"Fine Art of the Far East - Japanese Pictures"


Ty Bijutsu Taikwan


Masterpieces Selected from the
Fine Arts of the Far East, 8 Volume Set
Published by Shimbi Shoin, 1909

(Deluxe Edition)

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Omura, Seigai (Introductory Volume)
Tajima, Shiichi (Editor):
History of Japanese Pictorial Art With Explanatory Notes on and Critical Descriptions of Masterpieces Selected from the Fine Arts of the Far East (Ty Bijutsu Taikwan) (1 volume) and Masterpieces Selected from the Fine Art of the Far East (Ty Bijutsu Taikwan), (7 volumes), (Deluxe Edition, 8 volume set), The Shimbi Shoin, Tokyo (13 Shinsakana-cho, Kyobashi-ku), 1909, folio (19 1/2 x 13 1/2 in - 50 x 34 cm), 1 history (text) volume (182 pages with numerous collotype and woodcut illustrations) and 7 volumes of art reproductions with 485 plates (145 are color woodblock prints and 340 are black and white collotypes), bound Japanese style, decorated cloth, purple silk threads, two edges gilt (top & bottom). Fifteen plates are folding (3 color woodblocks and 12 black and white collotypes). This Deluxe Edition contains more color plates than the regular edition and many of the color woodblock plates are executed on silk. It is not designated "Deluxe" on the title page and that is determined by the number of color woodblock plates and the fact that several are on silk.

These 8 volumes were part of a set of 16 volumes (8 volumes - Japanese paintings, 5 volumes - Chinese paintings and 3 volumes - sculptures). In a catalogue published before the publication of the set the Shimbi Shoin advertised the set (16 volumes) stating that it was limited to 500 sets in two grades. In the Shimbi Shion catalogue published ca 1908 the "Japanese series (Eight volumes or folios)" was priced at 37 (deluxe - ") and 31 (regular). In the catalogue the Shimbi Shoin company made the following comments:

The works which we propose reproducing cannot easily be seen by the public: those which belong to the Imperial Household and are quite inaccessible to people generally; and the same may be said of the Fine Art treasures belonging to Temples, Shrines, Private Collections in the Houses of Nobility. When all these circumstances are carefully considered, we are convinced that the public will think that this series is not unduly expensive.

In a 1922 catalogue the complete set was priced at 1,300 yen (deluxe) and 1,000 yen (regular) and the number. The limit of 500 sets was restated. The catalogue stated the ordinary edition (all 16 volumes) had 130 color plates all on ordinary paper and the deluxe edition with 200 color plates and where the original was printed on silk, it is reproduced on silk in the deluxe edition.

Summary of the Contents
of the 8 Volumes

  • History (text) Volume, 182 pp.

  • Volume I - Japanese Painting of the Oharida, Asuka, Nara & Heian Periods (Including Ocho, Fujiwara and Heike Days), plates 1-77.

  • Volume II - Japanese Paintings of the Kamakura, plates 78-135.

  • Volume III - Japanese Paintings Comprising Picture Rolls, Buddhistic Pictures, Portraits and Other Forms and the Paintings in Sung and Yuang Styles of the Ashikaga Period, plates 136-193.

  • Volume IV - Japanese Paintings Comprising Paintings of the Sesshu and Kano School of the Ashikawa Period, and of the Kaihoku, Unkoku, Hasegawa, and Various Other Minor Schools of the Toyotomi Period, plates 194-266.

  • Volume V - Japanese Paintings Comprising Paintings of the Kano, Kaihoku, Unkoku, Hasegawa, Soga, Tosa and Korin Schools of the Tokugawa Period, plates 267-338.

  • Volume VI - Japanese Paintings Japanese Paintings Comprising Paintings of the Ukiyoye, Maruyama, Shijo, Kishi and Other Independent Schools of the Tokugawa Period, plates 339-406.

  • Volume VII - Japanese Paintings Comprising Paintings of the Ming and Ch'ing Schools of the Tokugawa Period, plates 407-485.

