Selected Relics of Japanese Art, Volume III
Photographs and Collotypes by K. Ogawa
Published by Shimbi Shoin
(Nippon Shimbi Kyokwai), 1900


Shiiji Tajima (Editor)
Ogawa, K:
Selected Relics of Japanese Art, Volume III, Nippon Shimbi Kyokwai (Zenkyoan, Kenninji, Shimokyoku), Kyoto (Shimbi Shoin), 1900, cloth, folio (19 x 13 in - 49 x 34 cm), 20 volumes, double folded leaves, bound Japanese style, decorated stiff paper wraps, purple silk threads, two edges gilt, 48 plates (44 black and white collotypes, 3 color woodcuts & 1 black and white woodcut). The collotype plates are on thin paper which is folded over a sheet of stiff backing paper. Woodcut plates are on a single sheet of thick paper. Each plate (or unit of plates when similar plates were grouped together by the editor) is protected by a tissue guard with text in English and Japanese which describes the art and artist. The art was photographed and collotyped by K. Ogawa. The book was printed at the Tokyo Tsukiji Type Foundry.

This is volume 3 from a 20 volume series. Each volume has approximately 40~50 plates (woodblocks - generally color, or black and white collotypes) of art treasures. The series presents reproductions of Japanese art relics from the earliest times up to the end of the Tokugawa Era from collections in Buddhist Temples in Nara and Kyoto and held in private hands. The entire series was published over the 10 year period from 1898~1908.


Details of Contents

Title Page

Listing of Plates in Japanese
Listing of Plates in English (I~XLI) - Subject and Artist

~~Plates Volume III~~
* = color  -   ** = folding

1. Wooden Image of Cakravarti-cinta-mani Avalokitesvara (collotype) Said to be by Shotoku Taishi
2. Wooden Image of the High Priest, Kwanroku (collotype) [unknown]
3. Copper Images of Buddha Amitabha, Boddhi-sattvas Avalokitesvara and Mahasthama with a Folding Screen (collotype) [unknown]
4. Copper Image of Arya Avalokitesvara (collotype) [unknown]

5. Wooden Image of Nava-mukha Avalokitesvara (collotype) [unknown]

(The Nine-Faced Kwannon)

6. Copper Image of Sakyamuni (collotype) [unknown]
7. Lacquered Image of God Brahma (collotype) [unknown]
8. Clay Images of Vajra and Vyakara, the Second and the Last of the Twelve Divine Heroes (collotype) [unknown]
9. Landscapes; -- two plates (collotype) Said to be by Wu Tao-tsu (Chinese)
10. Lotus (collotype) Said to be by Hsu Hsi (Chinese)

11. Ascetics in Meditation; -- two plates (collotype) by Shi Ko (Chinese)

Second Plate

12. Ekadasa-mukha Avalokitesvara (collotype) Said to be by Takayoshi Kasuga
13. The Nirana of Sakyamuni (collotypes) [unknown]

*14. Mayura-vidyaraja (woodcut) [unknown]

15. Wooden Images of Demons; Lamp-stands (collotype) By Koben

16. Li Tai-peh, a Chinese Poet (collotype) By Lai Kai (Chinese)
17. Bamboos (collotype) By Chou Meng-chin (Chinese)
18. Panorama of the Avatamsaka School (collotype) By Nobuzane Fujiwara
19. Wooden Image of Ekadasa-mukha Avalokitesvara (collotype) [unknown]
20. Kazan and Jittoku; two plates (collotype) Said to be by Myocho
21. Autumnal Evening Scene (collotype) By Shubun

22. Landscape (collotype) Said to be by Noami

23. Two of the Eight Famous Scenes in Hsiao and hsiang (collotype) By Shokei
24. Willows by the Ferry (collotype) By Soyen
25. Vines (collotype) By Guan
26. Confucious and His Disciples on the Apricot Terrace (collotype) By Chin I (Chinese)
27. Landscape (collotype) By Chiang Sung (Chinese)

28. Landscapes; -- two plates (collotype) By Liu Shun (Chinese)

First Plate

29. Roses and Snowy Herons (collotype) By Sesson

30. Harvest Scenes (collotype) By Yukinoku Kano

31. Festival of Taiko; -- three plates (collotype) By Shoi Iwasa

32. Vulture and Eagle (collotype) By Sanraku Kano

33. The Sixteen Arhats; -- two plates (woodcut and collotype) By Shokwado


34. Wild Ducks; -- two plates (collotype) By Musashi Miyamoto

*35. Quail and Autumnal Foilage (woodcut) By Mitsuoki and Mitsunari

*36. Nanten (Nandina Domestica) in Snow (woodcut) By Haritsu Ogawa

37. **Scenery along the River Hozu; -- two plates (collotype) By Okyo Maruyama

38. Monkeys (collotype) By Sosen Mori
39. Hsi-wang-mu (collotype) By Tanshin Kano
40. Peafowls (collotype) By Ganku
41. Panorama of the Temple Ishiyamadera (collotype) By Buncho Tani

Recap of Plates:

44 -- Black & White Collotype Plates (2 are foldout)
 3 -- Color Woodcut Plates
 1 -- Black & White Woodcut Plate\
48 --- Plates in total
Relist of Color and Foldout Plates:

3 Color Plates - Woodcuts:
*14. Mayura-vidyaraja (woodcut) [unknown]
*35. Quail and Autumnal Foilage (woodcut) By Mitsuoki and Mitsunari
*36. Nanten (Nandina Domestica) in Snow (woodcut) By Haritsu Ogawa

2 Fold-out Plates:
**Scenery along the River Hozu; -- two plates (collotype) By Okyo Maruyama

Example of descriptive tissue guard.

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