Japanese Art Folio
Editor H. Shugio
Photographed and Collotyped by K. Ogawa
Colored Plate by T. Tamura

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Shugio, H. (editor)
Ogawa, K(azumasa) (photographs/collotypes)
Tamura, T. (coloring):
Japanese Art Folio, edited by H. Shugio, 1898 - 1899, issued in twelve monthly parts, folio (13 x 19 in), 73 pp. The page count noted (ie 73 pp) does not include 72 pages of tissue guards with descriptive text. The pages are not numbered although the individual plates are numbered consecutively in roman numerals on the descriptive tissue guards and in the contents page at the front of each part. This is folio of classic Japanese art reproduced on 73 plates photographed and collotyped by K. Ogawa. Twelve (12) of these plates are colored by T. Tamura. Each plate protected with tissue guard containing an explanation in Japanese and Engish. Sold in bound volume format as well as single monthly issues on a subscription basis.

Published by K. Ogawa, No 13 Hiyoshicho, Shinbashi, Tokyo, Japan, Printed at the Tokyo Tsukiji Type Foundry. Note that at this time T. Hasegawa's (well know for the color woodblock crepe paper Japanese Fairy Tale books) address was just across the street at No 10 Hiyoshicho.

Preface Reads:

The present publication is undertaken to facilitate the study of Japanese art and to satisfy in a modest way the desire of many who cannot enjoy the privilege of seeing the originals.

It is the editor's intention to select the best examples of our acknowledged masters and to show as far as possible the most striking characteristics of all the artists.

Unless noted otherwise:

Page Size - Folio size. All pages are 13 x 19 in - 33 x 48.5 cm.

Covers/Binding - The covers are medium thickness paper wraps. Under the paper wraps the illustrations are tied together by three staples. The lettering on the front cover is in red or black. The same lettering is on the back cover but it is only in red/black outline. The actual part number is not printed on the cover. The covers are very flimsy and tears along the spine are the norm.

Title Page - All title pages have the following: Japanese Art Folio, Editor, H. Shugio, Photographed and Collotyped by K. Ogawa, F.R.P.S, Colored Plate by T. Tamura, Published by K. Ogawa, No 13 Hiyoshicho, Shinbashi, Tokyo, Japan, Printed at the Tokyo Tsukiji Type Foundry. Part VIII has the additional information: Sold by Kelly & Walsh, Limited, Yokohama, HongKong, Shanghai & Singapore.

Contents Page - Gives the Part number and lists the illustrations. The illustrations run in sequence from I-LXII (1-72). There are actually 73 pages of plates. The index lists XLV as one plate but there are actually two separate plates. The series of 12 parts contains 73 full page plates.

Tissue Guards - All plates are tissue guard protected. On the side of the tissue guard away from the plate, there is the full title of the art, the artist and the collection where the art is housed. After this there is a one paragraph about the artist, characterisits of their work and sometimes a comment on the particular work pictured.

Color Plate at Front of Each Part - Each color plate is on thick stock paper. They appear to me to be hand colored collotypes although the process might be some form of mechanical process. Image areas are generally 7 1/2 x 13 1/4 in - 19 x 33.7. The image is sunk in to the paper as is impressed by a die under heavy pressure. Colors are sharp and vivid. There is no blank separation page behind these plates as found with the collotypes. No lettering or titles have been added to the plates.

Black and White Collotypes - Each collotype plate is on thin rice type paper. It is protected by a tissue guard (same type of paper) which has the title of the picture and information regarding the artist and the art work. Behind the collotype on thin paper there is a thicker piece of blank paper for separation. When a collotype is on medium thickness paper, the blank page is not present. The last page in each part appears to be a colophon. Size of the image areas vary. The small image area would be 7 x 10 3/4 in - 18 x 27 cm. Some are much large and cover 80% of the page. No lettering or titles have been added to the plates.

Advertisement - In Parts III, IV & VI-XII there is an advertisement for the Japanese Art Folio. Rates are listed at 1.50 yen for a single copy, 8.10 yen for 6 months and 15.30 for 1 year. Delivery charges are set forth also. This page lists K. Ogawa, Publisher, 13, Hiyoshicho, Kiobashi, Tokio, Japan, Telephone Honkioku 1392. Part VI has a taped on correction to the Japanese text (colophon, I believe).


