60 Selected Pictures of the Mikado's Empire
Fine Souvenir for Visit to Japan
Coloured by Hand



Hand Colored Photographs

No Author Stated:
60 Selected Pictures of the Mikado's Empire, Fine Souvenir for Visit to Japan. Coloured By Hand, ca 1912, no colophon, unstated publisher, presumed printed in Japan, large 12mo, 60 pages (printed one side only) of hand colored collotype plates from photographs, no text except for the English language caption below each picture. The book is in a horizontal format (wider than it is tall) and measures 8 3/4 x 6 1/4 in. The title is on a label which is pasted to the front board. Boards are a decorative cloth. The pages are bound at the right and then attached to the boards by a tied string. While a tourist souvenir type item, this book is more substantial than most such items and much better executed. These books are offered from time to time with different covers and slightly different pictures. I have seen these books dated between 1896 and 1920.

Sixty Hand Colored Collotype Plates in This Book

  1. Enterance to Imperial Palace, Tokyo
  2. Main Building Meiji Jingu (Shrine), Tokyo
  3. Marunochi Building, Tokyo
  4. Nihonbashi Street, Tokyo
  5. The Enormous Bronze Torii for Shokonsha..., Tokyo
  6. Tomb of 47 Rohnin at Sengakuji, Tokyo
  7. Cherry Blossom at Uyeno Park, Tokyo
  8. Kwannon Temple...at Asakusa Park, Tokyo
  9. Kameido Temple ground...and Drum Bridge
  10. Cherry Blossom at Koganei, near Tokyo
  11. Cryptomeria Road, Nikko
  12. Sacred Bridge at Nikko, 90 miles north of tokyo
  13. Mausoleum...for the first Shogun, Iyeyasu of Tokugawa dynasty...Nikko
  14. Kegon Fall, Nikko
  15. Matsushima, in Inland Sea on of three noted scenes of Japan
  16. Enormous Bog-rhubard Akita
  17. Theatre Street, Yokohama
  18. Sankeiyen (Mr. Hara's Private Garden) Honmoku, Yokohama
  19. Hachiman Temple...Kamakura
  20. The Finest Dibutsu...by train 50 minutes fro Yokohama
  21. Enoshima Island viewed near Kamakura
  22. Mt. Fuji from Misaka Pass
  23. Fuji from Ohwakudani, Hakone
  24. Mt. Fuji from Hakone Lake
  25. Mt. Fuji from Lake Shoji
  26. The famous Nagoya Castle....
  27. Futamigaura, Ise
  28. Fishing with a cormorant, Nagaragawa
  29. Amano-Hashidate...About 80 miles from Kyoto
  30. Shishinden Hall...Kyoto
  31. Kinkakuji...Kyoto
  32. Higashi Honganji Temple...Kyoto
  33. Kiyomizu Temple...Kyoto
  34. Chionin Budhist Temple....
  35. Arashiyama, Kyoto
  36. Arashiyama, at the foot of Hozu rapids...near Kyoto
  37. Torii Avenues, Shrine of Fushimi near Kyoto
  38. Miidera...near Kyoto
  39. Horyu-ji, the oldest Buddhist temple in Japan...Yanato
  40. View of the Pagoda at Nara from Sarusawa Pond
  41. The Biggest Daibutsu in Japan...at Nara
  42. Kasuga Shinto Temple...near Kyoto
  43. Bronze Lanterns at Kasuga Temple, Nara
  44. Kasuga Temple ground with tame deer...Nara
  45. Osaka Caste....
  46. Ajikawa (River), Osaka
  47. Dohtonbori (Theatre Street), Osaka
  48. Maiko near Kobe
  49. Nanko Shrine, Kobe
  50. Motomachi Street, Kobe
  51. Nunobiki Waterfall...Kobe
  52. Awajishima Island, Hyogo
  53. Sunset, Akashi coast
  54. Kintaikyo Lit. "Bridge of Damask Girdle,"...Suwo province
  55. Ondo Strait, Aki
  56. The Sacred Island, Miyajima, in inland sea....
  57. Tomo at Bingo Province in the inland sea
  58. Yabakei Ohita Province
  59. Big Torii at Suwa Shrine, Nagasaki
  60. Coaling on the ship at Nagasaki Harbour



