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1973 Reprint Series of
Key Japan Related Books


Various Authors:
"SR" - Scholarly Resources Inc, Wilmington, Deleware, twenty-two, 1973 reprints of key Japan related books, all books 8vo, unformily bound in black cloth with the title and author in red on the spine, some books have decoration in red (the rising sun) on the front board. Each book starts with the reprint title page, this is followed by publication information to include the name of the publisher and the publication date of first published edition of the book.

The twenty-two repints are:

    Books relating to the Perry Expedition to Japan.

  1. The Americans In Japan: An Abridgement of the Government Narrative of the U.S. Expedition to Japan, Under Commodore Perry by Robert Tomes, 415 pp. First published in 1857

  2. Documents and Facts Illustrating the Origin of The Mission To Japan, Authorized by Government of the United States, May 10th, 1851 and which finally resulted in the Treaty Concluded by Commodore M.C. Perry, U.S. Navy by Aaron Haight Palmer, 22 pp. First published in 1857.

  3. A Journal of the Perry Expedition to Japan (1853-1854); Transactions of The Asiatic Society of Japan. Vol XXXVII, Part II by S Wells Williams edited by his son, F.W. Williams, 259 pp. First published in 1910.

    All other books.

  5. Japan: As it Was and Is by Richard Hildreth, 576 pp. First published in 1855.

  6. Japan and Her People by Andrew Steinmetz, 447 pp. First published in 1859.

  7. Nine Years In Nipon: Sketches of Japanese Life and Manners by Henry Faulds, 304 pp. First published in 1885.

  8. The Intercourse Between The United States and Japan; An Historical Sketch by Inazo Nitobe, 198 pp. First published in 1891.

  9. Glimpses of the Orient; The Manners, Customs, Life and History of the People of China, Japan and Corea by Trumbull White, 400 pp. First published in 1897.

  10. Under the Dragon Flag by James Allan, 122 pp. First published in 1898.

  11. Kinse Shiriaku. A History of Japan, From the First Visit of Commodore Perry in 1853 to the Capture of Hakodate by the Mikado's Forces in 1869 Translated into English by Sir Ernest Mason Satow with supplementalary notes by Shuziro Watanabe, 178 pp. First published in 1906.

  12. The Japanese Letters of Lafcadio Hearn edited by Elizabeth Bisland, 468 pp. First published in 1910.

  13. The Story of Old Japan by Joseph H. Longford, 409 pp. First published in 1910.

  14. The Japanese Nation; Its Land, Its People and Its Life by Inazo Nitobe, 334 pp. w/ folding map. First published in 1912.

  15. The Far East Unveiled; An Inner History of Events in Japan and China in the Year 1916 by Frederic Coleman, 304 pp. First published in 1916.

  16. Japan at First Hand; Her Islands, Their People, The Picturesque, The Real with Latest Facts and Figures on Their War-Time Trade Expansion and Commercial Outreach by Joseph I. C. Clarke, 482 pp. First published 1918.

  17. The Making of Modern Japan, An Account of the Progress of Japan From Pre-Feudal Days to Constitutional Government & the Position of a Great Power, with Chapters on Religion, the Complex Family System, Education, &c. by J.H. Gubbins, 316 pp. First published in 1922.

  18. Japan and the California Problem by T. Iyenaga and Kenoske Sato, 249 pp. First published in 1921.

  19. Japan in Crisis; An Englishman's Impressions by H. Vere Redman, 223 pp. First published in 1935.

  20. The First Japanese Mission to America (1860); Being a Diary Kept By a Member of the Embassy translated into English by Junichi Fukuyama & Roderick H. Jackson, 85pp + 12 pp of plates. First published in 1937.

  21. Aliens in the East; A New History of Japan's Foreign Intercourse by Harry Emerson Wildes, 360 pp. First published in 1937.

  22. Japan and the United States 1790 - 1853, A Study of Japanese Contacts with and Conceptions of the United States and its People Prior to the American Expedition of 1853-4; The Transactions of The Asiatic Society of Japan; Second Series, Vol XVIII 1939 by Shunzo Sakamki, 204 pp. First published in 1939.

  23. London To Tokyo by Sir John Tilley, 225 pp. First published in 1942. 8vo but slightly larger size than pervious 21 books.


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