~~ Illustrations to the Epitome of the
Ancient History of Japan
by N. McLeod, 1877

McLeod, N (Nicholas):
Illustrations to the Epitome of the Ancient History of Japan, Including Illustrations to the Guide Book, Collected and Arranged by N. McLeod, Kioto (Kiyoto), 51 leaves containing 77 pages with copper engraved illustrations showing 160+ images, cloth boards, cord tied, spin uncovered, large oblong 8vo (6 3/4 x 11 in). The book is composed of 51 leaves (title page plus preface plus 49 leaves with illustrations). Most illustrated leaves are printed front and back. Aside from the preface and the captions to the illustrations, there is no text.

McLeod was a Scottish independent missionary and businessman who arrived in Japan in 1867. As many others did in various lands during the 19th century, he sought to find the descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel (5th century B.C.) and did so, in his opinion, in the Japanese people. He wrote his first book on this subject in 1875. It was titled Epitome of the Ancient History of Japan, Including a Guide Book and had no illustrations. In this book he outlined what he believed to be proofs that the Japanese people descended from the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. This first book was not illustrated. It was supplemented with illustrations two years later by this book. Over the five years from 1875-1879, McLeod produced a number of similar books (some with limited illustrations), and companion volumes of illustrations on the same general topic. It is my experience that the books of 1875~1877 are quite scarce and are rarely seen on the market. The books from 1878 and 1879 are also scarce but do appear on the market from time to time.

