Japan: Travels and Researches
J. J. Reins, 1884


Rein, J. J. (Johann Justus):
Japan: Travels and Researches Undertaken at the Cost of the Prussian Government, Translated from the German, New York, A. C. Armstrong and Son, 1884, first US edition, large 8vo (7 1/2 x 10 in - 19 x 25.5 cm), leather ribbed spine, leather corner tips, gilt lettering on spine, edges with marble pattern, marbled endpapers, 20 black and white illustrations, 2 large color lithograph multi-foldout maps at the rear, 543 pp. Of the 20 illustrations, 4 are text illustrations and 16 are full page plates (one side only - thick paper). Plates include 5 tissue guarded plates with tipped in "phototypes" (collotypes), 3 lithographed map/plans and 8 engraved plates (including the frontispiece). Chapters include geology, geography, hydrography, climate, flora, fauna, people, civilization, social condition, ethnography, topography, and history of Japan up to the time of publication. Based upon the author's residence for nearly two years in Japan.

The title page gives the publisher as A.C. Armstrong and Son, 714 Broadway, New York. The back of the title page states "Butler & Tanner, The Selwood Printing Works, Frome, and London." The 5 "phototype" (collotype) plates carry the following inscriptions outside the tipped in image "Rein, Japan I" - "Phototype by Strumper & Co, Hamburg" & "Hodder & Stroughton, Publishers, London" in addition to the title for the image. The 8 engraved plates are woodcut engravings and only carry the title for the image. The 3 map/plans carry the inscriptions "London Hodder and Stoughton, 27 Paternoster Row - Litho Anst v J.G. Bach, Leipzig." The color folding maps are lithographed and both are 4 folds out and 1 fold up and 1 fold down. The first map measures ca. 70 x 60 cm and the second map measures ca. 70 x 60 cm. Both maps have the inscriptions "Geograph Anslalt von Wangner & Debes, Leipzig" and "London Hodder and Stoughton, 27 Paternoster Row."

Johann Justus Rein was a professor of Geography in Marburg University. In 1874 he was sent by the Prussian government to research and write about all aspects of Japan and it's people. He spent two years in Japan. His works were first published in German in two volumes.

This is sometimes referred to as the first volume of a two volume set. The second volume is by J.J. Rein and titled The Industries of Japan, Together with An Account of Its Agriculture, Forestry, Arts and Commerce, from Travels and Researches undertaken at the Cost of the Prussian Government. For information, click here. Both volumes were originally published in German and subsequently translated into English and printed in London and the United States (see below).

Other Editions.

    German editions:
  • 1881, Leipzig, Wilhelm Engelmann, Japan nach Reisen und Studiem im Aftrage der Königlich. Preussichen Regierund Dargestellt two bands
    Band (Volume) I, 1881, Natur und Volkkunde des Mikadoreiches, 630 pp. Plates and 2 maps.
    Band (Volume) II, 1886, Land und Forstwissenschaft, Industrie und Handel, 678 pp.

    UK and US editions:

  • 1883, London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1st UK edition, large 8vo, 543 pp. Same illustrations as US edition, 20 illustrations, 2 folding maps.
  • 1888, New York, 2nd US edition, A. C. Armstrong and Son, reissue of the 1884 1st US edition.
  • 1888, London, 2nd UK edition, Hodder and Stoughton, reissue of 1883 1st UK edition (also seen reported as 1889).


Title Page

The Physiograph of Japan (pages 1-212)
A Physical Geography of the Country

I.     Introductory
II.    Coast Line, Parts of the Sea, Currents
III.   Geological Conditions
IV.    Orography
V.     Hydrography of the Country
VI.    Climate
VII.   The Flora of the Japanese Islands
VIII.  Fauna

The Japanese People (pages 213-534)

I.    History of the Japanese People
II.    Ethnography
III.   Topography
IV.    The Hokurokudo, or North-land Road
V.     Provinces of Sanyodo, or Mountain Sunny-side Road
VI.    Provinces of Sanindo, or Mountain-shade Road
VII.   Nankaido, or South Sea Road
VIII.  Kiushiu, or the Nine Provinces of Sakaido
IX.    Hokkaido, or the North Sea Road

The Riu-Kiu, or Loo-Choo Islands
Ogasawara-shima, Muninto or Bonin Islands

Illustrations (black and white)  (20)
Japanese Types (Tissue Guarded Engraving - Frontispiece)

Subashiri, at the foot of Fuji-no-yama (engraving)

Cryptomeria Avenue, at Imachi, near Nikko (collotype)

Map of Corea (lithograph)

Tomb of Iyemidzu at Nikko (collotype)

Arms of the Mikado, and of the Tokugawa (text illustration)

Part of the Castle of Kumamoto (engraving)

An Aino Family (engraving)

A Corean (text illustration)

Japanese Types (actually the frontispiece)

Garden at Kameido Temple, in Tokio (collotype)

The Shinoto Temple Shokonsha, at Kudan in Tokio (text illustration)

Shinto Gate and Pagoda at Nikko (engraving)

Diabutsu (great Buddha) at Kamakura (engraving)

Temple Court at Nikko (collotype)

Plan of Kioto (lithograph)

Plan of Tokio (lithograph)

Yumoto, on the Hayagawa, and the Hakone Mountains (engraving)

Bridge over the Dayigawa at Nikko (engraving)

Nagasaki (collotype)

Ruikiu Islander (text illustration)

Orographical-Hydrographical Map (ca 70 x 60 cm)
Topographical-Statistical Map (ca 60 x 60 cm)

Collation. Short Title: Japan: Travels and Researches Full Title: Japan: Travels and Researches, Undertaken at the Cost of the Prussian Government by J.J. Rein, Professor of Geography in Marburg, Translated from the German with Twenty Illustrations and Two Maps  Short Title Page, Full Title Page, Preface (2 pages), Contents (4 pages), List of Illustrations (1 page), Chapter Heading pages and text (numbered pages 1-534), Illustrations (1 as frontispiece & 19 merged into the text pages), 2 color fold out maps follow after page 534, Index (pages 535-543).


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