Another Similar Book of 60 Hand Colored Collotype Plates


Pasted on Title Label


Example the Pictures
Temple at Shiba Park, Tokyo

This book is dated (approximately 1912) by the 38th picture which refers to the enthronement of the "present" emperor in 1868. That would be Emperor Mutsuhito (actually enthroned in 1867) who died in 1912. On occasion, I have seen the date of these books put at ca 1902 but don't know the basis for that.

Listing of Hand Colored Pictures:

  1. Imperial Palace, Entrance
  2. Temple of 7th and 9th Shoguns, Shiba Park, Tokyo
  3. Bronze Torii for Shokonsha, Tokyo
  4. Entrance to Uyeno Park, Tokyo
  5. Kwannon Temple at Asakusa Park, Tokyo
  6. Sumida River,Tokyo
  7. Kameido Temple
  8. Kamata Iris Garden, Between Tokyo and Yokohama
  9. Yokohama Harbour, Customs House and Pier
  10. Nogeyama Hill, Yokohama
  11. Theatre street, Yokohama
  12. Hundred steps and Motomachi street, Yokohama
  13. Shell Fish picking, Hommoku beach, Yokohama
  14. Hachiman Temple, Kamakura
  15. Daibutsu, great buddha, 50 minute train ride from Yokohama
  16. Temple of Kwannon, Kamakura
  17. Enoshima Island, near Kamakura
  18. Miyanoshita, hot springs, in Hakone range
  19. Fuji from Lake Hakone
  20. Fuji for Kawai Bridge
  21. Fuji from Fuji River
  22. Fujiyama from Nishinoumi Lake
  23. Fuji from Shoji Lake
  24. Mt Asama near Kamakura
  25. Karuizawa, summer resort, 90 miles north west of Tokyo
  26. Sacred Bridge at Nikko
  27. Mausoleum of first Shogun, Nikko
  28. Matsushima, Rikuzen province
  29. Nagoya Castle,, Nagoya
  30. Gegu shrine and Naigu shrine (2 pictures), Yamada
  31. Futamiga-ura, near Yamada
  32. Sugashima, Ise province
  33. Pagoda at Nara
  34. Kasuga Shinto Temple, near Kyoto
  35. Kasuga Temple, Nara
  36. Biggest Daibutsu in Japan, near Kyoto
  37. Nijo Castle, Kyoto
  38. Shishin-den Hall in the Kyoto Palace - "The enthronment of the present emperor was held here 18.68"
  39. Kinkakuji, Gold Pavillion Temple, Kyoto
  40. Ginkakuji, Silver Pavillion Temple, Kyoto
  41. Oldest cherry trees in Japan, Maruyama Park, Kyoto
  42. Kiyomizu-dera, Kyoto
  43. New front gateway of Higashi Hongwanji Buddhist Temple, Kyoto
  44. Arashiyama, near Kyoto
  45. Towing a boat up the Honzu river, near Kyoto
  46. Arashiyma, near Kyoto (different picture)
  47. Osaka Castle
  48. Tennoji Budhist Temple, Osaka
  49. Suwayamma Hill or Park, Kobe
  50. Hyogo Daibutsu, Kobe
  51. Nunobiki Waterfall, Kobe
  52. Beach of Akashi on Sanyo Line
  53. Amano-Hashidate, about 90 miles from Kyoto
  54. Korakuyen Garden, Okayama
  55. Tomo at Bingo Province on the inland sea
  56. Miyajima, the Sacred island
  57. Senjokaku or Great Hall at Miyajima
  58. Momiji-dani or Maple Valley on Miyajima island
  59. Kintaikyo "Bridge of danask Girdle", Suwo Province
  60. Entrance of Nagasaki Harbour


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