara-raja said to be by Chisho Daishi 7. Twenty-five Bodhisattvas -- two plates -- said to be by Yeshin Sozu
8. Lake Shore in Autumn by Chao Ta-nien (Chinese)
9. The Ten Great Disciples of Sakyamuni -- two plates -- artist unknown

10. The Punishment of Priest Noye said to be by Yukinaga Tosa

11. Panoramic History of Proud Demons said to be by Yukimitsu Tosa
12. Landscape said to be by Shubun

13. Three Laughers and Lotus-Flowers -- two plates -- by Toyo

14. Herons and Wild Geese by Motonobu Kano
15. Phoenix by Lin Liang (Chinese)
16. Landscapes -- two plates -- by Hsu Lin (Chinese)
17. Landscape by Ch'en Chi-ju (Chinese)
18. Illustration to Ise Monogatari said to be by Shoi Iwasa
19. Cock and Hen by Ni-Chokuan Soga
20. Avalokitesvara by Chang Hsien
21. Waves and Water-Fowl -- two plates -- by Tannyu Kano
22. Festival and Horse-Races -- two plates -- by Morikage Kuzumi
23. Festival Ceremony -- two plates -- by Yeino Kano

*24. Huang Shih-Kung and Chang Liang by Korin Ogata

25. Landscape by Hsueh-Chou (Chinese)
26. The Three Laughers at Hu-hsi -- two plates -- by Buson Yosa
27. Old Pine-Tree by Okyo Maruyama

28. Cock and Hen -- two plates -- by Jakuchu Ito

29. The Loss of Meng Chia's hat by Gekkei Matsumura

*30. Flowers and Birds by Hoitsu

31. Spring Verdure in the Rain by Mokubei Aoki
32. A Leafless Forest and Mount Fuji by Kwanzan Watanabe
33. The Dream of Han-Tan by Kwanzan Watanabe
34. Pavilion by a Mountain Rivulet by Shunkin Urakami
35. Two Hermits: Gama and Tekkai by Kwayo Shirai
36. A Stream in Spring by Baiitsu Yamamoto
37. Liu Chi Killing the Serpent by Hyakkoku Oda

Summary of Plates:
3 --- color woodcut plates
44 -- black and white collotypes (two foldouts - thick paper stock)
47 --- Plates in total

~~ Plates Volume 20 ~~
Black and white collotypes except * is a color woodcut  -   ** is a color collotype -  *** is a folding plate

1. Mandala of Varjra-Dhatu -- two plates -- by Li-chen (Chinese)
2. Sakyamuni artist unknown
*3. Nagaraji Sadhvi said to be by Jochi
4. Ekadasamukha Avalokitesvara artist unknown

*5. Huer Chuang: A Master of the Buddhist Canon artist unknown

6. Vaisravana artist unknown

*7. Vajarsattva and the Four Bodhisattvas artist unknown

8. Amitabha Buddha with Ten Forms artist unknown
9. Boating said to be by Ma Yuan (Chinese)
10. Herons Near the Shore said to be by Msia Kuei (Chinese)
11. Looking at a Waterfall by Li Kung-nien (Chinese)
12. Wild Geese and Herons -- two plates -- said to be by Lo-Chuang (Chinese)
13. Arya Acara said to be by Gwangyo
14. Hazy Summer Mountains said to be by Neng-Shih (Chinese)

15. Avalokitesvara in White Robes said to be by Chang Yueh-hu (Chinese)

16. Birds Hovering About a Naked Forest by Pien Wu (Chinese)
17. Wagtails and Lotuses said to be by Jo-Shui (Chinese)
18. Niwatsu-Hime and Kariba-Myojin -- two plates -- artist unknown
19. Yamaraja and a Attending Demon -- two plates -- artist unknown
20. Landscape by Tai Wen-chin (Chinese)
21. A Sylvan Scene by Shubun
22. Landscape by Chou Wen-ching (Chinese)
23. Han-shan and shih-te -- two plates -- by Isshi
24. Boxing under the Trees by Chao Chih (Chinese)
25. Fresh Green Landscape artist unknown
26. Priest Chao-yang by Shinko
27. Hawk and Heron by Sotatsu Tawaraa
28. Monkeys by Morikage Kuzumi

29. Illustration for Isemonogatari by Yukinobu Kiyohara

30. Hsi-wang-mu by Tsunenobu Kano
31. Two Deer by Chen Nan-pin (Chinese)
32. Festival of Kotohira Shrine by Kiyonobu Torii
33. Fisherman at Wu-ling by Buson Yosa
34. Landscape by Shohaku Soga

35. Blind Man Crossing a Bridge by Gessen

36. The Thirty-six Piets by Hoitsu Sakai
37. Playing the Koto under the Trees by Gan-ku
38. A Beautiful Lady Yawning by Gan-ku
39. Coast of Kisarazu by Kokan Shiba
40. Meeting at Lan-ting by Totsugen Tanaka
41. Admiring the Blossoms and the Maple-leaves -- two plates -- by Hironao Sumiyoshi
42. A Fisherman by Toyohiko Okamoto
43. A Stormy Landscape by Kwazan Watanabe

Summary of Plates:
3 --- color woodcut plates
46 -- black and white collotypes (two foldouts - thick paper stock)
49 --- Plates in total

-- The End --

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