Will Adams, The First Englishman in Japan
a Romatic Biography

by William Dalton, ca 1875


Dalton, William:
Will Adams, The First Englishman in Japan, A Romantic Biography, London, James Blackwood & Company, not dated but ca 1875, a later edition, 12mo (5 1/2 x 7 1/2 in - 14 x 18.8 cm), green decorated cloth with gilt decoration and lettering on the spine, black and white woodcut frontispiece, 18 black and white woodcut illustrations in text, 6 pages of Blackwood advertisements at the rear, xvi, 298 pp. The listing of illustrations notes an title page but an illustrated title page is not present, only an unillustrated one. After the author's name on the title page appears "Author of 'Stories of Conquests of Mexico and Peru' The Powder Monkey,' 'Persian Chief,' &c." This is not generally found on other editions of the book. This book, which was first published in 1861, is a fictional account of Will Adams life with the focus on his life in Japan. The book is written in the first person using the construct of a fellow shipwrecked sailor named Melichor von Santvoort (an actual member of the Dutch fleet) who was also a member of the ill-fated Dutch fleet that brought Adams to Japan in early 1600. This is an early Western account of Japanese polictics, Japanese royalty, the Christian faith in Japan, Western contact with Japan, and life in general Japan in the 17th century (1600-1650).


Title Page (Not Illustrated).

Table of Contents.



     CHAPTER I.     Sanguine prospects, but sad partings.  1 
     CHAPTER II.    The great fleet and its fortunes  19 
     CHAPTER III.   After much and long sufferings, we arrive in Japan.  25  
     CHAPTER IV.    Will Adams's early history. 37 
     CHAPTER V.     The great Armada, and how Will obtained his wife. 59 
     CHAPTER VI.    The Spaniard and the Jesuit. 58 
     CHAPTER VII.   The Spaniard's offer, and its rejection. 67 
     CHAPTER VIII.  The story of Christianity in Japan. 77 
     CHAPTER IX.    The Caesar of Japan. 90 
     CHAPTER X.     We are sent for by the emperor. 99 
     CHAPTER XI.    We go to court, and our enemies are circumvented. 103 
     CHAPTER XII.   Will again sent for by Ogosho, and I fall to meditating 
                      about a pair of black eyes. 114 
     CHAPTER XIII.  We start for Jeddo, and meet with a great lady, whom we serve. 120 
     CHAPTER XIV.   A terrible history. 133 
     CHAPTER XV.    I meet with an unpleasant surprise, but save a king's life. 148 
     CHAPTER XVI.   I am appointed to a post in the King of Tango's household, and 
                      make a journey with the queen. -- Will remains at the court 
                      of the emperor. 158 
     CHAPTER XVII.  Meeting of the Ziogoon and Mikado. 170 
     CHAPTER XVIII. I mix myself up with the Japanners' politics, and get 
                      into difficulties. 180 
     CHAPTER XIX.   We leave Meaco and reach Osacca, but I am surprised by the Jesuit, 
                      lose my consciousness, and find myself with the Lady Mary. 194 
     CHAPTER XX.    I am charged with treason; the king is enraged; the Canusis is 
                      discomfited, and the Lady Mary acts very strangely. 202 
     CHAPTER XXI.   In which I verify the adage that listeners hear no good of 
                      themselves, yet save my life by eavesdropping. 208 
     CHAPTER XXII.  I solve a mystery, and well serve the Queen of Tango, 
                      the Lady Mary, and the Jesuit. 217 
     CHAPTER XXIII. Historic tragedy. -- The death of a Christian queen. 224 
     CHAPTER XXIV.  The speedy victory of the Christian admiral is marred by a more 
                      speedy defeat, and I am again the football of fortune. 234 
     CHAPTER XXV.   I again fall in with Will, who relates the story of his good 
                      fortune; but tells of sad news from England. 214 
     CHAPTER XXVI.  I am mixed up with a strange adventure, but make a discovery that 
                      comforts me, although I am almost immediately kidnapped 
                      by an old enemy. 257 
     CHAPTER XXVII. How I serve under mine enemy; witness a massacre of the Japanners 
                      at Macao, as also the vengeance taken by the latter in 
                      Nangasaki Bay, upon the shores of which I am thrown without 
                      ceremony. 266 
    CHAPTER XXVIII. Being the last, and wherein important events happen, but which it
                      will be for the advantage of readers to discover for themselves. 281


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