Examples of Plates, From Part I

Color Plate

Black and White Plates

Example of Tissue Guard Description


Detail Listing of All Plates

Part I.
Plate I -- A Female Figure by Shunsho
Plate II -- A Fancy Portrait of Laotsu, by Sesshiu (thin paper)
Plate III -- A Mountain Stream, by Motonobu
Plate IV -- A Fancy Portrait of Iima, by Korin
Plate V -- Autumn Flowers. by Hoitsu
Plate VI -- Morning Glories, by Kiitsu

Part II.
Plate VII -- A woman on bench (colored wood engraving) by Choshun
Plate VIII -- Landscape, by Shokei (Keishoki) - medium paper
Plate IX -- A Bird and Lotus, by Sesson
Plate X -- A Hawk and Tree, by Yusho
Plate XI -- Landscape, by Tanyu - medium paper
Plate XII -- Love-birds under willow tree, by Zeshin

Part III.
Plate XIII -- "Shidsuka" at dance (colored wood engraving) by Ritsuo
Plate XIV -- Landscape by Yeitoku
Plate XV -- The "Goddess of Music" by Yukinobu
Plate XVI -- "Haha" bird, by Kenzan
Plate XVII -- "Rinwasei" by Ganku
Plate XVIII -- The Poetess Murasaki Shikibu, by Yosai

Part IV.
Plate XIX -- A Female Figure by Kaigetsudo
Plate XX -- Landscape by So-Ami
Plate XXI -- "Daruma" by Shiugetsu
Plate XXII  -- A White Heron by Giokuraku
Plate XXIII -- Chrysanthemums by Mitsuoki
Plate XXIV -- Flying Birds by Hokusai

Part V.
Plate XXV -- A Female Figure by Hokusai
Plate XXVI -- A Village Scene by Morikage
Plate XXVII -- Li Tapeh at Waterfall by Naonobu
Plate XXVIII -- Meeting on the bridge by Shohaku
Plate XXIX -- Lotus and Bird by Tsunenobu
Plate XXX -- Landscapes by Gukei

Part VI.
Plate XXXI -- A Female Figure by Kiyonobu
Plate XXXII -- Landscape by Shiubun
Plate XXXIII -- Sennin by Sansetsu
Plate XXXIV -- A Bird on tree by Buncho
Plate XXXV -- Ducks and Reeds by Keibun
Plate XXXVI -- Daruma by Raisho

Part VII.
Plate XXXVII -- A Female Figure by Yeishi
Plate XXXVIII -- Old Priest on Ox-back by So-ami
Plate XXXIX -- The Nirvana of Sakyamuni by Matahei of Otsu
Plate XXXX -- Fowls and Bamboo by Shiko
Plate XXXXI -- Tiger by Okio
Plate XXXXII -- Old Monkey by Rosettsu

Part VIII.
Plate XLIII -- Beauties at play by Tsunemasa
Plate XLIV -- Landscape by Nara Hogan (2 images on one plate)
Plate XLV -- Ducks and Birds by Sanraku (2 different plates)
Plate XLVI -- Chrysanthemums by Unkoku Toji
Plate XLVII -- The Fuji by Tsunenobu
Plate XLVIII -- The Old Man by Gessen

Part IX.
Plate XLIX -- Beauties by Koryusai
Plate L -- Landscape, by Cho-densu
Plate LI -- Priest Bukan ridingon a tiger, by Priest Kao
Plate LII -- Dharma, by Masanobu
Plate LIII -- Landscape, by Senka
Plate LIV -- Hawk, by Tomikage

Part X.
Plate LV -- Beauties, by Masanobu
Plate LVI -- Sparrows on an old tree, by Sotan
Plate LVII -- Landscape, by Sesshu
Plate LVIII -- A man on horse back, by Itcho
Plate LIX -- A female figure, by Genki
Plate LX -- Musa Basjoo, by Chinzan

Part XI.
Plate LXI -- A Femal Figure, by Hokusai
Plate LXII -- Squirrels and Grapes, by Noami
Plate LXIII -- Sparrows in Snow, by Morikage
Plate LXIV -- Wild Ducks, by Buson
Plate LXV -- Fuji-Musume and Oni-noNenbutsu, by Hokuba
Plate LXVI -- Waterfall by Baiitsu

Part XII.
Plate LXVII -- A Beauty Dancing, by Shunman
Plate LXVIII -- A Heron and Plum tree, by Sesson
Plate LXIX -- Chrysanthemums and Chestnuts, by Itcho
Plate LXX -- Puppies, by Okyo
Plate LXXI -- Orchid and Rock, by Chikuden
Plate LXXII -- Landscape, by Tannyu


Colophon, Part I

Indicates Part I was Printed and Distributed
May of Meiji 31 (1898)


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