Woodblock plates are tipped to very thick high quality paper plates that have die sunk (recessed) areas for the woodblock print. The collotype plates are printed directly on medium thick high quality paper. The folding collotype plates are on high quality thin pager. Each plate (or unit of plates when similar plates were grouped together by the editor) is protected by a tissue guard with text in English and Japanese which describes the art and artist and the source/location of the relic. Each volume comes with a protective decorative cloth folding slipcase with ivory clasps.

Details of Contents


Volume I
Plates 1-77

Oharida, Asuka, Nara & Heian Periods
(Including Ocho, Fujiwara and Heike Days)
(Complete Listing of Plates, Volume I, click here).

1-3     Paintings on the Portable Buddhistic
          Shrine called Tamamushi
4-5     Paintings on Lady Tachibana's Portable Shrine

6       Portrait of Shotoku: Imperial Prince Regent

7-8     Wall- Painting of Kondo
9       Illustration to the Roll, Kwako-Genzai-Ingwa-Kyo
10      A Court Lady

11      Portrait of Boclhisattva

12      Landscape done with Gold-dust and Silver-dust
13      Sri Devi
14-15   Ryumyo Bosatsu; Ryuchi Bosatsu (Kobo Daishi)

16-17   Mandala of Kongo-kai

18      Sui-ten
19      Fudo Myo-o
20      Gonzo Daitoku
21-2    Mandala of Kongo-kai
23-4    Kusha Mandala
25      Jion Daishi
26      Jikoku-ten (Chisho)
27-9    Amida Nyorai; Kwannon and Seishi;
         Buddhist Cherubim
30      Fuku Kenzaku Kwannon
31-2    Amitabha and Bodhisattva coming to meet the
          Spirits of the Blessed (Yeshin)
33      Sakyamuni preaching after His Resurrection
34      Goddess Sarasvati and Brahmakayikas-Indra
35      Amitabha and Bodhisattva coming to meet
          the Spirits of the Blessed (Tamenari)
36-7    Juichimen Kwannon

38-9    Fugen Bosatsu

40-41   Fugen Bosatsu
42      Patriarch of the Tendai Sect
43-4    Landscape
45      Sakyamuni Buddha
46-7    Sakyamuni's Entrance into Nirvana

48      Yemma-ten

49      Yemma-ten
50      Zennyo Ryu-o
51      Roll of Caricatures (Toba Sojo)
52      Picture-roll of Shigisan Engi (Toba Sojo)
53      Gosanze Myo-o
54      An Angle
55-6    Taishaku-ten and Sui-ten
57      Kujaku Myo-o
58      Fuku-Kenzaku Kwannon
59      Yakushi Nyorai

60      Kokuzo Bosatsu

61      Ryumyo Bosatsu opening an Iron Pagoda
62      Rakan
63      Sakyamuni entering into Nirvana
64-5    Two Pieces of Fan-Papers, on which are Pictures and
          over them Passages from a Sutra are written
66      Frontispiece to a Sutra-roll
67      Ashide-ye painted on a Hi-ogi
68      Mandala of Kon-kwomyo Saisho-okyo (Fujiwara Hidehira)
69      Picture-roll illustrating Genji Monogatari
         (Fujiwara Takayoshi)
70-1    Picture-rolls relating to Tomono Dainagon
         (Tosa Mitsunaga)
72      Part of the Picture-roll of Yamai Soshi
73      Picture-roll of Gaki Soshi
74      Picture-roll of Jigoku Soshi
75      Amitabha and Bodhisattva coming on Flying
          Clouds to meet the Spirits of the Blessed
76-7    Amitabha in Ten Forms


Volume II
Plates 78-135

Paintings of the Kamakura Period

(Complete Listing of Plates, Volume II, click here).

