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Volume 1
Perry Expedition to Japan Narrative
Beverley Tucker, Senate Printer


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Condition. The book is in Good condition. It has been rebound with a leather spine (extending ca 2 inches onto the boards) and leather tipped corners and cloth covered boards. The boards are in poor condition. The leather is rubbed and scraped and the cloth is spotted torn and water damaged on the back board. On the back cover the cloth is separating because of water damage. The text pages are aged (light brown) but supple and have scattered light to moderate foxing. The pages from page 482 through the end of the book have waterstaining. The plates are in slightly above average condition. The book contains two "Commodore Perry's Visit to Shui" lithographs. The "Fish Market" lithograph is inserted loose. Specific comments regarding condition are here.

Perry, Commodore M. C.,
Hawks, Francis L., compiler:
Narrative of the Expedition of an American Squadron to the China Seas and Japan, Performed in the Years 1852, 1853 and 1854. Under the Command of Commodore M. C. Perry, United States Navy, by Order of the Government of the United States (Volume 1), Washington, Beverley Tucker, Senate Printer, 1856, Volume I of a three volume set, 4to, rebound, The head of the spine reads "Senate." This book contains the "Public Bath in Simoda" lithograph not found in all volumes.

  • Volume I (537 pp) with 90 tinted lithographs or chromo-lithograph plates, numerous (78+) woodcut illustrations in the text, 2 folding maps/charts.

  • Volume II (414 pp) - not in this offering. However, quote available on request.

  • Volume III (705 pp + i-xliii) - not in this offering. However quote available on request.


Title Page
Representative Lithographs & Maps

Rating of Lithographs

Details of Volume I. (Contents and Condition).

Volume 1 (Beverley Tucker, Senate Printer, rebound).
       Narrative of the Expedition to Japan

Specific Comments Regarding Condition:

  • Book is absolutely complete (text and illustrations).

  • The "Public At Simoda" plate (at page 408) is present and in
    above average condition. This plate is not in most books and
    generally retails in the $250 to $350 range.

  • "Commodore Perry's Visit to Shui" bound in at page 138 (in error)
    and correctly at page 189 (2 copies of this lithograph in book).

  • "Fish Market" plate (at page 138) is inserted loose. The second "Visit to Shui"
    lithograph is bound where this plate normally is found

  • Internally clean with moderate scattered foxing.

  • Pages are light brown (aged) but supple, not brittle.

  • Water damage and staining starting at page 482 and
    extending from there onto the back cover.

  • Pages have been trimmed down slightly in the rebinding
    process (11 x 8 1/2 in - 28 x 21.4 cm). Untrimmed pages
    generally run 11 1/2 x 9 in. General information on page size here.

  • Rebound with leather spine (extending ca 2 inches onto the boards) and leather
    tipped corners and cloth covered boards. Front and back free/blank pages replaced.

  • While the binding is reasonably tight, there is some looseness.

  • Covers/Spine in Fair condition only. The leather is rubbed and
    scraped and the cloth is spotted torn and water damaged on the back board.
    New spine and boards would be very helpful.

  • Plates are in average condition. Plate by plate comments are below.

  • Some lithographs (10) and ca 20 pages have been inserted/bound in
    using paper extensions.

  • This is the Senate version (Beverley Tucker, printer) of Volume 1. It is my experience that
    it is seen less often than the House version.

