Japan-China War:
The Fall of Wei-hai-wei

Jukichi Inouye & Kazumasa Ogawa
1895, 21 Collotype Plates

Inouye Jukichi
Ogawa Kazumasa (Collotype Plates):
The Japan - China War: The Fall of Wei-Hai-Wei -- Compiled from Official and other Sources by Jukichi Inouye with Numerous Collotypes by K. Ogawa, 8vo, Yokohama, Kelly & Walsh, Meiji 28 (1895), cardboard wraps, front wrap lithographed in color with a black and white collotype image, 2 black and white lithographed maps - one is double page, 21 black and white collotype plates - three of are double page, no preface, list of plates (frontispiece + 20), 31 numbered text pages.

This is a photograph illustrated account of the last major series of battles of the Japan China war, the battle of Wei-hai-wei. The remnants of the Chinese Navy were sheltered in Wei-hai-wei. The Japanese Army and Navy closed on Wei-hai-wei and engaged and defeated the Chinese land and sea forces in January through early February of 1895. This book outlines both the land and Naval battles that ensued. The Chinese fleet at Wei-hai-Wei consisted of 15 major naval vessels which included the ironclad battleships Ting-yuen and Chen-yuen and a number of torpedo boats. The Japanese Navy arrayed 25 men-of-war and 16 torpedo boats against the Chinese. Both of the inronclads were destroyed and the Chinese Navy was either destroyed or captured.

This is one in a series of three books by the same author which are illustrated with K. Ogawa collotypes. For more information on the entire series, click here.

For information on Kazumasa Ogawa, click here.

List of Collotype Plates (a page from the book).


  • The Yellow Sea, Port Arthur Straits, Pechili Gulf and the adjacent land masses
  • "Wei-Hai-Wei and its Environs" (double page)

The 21 Collotype Plates by K. Ogawa:

    Two damaged guns at the Hwangtoo-Yay fort on the N.W. coast of Wei-Hai-Wei (frontispiece - double page)

    Plates Following Text:

  1. Second fleet of Japanese warships and transports on their way from Falienwan to Yungching Bay
  2. Landing of the provisions train of the Second Division at Lungshwy Bay, Yungching
  3. Advance of the Second Army staff upon Yung-Ching
  4. A Portion of the shelter trenches on Motienling, on the E. coast of Wei-Hai-Wei
  5. The Chaopeitsuy Forts on the E. coast of Wei-Hai-Wei
  6. The Chaopeitsuy Forts on the E. coast of Wei-Hai-Wei (different view)
  7. Chinese Men-of-War near Yangheya Sea firing on a portion of the Fifth Infantry Regiment (double page)
  8. Attack made by the forts at Jih Island and the South-Eastern Head of Liukung Island....
  9. A portion of the eminence to the left of the Tseszetai forts on the W. Coast of Wei-Hai-Wei
  10. A rear view of the Peishantsuy forts, on the W. coast of Wei-Hai-Wei
  11. The destruction by shells of the torpedo-station on Peishantsuy, on the W. coast of Wei-Hai-Wei
  12. The Chinese men-of-war firing in reply to the attack of a portion of the Japanese squadron (double page)
  13. The signal and electric light towers on Liukung Island
  14. Lieut. Mano of the torpedo-boat no. 9 / Lieut. Yoshioka of the torpedo-boat no. 21 / Lieut. Nakamura of the torpedo-boat no. 10 / The torpedo-boat no. 19 (3 portraits + image of boat)
  15. Discharging a torpedo / Disturbance of the surface by the movement of a torpedo through water
  16. The great Chinese warship "Ting-yuen" after being destroyed by the Japanese torpedo-boats off the southern shore of Liukung Island
  17. The Chinese man-of-war "Wei-yuen" lying sunk before the pier at Liukung Island
  18. The Chinese men-of-war replying to the attacke of the Japanese seige-guns on a hill to the W. of Peishantsuy, W. of the W. Entrance to Wei-Hai-Wei Harbour
  19. The Chinese men-of-war gathering on the water S.W. of Hwang Island aftr the sinking of the "Ching-yuen"
  20. The landing of Chinese prisioners at Wei-Hai-Wei

Printed: Meiji 28(1895).6.14
Distributed: Meiji 28 (1895).6.17

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