78-79    Surya and Chandra (Takuma Shiga)

80	 Brahma

81	 Yama Deva
82	 Moonju Bosatsu	(Goshin)
83	 Seiryu Gongen
84-85	 Fugen and Jurasetsu
86	 Monju Bosatsu
37	 Fudo Myo-o  (Tosa Nagataka)

88-91	 Amltablia and His Retainers appearing from
          behind the Mountain: the Ten Spheres

92-94	 Amitabha and Bodhisattva descending to
          meet the Spirits of the Blessed
95-96	 Amitabha and Retainers appearing from
           behind the Mountain
97-98	 The Asura Path
99	 Aizen Myo-o
100	 Go-Sanze Myo-o
101      Portrait of Zendo Daishi
102	 Portrait of Prince Regent Shotoku

103	 Kitano Tenjin Engi  (Fujiwara Nobuzane)

104	 Picture-roll illustrating the Diary of
          Murasaki Shikibu  (Fujiwara Nobuzane)
105      Kegon Engi  (Fujiwara Nobuzane)
106-107	 Heiji Monogatari  (Sumiyoshi Keion)
108-109  Tayema Mandara Engi  (Sumiyoshi Keion)
110      Noye Hosshi Ekotoba
111	 Picture-roll of Kwako-Genzat-Ingwakyo  (Keinin)
112-113	 Saigyo Monogatari  (Tosa Tsunetaka)
114	 Kitano Tenjin Engi
115-116	 Picture-roll illustrating Tengu Soshi
117	 Toseiden  (Rengyo)
118-119	 Ippen Shonin Engi  (Yen-i)

120-121	 Kasuga Gongen Kenki  (Takashima Takakane)

122      Ishiyamdera Engi  (Takashima Takakane)
123      Honen Shonin Eden (Tosa Yoshimitsu and others)
124      Ippen Shonin Engi  (Tosa Yoshimitsu)
125	 Portrait of Fujiwara Mitsuyoshi  (Fujiwara Takanobu)

126-127	 Sanju-Rokkasen	(Fujiwara Nobuzane)

128      Portrait of Kino Tsurayuki  (Fujiwara Nobuzane)
129      Picture-roll of Zuishin Telki  (Fujiwara Tameiye)
130	 Portrait of the Retired Emperor Go-shira-kawa	Unl
131	 Portrait of Ariwara Yukihira
132	 Kakinomoto-no Hitomaro	(Takuma Eiga)
133-134	 Landscape on a Folding-screen	Un
135	 Nachi Waterfall


Volume III
Plates 136-193

Japanese Paintings Comprising Picture Rolls, Buddhistic Pictures,
Portraits and Other Forms and the Paintings in Sung and
Yuang Styles of the Ashikaga Period

(Complete Listing of Plates, Volume III, click here).

136-137	 Hachiman Taro Ekotoba  (Korchisa)
138	 Picture-roll of Harai Tonton
         (Said to be by Korehisa)
139	 Picture-roll of the Nocturnal March of One
	  Hundred Demons

140-145	 Yuzu Nembutsu Engi (Tosa Yukihiro and Five Others)

146	 Picture-roll of Nayotake Monogatari  (Yukihiro)
147	 Ishiyama-dera Engi  (Awataguchi Takamitsu)

148	 Picture-roll of Ichiya Dojo

149	 Picture-roll of the Battle between Buddha
          and Devils
150-151	 Seigwanji Engi

152	 Tenjin Engi  (Tosa Mitsunobu)

153	 Fukutomi Soshi
154	 Pindola-bharadvaja  (Ryosen)
155	 Outline Studies for Pictures of Arhats  (Mincho)
156-157  Portrait of Shoichi Kokushi  (Mincho)
158	 Portrait of Kanazawa Sada-aki
159	 Portrait of Emperor Go-Daigo
160	 Portrait of Ashikaga Yoshimochi
161      Kanzan
162-163  The Hut in the Valley (Mincho)
164	 Kanzan  (Reisai)
165	 Kanzan  (Isshi)
166-167	 A Man catching a Catfish with a Gourd  (Josetsu)
168	 A Study in the Bamboo Grove  (Shubun)
169	 Landscape  (Shubun)
170-171	 Miniature View of a Lake among the
         Mountains  (Shubun)
172      Landscape  (Shubun)
173-174  Landscape: Wild Geese and Rushes  (Shubun)