The individual lithographs are rated, with comments, below using this rating system. Rating System for Lithographs 5 = Top Quality, little if any foxing/toning and only in margins. 4 = Excellent, minor foxing/toning but only in margins, or minor text foxing. 3 = Average, minor to medium foxing and toning but only in margins 2 = Below Average, heavy foxing/toning in margin and perhaps in the image area. 1 = Poor, heaving foxing and toning, margins and image areas 0 = Not present (missing entirely) Examples (assuming the normal 89 lithos + 3 ltho maps): 460 points -- Absolute Top Quality (5 points each x 89 lithos + 3 lithographed maps) 276 points -- Average (3 points each x 89 lithos + 3 litho maps) 92 points -- Poor (1 points each x 89 lithos + 3 litho maps) Total Rating - Lithographs in this Volume I - No plates missing. 308 Points Slightly Above Average - 308 points of a possible 460 points Plate by Plate Analysis. Lithographs - Not Okinawa or Japan Rating Approximate Page Plate is Placed in Volume Plate by Plate Analysis. Lithographs - Not Okinawa or Japan Rating Approximate Page Plate is Placed in Volume 3 81 "Mississippi" passing Point Atristow 4 82 Loo Rock and Pontinha 4 84 Funchal (centered up) 4 90 Jamestown, St Helena (centered up) 3 92* Valley of the Tomb (heavy foxing on back) (* binder's extension) 4 94 Longwood 3 98 Cape Town and Table mountain (smudge at top right) 4 105 Mauritius, Type II 3 112 Hindoo Costumes 3 114 Light-house, Point De Galle, Ceylon Type Ic 4 120 Buddist temple 3 129 Rajah of Jahore (centered up) 4 130 River Jurong 4 133* View of Hong Kong from East Point (* binder's extension) 4 134 Chinese Temple Hong Kong. Type I 4 135 Whampoa Pagoda and anchorage 0 138 Fish market, Canton (inserted in loose) Com. Perry's Visit to Shui bound here in error the inserted plate is a 3, average 4 144 Chinese Temple Macau 3 204 Kanaka Village, Bonin Islands (centered up and to the left Lew Chew - First Visit 3 155 Chief Magistrate of Napha, Lew Chew (stains & smudges in margin) 3 156 Street in Napha Lew Chew (centered left) 3 164* Napha From Bamboo Village, Type II (centered up) (* binder's extension) 4 170 Ancient Castle of Na-Ga-Gus-Ko, Lew Chew, Type I 3 173* Village Near Napha, Lew Chew (centered up) (* binder's extension) 3 174 Ancient Castle of Na Ga Gus ko, Lew Chew (staining on back) 4 176 Encampment of the Exploring Party, Lew Chew, Type I 4 182 Tshan Di Coo-Sha, Lew Chew, Type II 4 184 Bridge and Causeway at Ma-chi-natoo, Lew Chew 4 189* Commodore Perry's Visit to Shui (centered up - 2nd copy see 138, above) (* binder's extension) 3 190 Reception at the Castle of Shui, Type I (staining on back) 3 191 Dinner at the Regent's Lew Chew (staining on back) 3 192 Court Interpreter, Chin 4 194 Temple at Tumai, Lew Chew, Type IIa 3 215A Regent of Lew Chew (centered up) 3 219 Afternoon Gossip, Lew Chew, Type II (staining on back and in margins) 4 226 Lew Chew Costumes, Middle Class, Type II Japan - First Visit 3 233 View of Uraga (centered right) 4 261 Delivery of the President's Letter 4 268 To-ri-ga-saki, Yedo Bay 3 272 First Landing at Gorahama (staining/foxing on back) (Generally found after page 256) China 4 296 China Girl, Sycee Head Dress 4 298 Macao from Penha Hill (Type IA) 3 300 Jesuit Convent Lew Chew - Second Set of Lithos 3 281 Lew Chew (Inner harbor and ruins), Type IV (foxing in bottom margin) 3 309 Napha from the Sea (centered to the right) 3 317 Market Place at Napha Japan - Second Visit 3 325 Bay of Wodawara, Type I 4 346 Commo Meeting Imperial Commissioners at Yokuhama (centered up) 3 348 Interpreters Yenoske and Tako-juro (stains on back) 4 353 View from Webster Isld (Type IIb) 4 355 Temple at Yokuhama 3 357 Delivery of the American Presents at Yokuhama (Type I) (text foxing0 4 359 Japanese Soldiers at Yohuhama 3 371 Wrestlers at Yokuhama (Type I) (centered up) 4 375 Dinner Given to Japanese Commissioners on board the USSF Powhatan (Type I) 4 401 Simoda from Vandalia Bluff 3 402 Bridge of cut-stone (Type II) (staining in margins and back) 3 404* Japanese Woman (staining in margins and back) (* binder's extension) 3 405* Mother and Child (Type I) (* binder's extension) 3 406* Temple of Hat-chi-man-ya-chu-ro, Simoda (centered right) (* binder's extension) 3 407* Devotions in the Great Temple, Simoda (centered up stains in margins and back) (* binder's extension) 4 408 Public Bath at Simoda 3 408-1 Buddhist Priest in Full Dress, Simoda (stains in margin and back) 3 409 Buddhist Priest at Simoda (stains in margin and back) 3 410 Bell-house (Type I) (stains in margin and back) 3 411 Mariner's temple (centered up) 3 414 Japanese Rice Mill 4 417 Kura-Kawa-Kahai, Prefect of Simoda (Type I) 3 418 Japanese Women, Simoda (stains in top margin) 4 425 Simoda from the American Graveyard (Type II) 3 426 Japanese Funeral at Simoda (centered up) 4 430 View of Hakodadi from Snow Peak 4 433 Bungo or Prefect of Hakodadi (stains in margin) 3 442 Chief Temple, Hakodadi (centered up and right) 3 443 Street in Hakodadi (stains in margin and back) 3 445* Entrance to a Temple at Hakodadi (* binder's extension) 3 447 Hakodadi from Telegraph Hill 3 448 Japanese junk 3 449 Japanese Junk - two views (scraped area on image at upper left) 4 450 Japanese Boat 3 451 Japanese Junk 3 459 Fire Companys House & Engine, Yokuhama 4 462 Fac-simile of a Japanese Drawing [large folding], small tear (1/2cm) in upper left margin near the spine 4 462 Japanese painting--crossing the Oho-e-ga-wa 3 468* Deputy of the Prince of Matsmay (* binder's extension) 3 470 Conference Room, Hakodadi (centered up) 3 477* Prince of Idzu (stains in margin and back) (* binder's extension) 1 485 Tatsnoske, Second Interpreter (heavy water staining upper right and in margin) 1 486 Farewell Visit to Commissioners at Simoda (heavy water staining upper right) 4 487 From an Original Japanese Drawing Obtained in Simoda (faint water staining upper left corner) Maps - Lithographs 3 151 Great Lew Chew and it's Dependencies (Map) (centered up) 3 186 Island of Great Lew-Chew (Map) (centered right) 3 482 The Island of Formosa (centered up and left, text foxing/offset water stain in upper left corner) 90 + 3 Maps (All lithographs) Summary 308 Total points for this book 3.3 Average for this book (total points/90+3 - ie 308/93 = 3.3) 3 Standard/Average Condition 276 Total for standard/average condition book Binder's Extensions. In order to provide uniform size some lithographs (10) and some text pages (ca 20) were bound in using paper extensions. The plate/page was tipped to the paper extension and then the extension bound into the book. This is what the extensions look like:

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