A Gallery of Japanese
and Chinese Painting, 1908
The Kokka Publishing Company


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Murayama, Jungo:
A Gallery of Japanese and Chinese Paintings, Tokyo, The Kokka Publishing Company (Yazaemon-cho, Kyobashi-ku), topographical work by Tokyo Tsukiji Type Foundry, folio (17 x 12 in), 1908, 100 plates (72 in black and white collotype and 28 tipped in color woodblock prints), gold and green brocade silk over boards, string tied. All plates are on thick card stock paper. Of the color plates 19 are of Japanese art and 8 are of Chinese art. The plates is protected by a descriptive tissue guards with information in English and Japanese. Each tissue guard provides information on the art and notes it's location. At times two plates are consolidated and have only one descriptive tissue guard before the first plate. All plates are on thick card stock paper.

In the preface the compilers of the book note:

.... the editorial staff of the Kokka Company, has been compiled the present volume, presenting one hundred of what may be considered to be the choicest of ancient Japanese and Chinese paintings.

In the Japanese section we have chosen sixty-five representative productions extending in date from the reign of the Empress Suiko down to the close of the Tokugawa period; while, under the heading of China, we have included the equally typical specimens of the three dynasties of T'ang, Yuan, and Sung. The reason why we have chosen the productions of these dynasties to the exclusion of the Ming and the Ch'ing periods, is that the art of these three dynasties has had the closest bearing on ours.

Another characteristic of the present volume is the insertion of an unusually large number of coloured wood-engravings, 28 in all, a number rather exceptional in a work of this size. We desire to add that all these coloured prints are of that unequalled workmanship which is to be expected from the hands of artizans in the exclusive employment of the Kokka Company. (English Language Preface)

The Kokka Company published a series of at least four, including this book, art reproduction books of this type during the period of 1906-1908. This was the last and most expensive book and it was priced at double and triple the price of the other books. For more information on the Kokka Company and this series of books, click here.

Kazumasa Ogawa was associated with the Kokka at the time this book was published. While I find no attribution to him, it is very likely the collotype plates were based upon his photographs.

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Table of Contents - Plates * = Color Woodblock Prints, Tipped In

Japanese Paintings

  1. I.    Paintings on the Tamamushi Household Shrine


  2. II.    From the Mural Paintings in the Kondo of the Horyu-ji Temple

  3. * III.    Portrait of Prince Shotoku

  4. * IV.    Portrait of Kichijo-ten
  5. V.    From a Folding-Screen with Female Figures, in the Collection of the Shoso-in Imperial Repository

  6. * VI.    From the Kwako-genzai-ingwakyo

    Wocho Period

  7. * VII.    Amida and Attending Deities
  8. VIII.    Amida and Attending Deities
  9. IX.    Portrait of Emma-ten

    Fujiwara Period

  10. * X.    Portrait of Fudo-myowo
  11. XI.    Amida and the Twenty-Five Bosatsus, attributed to Priest Eshin-sozu
  12. XII.    The Death Scene of Buddha
  13. * XIII.    From the Senzui-Byobu

  14. XIV.    Portrait of Fugen-Bosatsu

  15. XV.    The Resurrection of Sakyamuni
  16. XVI.    Door-Painting in the Ho-wo-do in Uji, by Tamenari Takuma
  17. XVII.    Vision of the Gods Behind the Mountains
  18. XVIII.    Portrait of Kujaku-myowo

    Heike Period

  19. * XIX.    A Scene from the Genji-monogatari by Takayoshi Fujiwara

  20. XX.    Frontispiece Paintings in Hand-Copied Buddhist Scriptures, by members of the Taira Family
  21. XXI.    Animal Caricatures, by Toba-sojo Gakuyu
  22. XXII.    Legends of the chief God of the Shigizan Temple, attributed to Toba-sojo Gakuyu
  23. * XXIII.    The Anecdotes of Ban-Dainagon, attributed to Mitsunaga Fujiwara


  24. XXIV.    Fugen-bosatsu and the Ten Rasetsujos
  25. * XXV.    Portrait of Monju
  26. * XXVI.    Portrait of Gatten by Shoga Taktma

  27. XXVII.    A Scene from the Heiji-monogatari, attributed to Keion Sumiyoshi

  28. XXVIII.    A Scene from the Kasuga-gongen-Kenki by Takakane Takashina
  29. XXIX.    A Scene from the Life of Priest Ippen


  30. * XXX.    Fishing with Cormorants, by Yukihide Kasuga

  31. XXXI.    Rakans, by Priest Mincho
  32. XXXII.    Portrait of Yuima, by Bunsei
  33. XXXIII.    A Landscape, by Shubun
  34. * XXXIV.    Portrait of Daruma by Jasoku
  35. XXXV.    A Landscape, by Priest Sesshu

  36. XXXVI.    A Landscape, by Keishoki

  37. XXXVII.    A Landscape, by So-ami
  38. XXXVIII.    An Autumn Landscape, by Masanobu Kano
  39. XXXIX.    Chinese Priest Wei-shan Kicking over a Vessel, by Motonobu Kano
  40. XL.    Summer and Winter Scenes, by Sesson