175      Kanzan and Jittoku  (Shubun)

176      Kwannon  (Shubun)
177	 The Seven Sages in the Bamboo Grove  (Gakuo)
178	 Wild Geese  (Koyetsu)

179-181	 Figures of Daruma, Tokusan and Rinza  (Soga Jasoku)

182      Sakyamuni in His Contemplation  (Soga Jasoku)
183      Landscape  (Soga Jasoku)
184	 Spring Landscape  (Oguri Sotan)
185	 Mio-no Matsubara  (No-ami)
186	 Waterfall  (Gei-ami)
187	 Kwannon  (Gei-ami)
188-189	 Landscape  (So-ami)
190	 Landscape  (Kei Shoki)
191-192  Landscapes  (Kei Shoki)
193      Daruma  (Kei Shoki)


Volume IV
Plates 194 - 266

Comprising Paintings of the Sesshu and Kano School of the
Ashikawa Period, and of the Kaihoku, Unkoku, Hasegawa,
and Various Other Minor Schools of the Toyotomi Period

(Complete Listing of Plates, Volume IV, click here).

194      Snowy Landscape  (Sesshu)
195      Mountain Peaks   (Sesshu)
196      Landscape   (Sesshu)
197-198  Summer and Winter Landscapes   (Sesshu)

199-201  Jurojin: Summer and Winter Landscapes   (Sesshu)

202      Landscape   (Sesshu)

203-206  Flowers and Birds   (Sesshu)

207 Priest Niao-Kuo on a Tree (Sesshu) 208 Portrait of Masuda Kanetaka (Sesshu) 209 A Horse (Sesshu) 210-211 Landscape (Shigetsu) 212 Landscape (Shigetsu) 213 Hotei (Shutoku) 214-215 Landscape (Sesso Toyo) 216 Landscape (Unkei) 217-218 Summery and Wintry Landscapes (Sesson) 219 Sailing Vessel in a Storm (Sesson) 220 Hawk on a Pine-tree (Sesson) 221-222 Flowers and Birds (Sesson) 223 Shu Moshuku admiring Lotus-Flowers (Kano Motonobu) 224 The Three Laughers (Kano Motonobu) 225 Cranes among Bamboos (Kano Motonobu) 226 Looking at a Waterfall (Chokitsu) 227 Landscape (Kano Motonobu) 228 Landscape in the Moonlight (Kano Motonobu) 229-230 Eight Famous Scenes on the Rivers Hsiao and Hsiang, China (Kano Motonobu) 231-232 Kanzan and Jittoku (Kano Motonobu) 233-234 A Flock of Wild Geese (Kano Motonobu) 235 Tilling the Soil (Kano Yukinobu) 236 Hotei (Kano Yukinobu) 237 The Seven Sages in the Bamboo Grove (Kano Shoyei) 238 Li Po looking at a Waterfall (Soyu) 239-240 Playing Koto and Chess (Kano Yeitoku) 241 Plum-Blossoms and Birds (Kano Yeitoku) 242-244 Eagles and Hawks (Kano Sanraku) 245-246 A Hawk and a Crane: a Falcon (Kano Sanraku) 247-248 Wen-Wang and Lu Shang: Four Sages on Mount Shang-Shan (Kaihoku Yusho) 249 Peonies (Kaihoku Yusho) 250 Zen Priest Kensu Osho (Kaihoku Yusho) 251-253 Landscapes in the Four Seasons (Unkoku Togan) 254-256 Landscapes in the Four Seasons (Unkoku Togan) 257-258 Yoshino in the Spring and in the Summer (Unkoku Togan) 259-260 The Seven Sages in the Bamboo Grove (Unkoku Togan) 261 Horses (Unkoku Togan) 262 A Pine Forest (Hasegawa Tohaku) 263 Monkey on a Dead-tree (Hasegawa Tohaku) 264-265 Flowers and Birds (Soga Chokuan) 266 Mother Hawk and Youm (Doki Tobun)


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