    Title Page


  1. United Crests of Israel and Judah with the Unicorn Israels Crest in Centre of Crown Also Lions of the Ten Tribes and Two Cubs, See Imperial Crown and Imperial Tyco, Samas Palace Gates Kiyto.
  2. Queen of Sheba Taken from Picture on Chihon Palace Chariot Festival Kiyoto
  3. Northern Aborigines and Their Descendents (6 portraits)
  4. Primitive Belongings of Ainos or Northern Aborigines
  5. Southern Aborigines
  6. Supposed Conveyances of Isrealitish Families to Japan. Car of the Period and Large Ox
  7. Gingo Kogoswar junk - Junk - Southern Aborigines Boats, Not Yezo Boat (3 images)
  8. Japanese House - Southern Aborigines House/Bow, Cross Bow, and Blow Pipe - Aino's House (3 images)
  9. Supposed Order of March of Israelites to Japan, Partly Taken from Ancient Pictures
  10. Jewish Types (6 portraits)
  11. Blank page
  12. Supposed Order of March of Israelites to Japan, Partly Taken from Ancient Pictures Continued.
  13. Israelitish Types (6 portraits of women)
  14. Supposed Rafts Israelites Crossed on Via Saghalien to Japan Taken from Ancient Picture
  15. Anglo Saxon or Israelitish Types (6 portraits)
  16. Japanese Crests, Arms Carriage
  17. Blank Page
  18. Supposed Rafts Israelites Crossed on Via Saghalien to Japan Taken from Ancient Picture (repeat of illustration with same title, above)
  19. Blank Page
  20. Japanese Crests, Arms Carriage (repeat of plate with same title, above
  21. Blank Page
  22. Ancient Characters of Nineveh Babylon and Media Found in Japan. Called Secret Characters of Sacred Age.
  23. Empress, Emperor, Midai, Shogun, Samurai, Noble (6 images)
  24. Carpenter, Farmer, Lewchewan, Merchant, Aino, Southern Aborigine (6 images)
  25. Assyrian and Jewish Antiquities Found in Japan
  26. Blank Page
  27. [Serpent/Dragon on a Pole], [Man with Birds Head], Three Imperial Emblems of Rule, Crucifixion (4 images)
  28. Trees, Fruits and Flowers Of Palestine Found in Japan
  29. Twelve Oxen Unicorns and Dragons, Copied from Gihon Palace Temple Chariots
  30. Blank Page
  31. Sosano Kills the Eight Headed Dragon and Saves Inada Hime
  32. Jewish Temple Musical Instruments Also Those of Singing Men and Women & Supposed Crown of Israel with Unicorn in Center Also Crown of Media and Persia and Vases (2 images)
  33. Princess Is Called Hime & Origin of the Emperors Decent From Dragon (2 images)
  34. Blank Page
  35. The Empress Gingo Kogo Receiving Tribute from Corean
  36. Blank Page
  37. Miajima & Ise (2 images)
  38. Komei Tenos Preceding to Temple of God of War
  39. [Serving Tea], Family, Shinto Funeral (3 images)
  40. [Dancers], Ancient Palace Dance, Shinto Offering Unleavened Bread, Sweat Wine and First Fruits (3 images)
  41. Jim Mu Teno Matsuri on Rebuilding of Gihon, Temple
  42. Otafuku, No, Manzai, Ldmen, No Dance (5 images)
  43. Shinto Medicine Factory, Ise
  44. Gion Matsuri & Gion Matsuri (2 images)
  45. Gion Matsuri & Gion Matsuri (2 images)
  46. Blank Page
  47. [2 hairy creatures (devils?) with horns smoking and a Japanese figure]
  48. The Devil, Japanese - Man Trap
  49. Three Large Japanese Buddahs, Kamakura, Nara, Kiyoto
  50. [33 images in boxes]
  51. Present Palace Nine Outer Gates
  52. Emperor Worships at Kumano Shinto Temple, Kiyoto & Palace Judgment Hall (2 images)
  53. Emperor's Palace Residence, Terra Mountain Fields, Emperors Throne with Lion and Unicorn
  54. Blank Page
  55. [Warriors], Warriors, ...sama (3 images)
  56. Blank Page
  57. [Sumo Wrestlers], Boys Play, Tokaido (3 images)
  58. [Three panels] (3 images)
  59. Bow Exercise/Spear Exercise, Single Stick/Gymnastics (2 images)
  60. Blank page
  61. [8 warriors]
  62. Blank Page
  63. [mounted warrior] Kusunoki, Woman and Serpent (3 images)
  64. Blank Page
  65. Oyeyama Legend (3 images)
  66. Blank Page
  67. Honogi Wars, Hekiandgengi, Kumagai and At Sumori (3 images)
  68. Blank Page
  69. Forty Seven Ronins, Chicushingura (3 images)
  70. Cord and Jueo Legend (3 images)
  71. Karasaki Omi St, Ka Tata Omi, Yabashi Omi (3 images)
  72. Blank Page
  73. Seta No Hasi Omi, Awasuomi (2 images)
  74. Kioto Castle/Osaka Shin Sai Bashi/Kanyoba/Tenjin & Mitsuibank Tokio/Sanjiyo Ohashi/Gion No Dako/Sukusi No (2 images each with 4 views)
  75. 3 images
  76. 3 images
  77. 3 images
  78. 3 images
  79. 3 images
  80. 3 images
  81. 3 images
  82. Matsundo Street/Imamiya BT/Hananotera BT/Takao BT & Maruyama BT/Kioymidzu BT/Yasaka-No-Yashibo ST/Sanjiusangendo ST (2 images each with 4 views)
  83. 3 images
  84. 3 images
  85. 3 images
  86. 3 images
  87. 2 images
  88. 3 images
  89. Blank Page
  90. Large Bell in Cheoin Temple, Kiyoto
  91. 3 images (2 have 2 views)
  92. Blank Page
  93. Japanese Girl
  94. Blank Page
  95. [Monkeys Greeting the New Year]
  96. Blank Page
  97. [Ladies in Carriages]
  98. Blank Page

49 leaves/98 pages - 21 blank pages = 77 pages with illustrations
26 full plate (page) images (2 plates repeated)
51 plates with multiple (148) images
164 images, however 2 full plates repeat, so 162 different images


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