Item 1900200805b

25 Hand Colored Collotype Photographs

Cover (Cloth Covered)

Condition. Poor. Front cover present but detached at the hinge. Back cover not present/missing. Front free page has hole in center and approximate 1/3 broken from text block at the bottom. First plate missing the tissue guard, all other tissue guards present. Most plates have light to moderate foxing but only in the margins and not on the actual tipped on collotype. The text block is tight and the plates are firmly bound.

The bound folio of prints is accompanied by two rice paper items which were laid in loose behind the front free page. One appears to be a wrapper for a newspaper or flyer. The other is an illustrated sheet.

Tamamura Kazaburo (Presumed):
No title, no colophon, not dated (c1900-c1906), oblong 7 3/4 x 17 in (20 x 43 cm), cloth covered outer boards with single string tie, no inner cover or title page, free front page, pages unnumbered but 25 hand colored collotype plates. The images are tipped to plate and not printed on the plate. Each photograph has an English caption hand printed in pencil at the bottom left corner below the image. The collotypes plates are protected with tissue guards. There is no colophon.

The fourth plate in this folio "Arashiyama at Kyoto" is identical to a plate found in Characteristic Japan. Views and Characters in the Land of the Rising Sun where it is captioned "A Hot Spring Day at Asashiyama, Kyoto."

Another plate (11th plate - "Fishing Boats") in this folio is also identical to a plate found in Characteristic Japan. Views and Characters in the Land of the Rising Sun. In that book the caption reads, "The Shikoku fleet of fishing junks. The weather appears fine: but a storm is promised hence the idle appearance of the boats.)"

Across the above 2 Artistic Japan books and this folio the same general scene appears. It is basically the same scene but with slightly different perspectives and taken at different times.

I believe that this folio could be a forerunner or prototype of the soon to be published Characteristic Japan. Views and Characters in the Land of the Rising Sun book.

Book/Folio Size: 7 3/4 x 17 in (20 x 43 cm)

Plate & Image Sizes
  --Image Area: 4 3/4 x 11 1/2 in (12 x 29 cm)
  --Page Size: 5 1/2 x 14 1/2 in (13.5 x 37 cm)

Tamamura Kazaburo published several collotype books/bound folio during the c1900-c1906 period.
These items are characterized by the rather unsual oblong horizontal format.

Links to detailed information on this material are below:

Unnamed Bound Folio of Tipped to Plate Prints (25 plates - 7 3/4 x 17 in (20 x 43 cm))

Characteristic Japan. Views and Characters in the Land of the Rising Sun (24 plates - 7 1/2 x 16 1/2 in (19 x 42 cm))

Artistic Japan, Views in the Land of the Rising Sun (22 plates - 5 5/8 x 15 1/2 in (14.1 x 40 cm))

Artistic Japan, Views in the Land of the Rising Sun (24 plates - 5 5/8 x 14 3/4 in (14.1 x 39.7 cm))


All Plates:

Wystaria Blossoms at Kameido, Tokyo

Fujiyama from Tagonoura

Flower Show at Tokyo

Arashiyama at Kyoto

Canal at Tokyo

Hodzu Rapids at Kioto

Nikko Temple

Kiyomidzu Temple at Kioto

Tea House at Uji Near Kioto

Picnic Party at Arashiyama, Kioto

Fishing Boats

Arashiyama at Kioto

Hakone Village

Okayama Park Near Kobe

Hachiman Temple at Kamakura

Arashiyama at Kioto

Sarusawa Pond at Nara

Maiko Beach Near Kobe

Arashiyama Near Kioto

Okayama Park and Castle

Lake Hakone

Pagoda at Tokushima

Hikone Park Near Lake Biwa

Bamboo Grove at Kioto

Hikone Garden

Close-up of Hand Colored Collotype 
Image (Plate 23 - Hikone Park Near Lake Biwa)

Listing of Plates:

  1. Wystaria Blossoms at Kameido, Tokyo
  2. Fujiyama from Tagonoura
  3. Flower Show at Tokyo
  4. Arashiyama at Kyoto
  5. Canal at Tokyo
  6. Hodzu Rapids at Kioto
  7. Nikko Temple
  8. Kiyomidzu Temple at Kioto
  9. Tea House at Uji Near Kioto
  10. Picnic Party at Arashiyama, Kioto
  11. Fishing Boats
  12. Arashiyama at Kioto
  13. Hakone Village
  14. Okayama Park Near Kobe
  15. Hachiman Temple at Kamakura
  16. Arashiyama at Kioto
  17. Sarusawa Pond at Nara
  18. Maiko Beach Near Kobe
  19. Arashiyama Near Kioto
  20. Okayama Park and Castle
  21. Lake Hakone
  22. Pagoda at Tokushima
  23. Hikone Park Near Lake Biwa
  24. Bamboo Grove at Kioto
  25. Hikone Garden

    Present in the 22 plate edition only
    Rice Planting

* Only present in the 24 plate edition.

**Slightly different image than in 22 plate edition.

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