Ballou's Pictorial Drawing-Room
Volume VIII
January - June, 1855


Ballou's Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion, Volume VIII.
This is the first bound semi-annual volume of this publication. Ballou's Pictorial was the successor to Gleason's Pictorial and continued with the numbering from that publication. The book is large 4to in size (11 5/8 x 15 3/4 in). The covers are blindstamped cloth with gilt lettering and decoration on the front cover. This volume covers all issues from January through June of 1855. The book is complete for the period of January through June of 1855. It contains a total of 26 issues (whole numbers 183-208) which cover 416 pages. It also contains an 8 page Valentine supplement which is bound in at the back. The double page view titled "Comprehensive Representation of all the Sailing Vessels and Steamships in the United States Navy" (pic here) is an important pictorial representation of the key ships of the US Navy in 1855.


Illustrated Title Page


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Issues, key articles and illustrations, comments regarding condition.

  1. January 6, 1855 (Whole No. 183). Scenes in the Orkneys. Running a Slave Cargo. Comprehensive Representation of all the Sailing Vessels and Steamships in the United States Navy (2 page fold out illustration) (pic here). The illustration shows several of the ships accompanying the Perry Expedition to Japan to include the Mississippi, the Susquehana, the Powhatan, the Saratoga, and the Macedonian. Men of the Times, Donald McKay. Harvard University. Natural History Illustrated (full page illustration, back page). Condition comments. The 2 page fold out plate has been repaired with linen tape and refolded.

  2. January 13, 1855 (Whole No. 184). The State of Maine. Burmah and its Inhabitants (2 pages). Landing of Columbus. Landing of the Pilgrims. Horace Greeley. Scenes at Sebastopol. Floral Kingdom-The Language of Flowers (full page illustration, back page).Condition comments. 2 in tear on pages 25-6 repaired with tape.

  3. January 20, 1855 (Whole No. 185). Unites States Revenue Cutters. Scenes in Moscow. The New England Glass Company Works. Bayard Taylor. Map of Cuba, Russian Courier. The Horse and his Characteristics (20 different horses shown) (full page illustration, back page). Condition comments. 4 in tear on pages 39-40 repaired with tape.

  4. January 27, 1855 (Whole No. 186). Pennsylvania. Illustrations of Natural History. Malta. Walter Oakley, A Tale of the Planting of Pennsylvania. Revolutionary Relics. Lowell Mason, Brooklyn Athenaeum. Philadelphia Gas Works. Boston Street Characters (full page illustration, back page).

  5. February 2, 1855 (Whole No. 187). February. Cairo. State Street (Boston) in 1770 and 1855. Edward L. Davenport. Russian Soldiers. Imperial Museum at St. Petersburg.

  6. February 10, 1855 (Whole No. 188). The Valentine. Sugar Making in the West Indies. Correspondence from the Crimea. Sutter's Fort Torn Down. Samuel F. B. Morse. Ascent of Mt Popocatapeti, Mexico. Illustrations of Natural History. (11 different animal species shown) (full page illustration, back page). Condition comments. Pages 87 has been joined to page 88 with linen tape to form a panoramic view of the article and illustration on the Crimea.

  7. February 17, 1855 (Whole No. 189). Florida. Raby Castle, Durham England. Birthplace of Father Mathew, Thomastown Castle, Ireland, Walmer Castle, Kent, England. Alvin Adams. Episcopal Church, Brookline. Parker's New Marble Building, School Street, Boston. Water-Works at Paris on the River Seine. Condition comments. Pages 99-108 are loose and have foreedge damage.

  8. February 24, 1855 (Whole No. 190). Niblo's Theatre, New York. Copper Mines in Algeria. Scenes in North Carolina. Isaac Adams. The Sacred Ibis. Map of the Crimea. Mehari Camels.

  9. March 3, 1855 (Whole No. 191). Sleighing Scene, an Upset. Glance at Constantinople. Mrs. Biddy Chanticleer, the Reformer. The Bon Homme Richard and the Serapis. The Constitution and Guerriere. John C. Warren, M.D. Mary Russell Mitford. Map of Sebastopol and Balklava.

  10. March 10, 1855 (Whole No. 192). A New England Fireside. American Passenger Packet ship (4 different ship scenes illustrations). William H. Prescott. Stettin in Prussia. Mr. & Mrs. W.J. Florence.

  11. March 17, 1855 (Whole No. 193). Iowa. Water-Works at Versailles. Amherst College. Charles Gordon Greene. The White House, Washington, D.C. City Hall, Washington, D.C. Natural History Illustrated (14 different animal species shown) (full page illustration, back page).

  12. March 24, 1855 (Whole No. 194). The Priestess, Act I - Scene III, a play by Mr. Sargent playing at the Boston Theatre). A Chapter on Hands and Feet (18 illustrations). Scenery in Western Massachusetts. Louis M. Sargent. Chicago. Charleston, South Carolina. City of Jerusalem (full page illustration, back page).

  13. March 31, 1855 (Whole No. 195). Hughes High School, Cincinnati. Manners and Customs of the Arabs. Empire of Burmah. Boston Athenaeum (2 pages, 4 illustrations). Cornelius Vanderbilt. New Steam Fire Engine, Boston. Illustrations of Natural History (Owl, Penguin, Goliah Aratoo and Australian Ant-Eater). Boston Street Characters (full page illustration, back page).

