Kanagawa Prefecture
Photograph (Collotype) Book, 1913


Kanagawa Prefecture
Kanagawa Prefecture Photographs, Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefectural Government, 1913, oblong 4to (15 1/4 x 10 1/2 in - 39.2 x 26.8 cm), yellow decorated boards, gilt title (in Japanese), string tied, 57 black and white collotype reproduced photographs of important public facilities, religious sites, historical sites and tourist sites in Kanagawa Prefecture as the were at the close of the Meiji era. The collotype plates are of high quality in composition and technical execution. Each plate is protected by a descriptive tissue guard which describes the image in English and Japanese. The table of contents and colophon are in Japanese. The colophon does not identify the photographer. Images include Kanagawa public buildings such as the Kanagawa Kencho, the Police Department Building, the Prefectural Assembly Hall and the Harbor Office and Weather Forecast Office Building at Kaigan-Dori. The many scenic views include a foldout panoramic view of Yokohama. One seldom seen photograph is the monument commemorating the Perry Expedition to Japan in Kuri-Ga-Hama which was constructed in 1901. Another interesting view is the tomb of William Adams and his wife at Hen-Mi, Yokosuka. The collotype reproduced images are of very high quality and large format (generally 8 x 10 1/2 in). The book was issued with a folding case with claps.

Plates (57) - All Black and White Collotypes * = Fold-out Plate

  1. The Kanagawa Kencho

  2. The Imperial Hall in the Kencho Building
  3. The Audience-Chamber

  4. The Police Department Building

  5. Prefectural Assembly Hall

  6. The Harbour Office and The Weather Forecast Office Building at Kaigan-Dori

  7. *General View of Yokohama (spans 2 pages + fold out page)
  8. The Daijingu at Iseyama
  9. The Normal School at Kamakura b. The first Yokohama Middle School at Nishitobe-Cho c. The Agricultural School at Hiratsuka-Machin, Naka-Gun, d. The Technical School at Kanagawa e. The Yokohama Commercial School at Minami-Ota-Machi

  10. The Light House and Breakwater of Yokohama Harbour

  11. The Guays at the New Hatoba
  12. The Yoshida Bridge

  13. The Imperial Japanese Silk Conditioning House at Honcho-Dori

  14. The Yokohama City Office at Minato-Cho

  15. The Yokohama Specie Bank, Ltd. at Gocho-Me, Minaminaka-Dori
  16. The Race Course of the Nippon Race Club

  17. The Hongakuji at Kanagawa (Once the assigned residence of Townsend Harris)

  18. The Sojiji Temple at Tsurumi

  19. The Daishi at Kawasaki

  20. The Shosuibai (plum tree) at Sugita
  21. General View of Kanazawa
  22. The Shomyoji Temple and the Kanazawa Library at Kanazawa
  23. The Quarantine Station at Nagahama
  24. The Kamakura Shrine and the Cave of Oto-No-Miya
  25. The Hachiman-Gu at Kamakura

  26. The Main Hall of the Kenchoji at Kamakura

  27. The Butsu-Nichi-An at Kamakura
  28. The Daibutsu (Great Buddha) at Hase

  29. Hase-No Kwannon Near Daibutsu

  30. View of Yui-Ga-Hama

  31. The Ryukoji at Katase

  32. Ye-No-Shima Near Katase
  33. The Hashiri-Mizu Shrine at Uraga
  34. The Sea Shore House of Hayama
  35. *View of Abura-Tsubo and of the Experimental Station for Sea Products at Misaki-Machi, Miura-Gun (one fold out)
  36. General view of Misaki-Machi

  37. Monument Commemorating the Landing of Commodore Perry at Kuri-Ga-Hama, Mirura-Gun

  38. The Tombs of William Adams and of His Wife at Hen-Mi, Yokosuka
  39. The Main Hall of the Yugyoji Temple at Fujisawa, Koza-Gun
  40. The Sagami Bridge
  41. The Sericultural Station at Atsugi-Cho, Aiko-Gun
  42. The Improvement of the Paddy Fields
  43. The Camphor-Tree at Tsumada, Aiko-Gun
  44. The Thrown Silk Factory at Ham-Bara, Aiko-Gun
  45. The Settling Basin of the Yokohama Water-Works at Aza-Aoyama, Kushikawa-Mura, Tsukui-Gun
  46. The Samukawa Shrine at Samukawa, Aiko-Gun
  47. The Afuri Shrine at Mount Oyama, Naka-Gun
  48. The Branch Office of the Imperial Tobacco Monopoly Bureau at Hatano, Naka-Gun
  49. The Horticultural Experimental Station in Naka-Gun
  50. The Shigi-Tatsu-an at Oiso
  51. The Hotoku Nino-Miya Shrine at Odawara, Ashigara-Shimo-Gun
  52. The Saijoji at Ashigara-Mura, Ashigara-Kami-Gun
  53. General View of Manazuru Port
  54. General View of Miya-No-Shita, Hakone
  55. The Hakone Shrine at Hakone
  56. The Hakone Detached Palace
  57. View of the Ashi-No-Ko

Table of Contents, Page 1, In Japanese Only, Plates 1-29.
Table of Contents, Page 2, In Japanese Only, Plates 30-57.

Example of Japanese/English Descriptive Tissue Guard (Plate 37)


Printed: Taisho 2 (1913).10.6
Published: Taisho 2 (1913).10.10

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