  41. XLI.    An Aged Pine Tree, by Eitoku Kano

  42. XLII.    The Four Sages of Mount Shang-Shan, by Yusho Kaihoku

  43. XLIII.    A Scene from the Genji-monogatari, Sanraku Kano


  44. * XLIV.    The Hikone-Byobu

  45. XLV.    A Shrike by Niten Miyamoto
  46. XLVI.    The Three Smiling Sages at the Tigers' Vale, by Shokwado Shojo
  47. XLVII.    From an Illuminated Scroll containing the Hyakunin-Isshu Verses, by Koetsu Honnami
  48. XLVIII.    A Lotus Pond, by Sotatsu Nomura
  49. XLIX.    The Chinese Emperor Huang-ti, by Tannyu Kano
  50. L.    A Stage, by Moronobu Hishikawa

  51. * LI.    Plum Tree, by Korin Ogata

  52. * LII.    The Nunozarashi Dance, by Itcho Hanabusa

  53. * LIII.    A Musical Feast in Autumn Night, by Choshun Miyagawa

  54. LIV.    A Savant, by Taigwa Ikeno
  55. * LV.    A Summer Landscape, by Buson Yosa

  56. * LVI.    Puppies and Convolvulus, by Okyo Maruyama

  57. * LVII.    A Beauty, by Utamaro Kitagawa

  58. LVIII.    A Deer by a Maple Tree, by Groshun Matsutnura
  59. LIX.    Mandarin Bucks and Plum Trees by Keibun Matsumura
  60. LX.    Flowering Plants in Summer after a Shower, by Hoitsu Sakai
  61. LXI.    Landscapes, by Buncho Tani
  62. LXII.    An Old Temple on a Pine-clad Mountain by Chikuden Tanomura
  63. LXIII.    A Goose in the Snow, by Kwaza Watanabe
  64. LXIV.    Portrait of Susano-No-mikoto, by Hokusai Katsushika
  65. LXV.    Tokwaido Scenes, by Ichiryusai Hiroshige


Chinese Paintings

  1. * I.    Portrait of Priest Pu-'kung-chin-kang, by Li Chien


  2. * II.    Portraits of Two Arhats, attributed to Li Lung-mien
  3. III.    Portraits of Two Arhats, attributed to Li Lung-mien
  4. IV.    A Flock of Gulls in the River attributed to Chao Ta-nien
  5. V.    Mountains After Rain, by Lutig-men-man-shih
  6. VI.    Autumn and Winter Landscapes, attributed to the Emperor Huitsung
  7. VII.    Autumn and Winter Landscapes, attributed to the Emperor Huitsung
  8. * VIII.    A Herdsman Returning Homeward, by Li Ti
  9. * IX.    A Herd of Cattle in the Field, attributed to Yen ' Tzu-ping

  10. X.    Puppies, attributed to Mao I

  11. * XI.    A Sage admiring a Moon-lit View, attributed to Ma Yuan
  12. * XII.    A Solitary Angler in a Wintry River, attributed to Ma Yuan
  13. XIII.    A Winter Scene, attributed to Ma Lin
  14. XIV.    A Summer Landscape, attributed to Hsia Kuei

  15. * XV.    A Craggy Mountain Lane, attributed to Hsia Kuei

  16. XVI.    A Sage under a Pine Tree, attributed to Hsia Kuei
  17. XVII.    A Dancing Pu-tai, by Liang-k'ai
  18. XVIII.    Hanshan and Shihte, attributed to Liang-k'ai

  19. XIX.    Fish in Nature, attributed to Fan Anjen

  20. XX.    Kwannon and Monkeys and a Crane, by Mu-ch'i
  21. XXI.    Kwannon and Monkeys and a Crane, by Mu-ch'i
  22. XXII.    A Dragon in the Clouds, by Mu-ch'i
  23. XXIII.    Portrait of Priest Wu-chun
  24. XXIV.    A Summer Landscape, by Yii-chien
  25. XXV.    Portrait of Sakyatrmni
  26. XXVI.    Lanscapes
  27. XXVII.    Landscapes
  28. XXVIII.    Priest Hsian-chuang on his Homeward Journey from India


  29. * XXIX.    A Cockscomb, by ' Chicn Sliun-chu

  30. XXX.    A Summer Landscape, attributed Sun Chun-tse
  31. XXXI.    The Hermits T'ieh-kuai and Hsia-ma Yen Hui
  32. * XXXII.    A Moon-lit Sea
  33. XXXIII.    Portrait of Lin Ho-Ching, by Sheng Tsu-chao

  34. XXXIV.    Priest Tan-hsia Burning a Buddhist Statute, attributed to Indra

  35. XXXV.    A Mountain After the Rain, attributed to Kao Jan-hui


For information on Kazumasa Ogawa, click here.

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