  14. April 7, 1855 (Whole No. 196). Arkansas. Col. M. Minie, Inventor of the Minie Rifle. War Scenes in the Crimea. Discovery of North America by John and Sebastian Cabot. Landing of De Sota in Florida. Hon. Nathan Hale. Scenes from Knowles's Play "The Wife." View of the Town of Oswego, New York (full page illustration, back page).

  15. April 14, 1855 (Whole No. 197). The Aurora Borealis. Nice and the Chartreuse of Val Pesio, New Jersey (8 illustrations). Mrs. John Wood. Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut. Female College, Dubuque, Iowa. Court House, Chicago, Illinois. Pittsburgh, PA.

  16. April 21, 1855 (Whole No. 198). Alexander II. Crimean War Scenes. New York in 1855 and 1660. Erastus Brigham Bigelow. View of Burlington, Iowa. Loading Cotton and the Alabama River. Natural History of Birds (14 different 10 different) (full page illustration, back page).

  17. April 28, 1855 (Whole No. 199). May Morning. Japanese Scenes - the Mountain of Me Take, Japan, The City of Simoneseki, Japan & Temple of Nishihongwanzi at Miako, Japan (pages 260-262) (information here. Scenes in Western Massachusetts. John Godfrey Saxe. The Home of Florence Nightingale. Public Landing in Cincinnati. Galileo and Milton.

  18. May 5, 1855 (Whole No. 200). Uniform Overcoat of the First Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Militia. Venice and Amsterdam. Eruption of Mt Pelee (Pelion) at Martinique. Mackinaw and its Scenery. Pliny Milles, the Noted Traveler. Scenes in New Orleans. Gods & Goddesses of Grecian Mythology (full page illustration, back page).

  19. May 12, 1855 (Whole No. 201). North Carolina. European Grain Ports. Jonathan Mason Warren, M.D. Lemon Hill, Phila. Mlle Dolores Nau, Prima Donna of English Opera. A New Breech Loading Cannon invented and patented by Mr. Schenki. Portrait of Du Cornet. View of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Condition comments. A 3 inch tear on pages 301-2 is repaired by tape.

  20. May 19, 1855 (Whole No. 202). Ship-Building at East Boston. Bridge of Cobosac, France. Mammoth Cave, Kentucky (5 illustrations). New Hampshire Scenery (6 illustrations). George Washington Matsell, Chief of New York Police. Sailing of the Baltic Fleet. Greek Tombs at Canosa. New York Street Figures (full page illustration, back page).

  21. May 26, 1855 (Whole No. 203). Club House at Corner of Beacon Street and Park Street, Boston. Scenes in New Zealand. William the Conqueror. Views in Trenton, New Jersey (2 pages with 6 illustrations). Freeman Hunt, Esq. Old Fort at Medford, Near Boston. Old Feather Store, Dock Square, Boston. Battle Monuments - Norfolk House, Rosbury, Mass, Revolutionary Monument at Lexington, Mass, Revolutionary Monument at Concord, Mass. Condition comments. A 2 inch tear on pages 325-6 is repaired by tape.

  22. June 2, 1855 (Whole No. 204). New Hampshire. View in Calcutta, East Indies. Numa in the Grotto of Egeria. Scenes in Utah. Scenes in Portugal. John N. Genin. French Cemetery in New Orleans, Louisiana. View of the City of Utica, New York (full page illustration, back page). Condition comments. A 1 inch tear on pages 349-50 and a 2 inch tear on page 351-2 are repaired by tape.

  23. June 9, 1855 (Whole No. 205). Going to the Meadow. Paper Making (2 pages, 7 illustrations). Representations of maritime Craft of Various Nations in the World (2 full pages of illustrations). Madame Anna De LaGrange, the Prima Donna. View of Rio Janeiro, South America. The Panama Railroad.

  24. June 16, 1855 (Whole No. 206). Niagara Suspension Bridge. Lucerne, Switzerland. Bahia, Brazil. Suburban Residences (Boston) in Roxbury. Edwin Forrest, the American Tragedian. Scene from the Opera of William Tell. Scenes and Occupations Characteristic of New England Life (full page illustration, back page).

  25. June 23, 1855 (Whole No. 207). Virginia. The City of Leiria, Portugal.Boulogene from the Banks of the Liane. Fountain's Abbey, Burial-Place of Robin Hood. A Domestic Party in Boston in 1776. Alger's Foundry, South Boston. Hennessy & Co.'s New Auction Store in Boston. Napoleon I, II and Louis Napoleon. Steam Screw Tenders, Royal Navy. View of Antioch, the Ancient City of Syria.

  26. June 30, 1855 (Whole No. 208). View of Beacon Street. The Pine Apple. Power Press manufacturing Company. Views in Pawtucket, Rhode Island (6 illustrations). Rev. Edwin H. Chapin. Condition comment. A 2 inch by 1 inch section (small advertisement) has been cut out of page 415.

  27. February 14, 1855. "Valentine Supplement to Ballou's Pictorial." This 8 page supplement is bound in at the back after the June 30, 1855 issue.

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