Volume II, 1818 (London) Edition
Amherst Embassy to China

Ellis, Henry:
Journal of the Proceedings of the Late Embassy to China; Comprising a Correct Narrative of the Public Transactions of the Embassy, of the Voyage to and from China, and of the Journey from the Mouth of the Pei-Ho to the Return to Canton, London, John Murray, 1818, 2nd Edition, 8vo, 2 volumes. Volume I, with a portrait and 1 folding map, 442 pp. Volume II, 1 folding map, 359 pp.

Ellis was a member (third commissioner) of Lord Amherst's diplomatic mission to China to protest the ill-teatment of British subjects. In addition to the substantial information on China, the narrative includes accounts of Manila, Batavia, the Cape of Good Hope, St. Helena, and of the shipwreck of the Alceste. Included in the narrative is an account of a visit with Napoleon on St. Helena on the ill-fated return to England. The narrative also includes notes on Korea and the Loo-Choo Islands.

Volume II. [Narrative of the Amherst Embassy from October, 1816 through August, 1817].

Folding Map as Frontispiece. Map of the route of the British Embassy Upon the River Yang-Tse-Kiang from Kwa-Choo to Nan-Chang-Foo Drawn by the Hon. Charles Abott

Table of Contents.

Chapter VI (pages 1-146). Enter Yang-tse-kiang -- Edict addressed to Viceroy of Kiang-nam -- Viceroy of Kiang-nam -- Remarks -- Meeting between the Viceroy Pu and Kwang-ta-jin -- Anchorage near nan-kin -- Visit to the inhabited part of the city -- Description -- Porcelain Tower -- Reflections -- Progress -- Woo-hoo-hein -- Delay at Ta-tung -- Tea Plant -- Arrival at Gan-king-fo, Seaou-koo-shan, or Little Orpahn-hill -- Po-yang Lake -- Nan-kang-foo -- Delay -- Excursion to the Lee-shan mountains -- Description of their composition -- College of Choo-foo-tze -- Quit Po-yang Lake -- Woo-chin -- Nang-chang-foo -- Change boats -- Description of city -- Examination of military Mandarins -- Emperor's birth-day -- Departure from Nang-chang-foo -- Progress -- Kan-choo-foo -- Description -- Halls of merchants -- Paou-ta -- Halls of Confucius and Quang-foo-tze -- Machine for expressing tallow -- Water wheels -- Sugar machinery -- Arrival at Nan-kang-foo.

Chapter VII (pages 147-223). Pass Mee-ling mountain -- Description -- Reach Nanhiung-foo -- Description of city -- Change boats -- Reach Chao-choo-foo -- Remonstrance respecting boats -- Guard boats -- Rock and temple of Kwan-yin-shan -- Approach Canton -- Hong merchants -- Arrival of Sir Theophilus Metcalfe and Captain Maxwell -- Procession of European boats -- Arrival at Ho-nan -- Occurrences at Canton -- Receipt of edict through the Portugese -- Conduct adopted -- Interview with Viceroy -- Delivery of Emperor's letter to the Prince Regent -- Communication with Kwang respecting presents -- Kwang breakfasts at the Factory -- Houses of Hong merchant -- Chun-qua's entertainment -- Farewell visit from Kwang -- Departure from Canton -- Embarkation on board the Alceste -- Abstract of edicts -- Observations thereupon -- Macao -- Portugese -- Departure -- Recapitulatory remarks on China and its inhabitants.

Chapter VIII. (pages 224-265). Arrival at Manilla -- Conduct of governor -- Description of Manilla -- Visit to Los Bagnos -- General remarks on state of the colony -- Departure -- Shipwreck in the Straits of Gaspar -- Pulo Leat -- The Embassadore proceeds to Batavia in the barge -- Tedious passage -- Arrival in Batavia roads -- Dispatch of Company's cruiser, Ternate, and merchant ship, Princess Charlotte -- Author's return to Pulo Leat -- Occurrences there -- Captain and crew leave the island -- Arrival at Batavia roads -- Further observations upon Java -- Departure from Batavia in the ship Caesar -- Arrival at the Cape -- Journey of the governor into the interior -- Caffres -- Remarks upon the colony -- St Helena -- Interview with Bonaparte -- Observations upon his appearance, manners, and situation -- Leave St. Helena -- Anchor at Spithead.

Chapter IX (pages 266-298). Sketch of the discoveries of the Alceste and Lyra -- Remarks upon Corea and Loo-choo islands -- Author's further observations upon the Chinese nation.

In Chapter IX, the visit of the ships Alcest and Lyra, under the command of Captain Maxell, to Korea and the Great Loo-Choo are discussed. The stop in Korea is found at pages 266-278. The Loo-Choo visit is primarily at pages 278-280 where the author notes:

Recent observations have confirmed and heightened the favourable impression received from the Chinese accounts of the moral character and natural talents of Loo-choo-yans; they are remarkable for primative manners, kindness and good temper. In the mechanical arts they are fully equal, if not superior, to the Chinese; and their ready acquirement of new ideas is said to be beyond either the apt imitation of savages, or the ordinary exertion of intellect, improved by civilization. (Page 280)

Appendix (pages 299-324). [Reprints of 13 Addresses/Papers/Articles (British and Chinese)].

Itinerary of the Route of the Embassy from Ta-Koo to Pekin, and from thence to Canton (pages 325-332). [Begins Aug 9, 1816 and runs to Jan 1, 1817].

Index (pages 333-359).

Imprint on back of page 359 reads "T. Davison, Lombard-street, Whitefriars, London".

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