S. Wells Williams
Miscellaneous Papers

ca 1889

Williams, S. Wells:
S. Wells Williams, Miscellaneous Papers, privately assembled, ca 1889, 8vo (6 x 9 in - 15.5 x 22.5 cm), quarter binding, leather spine with corner tips, marbled boards, spine with six compartments formed by five raised bands, title in gilt lettering on spine, marbled endpapers, typewritten contents list, 528+ pp.

This book is a compilation of 28 articles/papers/speeches represented by offprints and extracts from a wide variety of original publications. While there is no positive indication in the book, I understand that this book was prepared by the Williams family. On a free page there is an ink signature of "Walworth Williams." S. Wells Williams married Sarah Walworth in November of 1845 and this probably is the signature of his wife who died in 1881. Most, if not all, of the items in the book were written by S. Wells Williams. They span the period from 1848 to 1889. Williams lived in China from 1833 until 1877 when he returned to the US and became a Professor of East Asian Languages and Literature and the first to hold Yale's prestigious Chair of Chinese Language and Literature. He died on February 16, 1884. A few of the 28 items contain the title page of the source publication but most do not. The source of a few of the items is not identified. This is an important original source compilation of S. Wells Williams material. The book opens with Williams' autobiography which was prepared in 1878 and published in 1889. Most of the articles deal with China but articles on Okinawa (Lew Chew, Liu Kiu), Japan, Afganistan and Korea are also present.

Typewritten Contents Listing:

Only Text Illustrations:

Japanese Pygmies and Giants

The 28 items in this bound volume are:

  1. Autobiographical Sketch (From "The Chinese Recorder, June, 1889"), 8pp
  2. "Present Position of the Chinese Empire" (From "Transactions of the American Ethnological Society, Vol II, 1848"), 15 pp
  3. "Notes on Japanese Syllabaries" (From "American Oriental Society Journal, Vol. II, 1849"), 6 pp
  4. "A Memoir on Smelting Copper in Japan" (From "American Oriental Society Journal, Vol. II, 1849"), 12 pp
  5. "Lecture on Japan" (From "Journal of the North China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, No II, May 1859"), 32 pp
  6. "Narrative of the American Embassy to Peking" (From "The Journal of the North China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, Vol I, No III, Art. VI, October 1859"), 36 pp
  7. "Notices of Chinese Agriculture and Its Products" (Source unstated, probably JNCBRAS, dated 1860), 10 pp
  8. "Visit of the American Embassy to Peking" (Source unstated, probably JNCBRAS, dated 1861), 20 pp
  9. "Journal of a Mission to Lewchew in 1801" (Source unstated, probably JNCBRAS, dated 1871), 23 pp
  10. "Voyages of the Himmaleh and Morrison in 1837" (From "The Chinese Recorder and Missionary Journal, Vol VIII, No. 6, November - December, 1876"), 9 pp
  11. "Establishment of American Trade at Canton" (From "The China Review, Vol. 5, No. 3, November - December 1876"), 13 pp
  12. "China: the Country and People" (Source unstated, dated 1876 in the index), pencil notes in margins, 16 pp
  13. "Primers & Juvenile Books among the Chinese" (From the "New Englander," No. CXLVI, May 1878), 14 pp
  14. "Controversy Among Protestant Missionaries on the Proper Translation of the words God and Spirit into Chinese" (From "The Bibliotheca Sacra for October 1878"), 46 pp
  15. "Afghanistan and the English" (Source unstated, appears to be from "The New Englander," dated 1879), 20 pp
  16. "Female Education & Authors in China" (Source unstated, appears to be from "The New Englander," dated March 1879), 17 pp
  17. "Our Treaties with China" (Source, The New Englander, CL, May 1879), 24 pp
  18. "On the Lieh-Kwoh Chi, a Chinese History Novel" (Source "Proceedings of the American Orietal Society," October 29,1879), 3 pp
  19. "Chinese Immigration" (Source, "A Paper Read before the Social Science Association at Saratoga, September 10, 1879"), 46 pp
  20. "Robert Morrison (A Biographical Sketch)" (Source unstated, date in the index is 1879), 19 pp
  21. "A Chinese Historical Novel, Lieh Kwoh Chi, or The Records of the Feudal Kingdoms; with a translation of Chapters I. and II" (From "The New Englander, Jan, 1880"), 33 pp
  22. "Education of Women in China" (Source, "The Missionary Recorder, Jan, 1880"), 8 pp
  23. "Oppert's Kingdom of Corea" (Source, "The New Englander, July 1880"), 12 pp
  24. "The Perpetuity of Chinese Institutions" (Source, "North American Review, Sept 1880"), 18 pp
  25. "Miss Bird's Japan and Yezo" (Source unstated, dated March 1881), 14 pp
  26. "On the Aboriginal Miao-tez' Tribes" (Proceedings at New Haven, Oct, 1881), 4 pp
  27. "Protestant Missions in China During the Last Half Century, Since the Death of Morrison" (1881), 22 pp
  28. "Notices of Fu-sang and Other Countries Lying East of China in the Pacific Ocean Translated from the Antiquarian Researches of Ma Twan-Lin" (Contains title page as stated and imprint of Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor, Printers, New Haven, 1881), contains one illustration (Japanese Pygmies and Giants) and a seven page section on Liu Kiu or Lew Chew, 28 pp

To review a biography of S. Wells Williams published in The Far East in December of 1876, click here. The biography is not included in this book and is not identical to the autobiography found in this book.


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