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Japanese Views and Characters
Volume III (Tokio and Nikko), Type 1b

Type 1b

Condition. The book is in Good+ condition. The front and back covers are lightly soiled There is no spine covering. There is a discolored spot (2 x 1 cm) spot on at the top edge of the front cover. The text block is slightly loose but the binding is solid. The tissue guards and photograph pages have light wrinkling. There are a corner chips and edge scraps on the first and last 5 pages. The inside back paste down has areas where the paper is missing. The photographs are clean and free of foxing or staining.

Tamamura, Kozaburo:
Japanese Views and Characters, Vol. III (Tokio and Nikko), ca 1910, horizontal 8vo (6 1/4 x 9 1/4 in - 16 x 24 cm), 24 hand colored collotype plates with captions in English, tissue guards, hard boards covered with fabric, string tied, unpaginated. The actual images are approximately 4 x 6 in (10.5 x 15 cm). The hand coloring of the collotype plates in these books is well executed with a wide range of colors employed, to include pastels.

I call this book type 2. The type 1 and type two type books have different covers and title page illustrations and different color ties. Aside form that, they are essentially the same books. For more information on the two types, click here.

For more information on Kozaburo Tamamura, click here.

Type 2 - Title Page

Titles of the 24 Plates

  1. A Private Garden

  2. Nursing a Baby
  3. Cherry Blossoms in Ueno Tokyo

  4. Iris Blossoms at Horikiri, Tokyo
  5. The Geisha Dance

  6. Shiba Temple at Tokyo
  7. Wisteria Blossoms at Kameido, Tokyo
  8. Autumn Tints of Takinogawa, Tokyo
  9. Geisha Girl, playing Samisen

  10. A Tea House
  11. The Moat, at Tokyo
  12. The Buddhist Priests

  13. The Chryptomeria Avenue at Nikko
  14. The Sacred bridge at Nikko

  15. Girls amusing themselves, looke (sic) at the Album

  16. The Yomeimon Gate at Nikko
  17. The Karamon Gate and the Ieyasu temple, at Nikko
  18. Working on the silk Worms

  19. The Torii and the Futaarasan Temple, Nikko
  20. The Tea House at Chuzenji, Nikko
  21. The Kegon Waterfall at Nikko
  22. The Farmer and His Wife, working on the Field

  23. The Yumoto Lake, Nikko
  24. Ainues, the Native of Hokkaido, Japan

No Colophon.

This book is not directly attributed to Kozaburo Tamamura. However many of the images in this three volume set have been attributed to him. In this book you find this image:

Cherry Blossoms in Ueno Tokyo

The same image ("No 454 Ueyno Park") has been attributed to Tamamura in Early Japanese Images by Terry Bennett (see below).

Bennett, Terry:
Early Japanese Images, Rutland, Vermont, Charles E. Tuttle Company, 1996, black cloth, dust jacket, 8vo (7 3/4 in x 10 1/2 in) 138+ photographs, bibliography, appendix of photographic terms, listing of 1000 early photographs showing title, number and in most cases attributed to a specific photographer, 168 pp. Covers the early days of photography in Japan from 1853, when Commodore Perry visited, to the end of the Meiji era in 1912. Includes commentary and examples of the work of Eliphalet Brown, Jr., Felice Beato, Baron Raimund von Stillfried-Rateniz, Adolfo Farsari, Renjo Shimooka, Hikoma Ueno, Kimbie Kusakabe, Kozaburo Tamamura, Kazumasa Ogawa, Kuichi Uchida. The listing of early Japanese photographs is an invaluable resource in identifying 19th century photographs which often had a caption and number but no indication of the photographer. ISBN: 0-8048-2029-5 (hardback), ISBN: 0-8048-2033-3 (softback)

Winkel, Margarita:
Souvenirs from Japan, Japanese photography at the turn of the century, London, Bamboo Publishing Ltd, 1991, oblong 8vo (8 1/2 x 9 3/4 in - 22.5 x 26 cm), 171 pictures (including front and back cover - approximately 1/3 in color), 160 pp. Preface by Professor Willem R. van Gulik. A comprehensive illustrated review of photography in Japan in the 19th century. The author discusses various facets of photography in 19th century Japan (methods, noted photographers & subjects) with a focus on how these were applied in the "Souvenir" photographs produced for sale to foreigners and export out of Japan. The discussion is supplemented with 171 reproductions of these "albumen" photographs (many of which were hand colored) from the renowned collection of R. Shilling. ISBN: 1-870076-58-3 (paperback) and 1-870076-18-4 (cloth).


Japenses Views and Characters, 3 Volumes

Volume I (Types 1 & 2). (Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Kobe and Nagasaki)
Volume II (Types 1 & 2). (Yokohama, Kamakura, Fuji and Nagoya)
Volume II (Type 3a & 3b). (Yokohama, Kamakura, Fuji and Nagoya)
Volume III (Types 1a, 1b, 2a and 2b). (Tokio and Nikko)


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