Pictorial Okinawa
1952, Second Edition

Ikehara, Kikuo (compiler)
Murayama Kenji (compiler):
Pictorial Okinawa, pamphlet, oblong large 12mo (8 1/4 x 6 in), Second Edition, 1952, no copyright notice, published by I & M. Co (no location stated), 39 black and white halftone reproductions of photographs, illustrated soft covers, staple bound with decorative ribbon tie, 44 pages (including covers). Each photograph is accompanied by a caption and descriptive sentence or paragraph in English and Japanese.

The photographs focus on important cultural assets of Okinawa. Regarding structures, an effort is made to show the location before the war and after the devastation of the battle of Okinawa.

There is no author stated. Inside the front the following credit is give:

To: Mrs. Evelin P. Kendrick under whose guidance
the compilation of this booklet has been made possible.

Description of Photographic Images.

  1. Shurei-Mon (pre-war)
  2. Shuri Castle Remains (post-war)
  3. Presence-Chamber of Shuri Castle (pre-war)
  4. Main Building Ryukyus University (post-war)
  5. Bezaitendo Shrine (pre-war)
  6. Bezaitendo (post-war, only bridge remains)
  7. Ryuhi (Dragon Spring) Fountain at Shuri Castle (pre-war?)
  8. Hosho Pond at Enkakuji Temple (pre-war)
  9. Main Gate of Shoke (pre-war)
  10. Main Gate of Sho-ke (post-war)
  11. Tama Udun - Kings Tombs (pre-war)
  12. Tama Udun (post-war)
  13. Gate of Sogenji Temple (pre-war)
  14. Gate of Sogenji Temple (post-war
  15. Madambashi Bridge (pre-war)
  16. Bailey Bridge on Site of Madamabashi
  17. Turtle Back Tomb (pre-war?)
  18. Izumizaki Bridge in Naha (pre-war)
  19. Naminoue Shrine (pre-war)
  20. Naminoue Shrine (post-war)
  21. Shikina Garden in Shuri (pre-war)
  22. Ryukyuan Girl (pre-war)
  23. Large Sail Boat (15-20 ton) (pre-war)
  24. Karate (post-war)
  25. Head Flag (post-war)
  26. Tug of War (post-war)
  27. Dancer (post-war)
  28. Amakawa Dance (post-war)
  29. Pottery - Mr. N. Kobashikawa (post-war)
  30. Farming (post-war)
  31. Haryu-sen - dragon boat races (post-war)
  32. Ryukyus Civil Administration Team Building (post-war)
  33. Ryukuan Provisional Central Government Building and Mr. Higa (Chief Executive) (post-war)
  34. Okinawa Gunto Government Building (post-war)
  35. Naha View (post-war)
  36. Kanzatobaru Street in Naha (post-war)
  37. Tsuboya Street in Naha (post-war)
  38. Theatre Kekai-Kan in Naha (post-war)
  39. Okinawan Seascape

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