Cruise of the Marchesa
1886, Volumes 1 & 2
F.H.H. Guillemard


Guillemard, F. H. H.:
Cruise of the Marchesa to Kamschatka and New Guinea with Notices of Formosa, Liu-Kiu & Various Islands of the Malay Archipelago (Volumes 1 & 2), London, John Murray, 1886, (1st Edition), 2 hand-colored lithographed frontispieces (generally foxed), 14 maps (most are colored - some are folding), 28 black and white plates and 112 text illustrations, 8vo (6 3/4 x 9 in), blue cloth decorated covers, beveled edges, gilt spine lettering, covers with gilt cursive lettering and a circular vignette with a ship in the middle surrounded by leafy branches, Volume 1 - 284 pp, Volume 2 - 399 pp. The account of a British natural history expedition (focus on birds - ornithology) aboard a 420 ton auxiliary screw schooner yacht Marchesa from January 1882 through April 1884.

Volume 1 recounts the voyage that stated from Croes on January 8, 1882. Stops included Formosa, Liu-Kiu Islands (Okinawa), Japan, Kamschatka (extensive coverage) and the Bearing Islands. In addition to two chapters regarding Okinawa (48 pp) it contains an appendix "Notes on Liu-Kiu" of 22 pages. Illustrations include handcolored lithograph frontispiece, 10 black and white plates, 5 maps and 42 text illustrations.

Volume 2 starts with the Phillipines after returning from Kamschatka. The account then recounts visits to the Sulu Islands, British North Borneo, Lubuan and Brunei, Batavia, Celebes, the Moluccas, New Guinea and Amoboina, Banda and the Aru Islands. The voyage ended in southampton on April 14, 1884.


Chapters in Volume 1.
1.     Formosa
II.    The Liu-Kiu Islands [Okinawa]
III.   The Liu-Kiu Islands (continued) [Okianwa]
IV.    Kamschatka
V.     Kamschatka (continued)
VI.    Kamschatka (continued)
VII.   Kamschatka (continued)
VIII.  Kamschatka (continued)
IX.    Bering Island
X.     Kamschatka
XI.    Cagayan Sulu

Appendix I - Notes on Liu-Kiu
Appendix II - Birds of Kamschatka

Chapters in Volume 2.
I.     Cagayan Sulu
II.    The Sulu Islands
III.   The Sulu Islands (continued)
IV.    The Sulu Islands (continued)
V.     British North Borneo
VI.    Labuan and Brunei
VII.   Sumbawa
VIII.  Celebes
IX.    Celebes (continued)
X.     The Moluccas
XI.    New Guinea
XII.   New Guinea (continued)
XIII.  New Guinea (continued)
XIII.  Amboina, Banda and the Aru Islands
XV.    The Homeward Voyage

Appendix I.	List of Birds Collected
Appendix II.	List of Shells Collected
Appendix III.	List of Rhopaloceria Collected
Appendix IV.	Vocabulary of the Sulu Language
Appendix V.	Languages of Waigiou
Appendix VI.	Languages of Jobi Island
Appendix VII.	Tables of Export
Illustrations/Maps, Volume 1
(color frontispiece, 10 b&w plates, 42 text illustrations)

Listing of the 10 Full Page Plates:

    Frontispiece - Pericrocotus Marchesae

  1. A Creek of the Keelung River
  2. A Street in Napha-Kiang
  3. The Inner Fortifications, Shiuri
  4. Lotus-Lake at T'skina
  5. Avatcha Bay and Petropaulovsky Harbour
  6. In the Gunal Valley -- A Stampede
  7. The Kamschatka River at Melcova
  8. Kluchefskaya Volcano from the North
  9. The Dance at Ust Kamschatka
  10. Crossing Bering Island


    Liu-Kiu (Okinawa/Ryukyu) related plates:

  • A Street in Napha-Kiang

  • The Inner Fortifications, Shiuri

  • Lotus-Lake at Tskina

    Liu-Kiu related text illustrations:

  • Liu-Kiuan of Napaha-Kiang

  • Liu-Kiu Hair-pins

  • Tattooed Hand

  • Liu-Kiuan Tomb

  • Liu-Kiu Samisen

  • Liu-Kiun with Hachi-Machi

  • Entrance to Shiuri

  • Liu-Kiuan Girl, Napah-Kiang

  • Coconut Water Jug

Listing of Maps/Charts (5):

  1. Track of the "Marchesa's" Voyage (Frontispiece with tissue guard)

  2. Map of Formosa

  3. Map of Kamchatka

  4. Sketch Survey of Lower Part of Kamchatka River

  5. Outline Map to Show Position of Seal Islands

Illustrations/Maps, Volume 2
(color frontispiece, 18 b&w plates, 70 text illustrations)

Listing of the 19 Full Page Plates:

    Frontispiece (Eos Insularis)

  1. Meimbun, Sulu Island
  2. The Market-Place Meimbun
  3. Macronus Kettlewelli
  4. Elopura, Sandakan Bay, British North Borneo
  5. Kina Balu from above the Tampassur River
  6. Brunei
  7. Sumbawan Chief, Bima
  8. Our Hunters's Camp, Limbre Island, Celebres
  9. Tidor Volcano from Ternate

  10. Racquet-Tailed Kingfisher

  11. Wilson's Bird of Paradise
  12. Momos, Waigiou Island
  13. Scene in Chabrol Bay, Waigiou Island

  14. Mansinam Village and the Arfak Range

  15. Bruijn's Echidna

  16. Twelve-Wired Bird of Paradise

  17. Superb Bird of Paradise
  18. Six-Plumed Bird of Paradise

Listing of Maps/Charts (9):

  1. Track Chart of the Marchesa's Cruise in the Malay Archipelago (foldout, bi-color)

  2. Map of Cagayan Sulu
  3. Hydrographic Chart of the Sulu Archipelago (bi-color)
  4. Coloured Map of Borneo, to Show Divisions (foldout, multi-color)
  5. Map of Sumbawa (bi-color)
  6. Map of North Celebes (bi-color)
  7. Map of the Moluccas (fold-up, bi-color)
  8. Outline Map of New Guinea (bi-color)
  9. Map of Western New Guinea (fold-out - large, bicolor)

Text Illustration.

The Marchesa

Collation. Full Title: The Cruise of the Marchesa to Kamchatka & New Guinea with Notices of Formosa, Liu-Kiu, and Various Islands of the Malaya Archipelago, London, John Murray, printed by R. & R. Clark, 1886, 1st Edition,

Volume 1. Short Title Page, Frontispiece (with tissue guard), Title Page, Dedication (1 page), Preface (4 pages), Contents (4 pages), Illustrations (3 pages), Text (numbered pages 1-273), Appendix I - Notes on Liu-Kiu (numbered pages 253-273), Appendix II - Birds of Kamschatka (pages 274-278), Index (pages 279-284) and 5 maps and 10 full page plates in text but not numbered.

Volume 2. Short Title Page, Frontispiece (with tissue guard), Title Page, Contents (7 pages), Illustrations (4 pages), Maps (1 page), Text (numbered pages 1-399), Appendix I - List of Birds Collected (pages 361-371), Appendix II - List of Shells Collected (pages 372-373), Appendix III - List of Rhopaloceria Collected (pages 374-377), Appendix IV - Vocabulary of the Sulu Language (pages 378-382), Appendix V - Languages of Waigiou (pages 383-385), Appendix VI - Languages of Jobi Island (pages 386-389), Appendix VII - Tables of Export (pages 390-392) and Index (pages 393-399), 9 maps and 18 full page plates in text but not numbered.


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