Okinawa or Ryukyu - "The Floating Dragon"
Earl Rankin Bull

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Bull, Earl Rankin:
Okinawa or Ryukyu "The Floating Dragon", 1958, Newark, Ohio, Self Published, 8vo (8 1/2 x 10 3/4 in), illustrated stiff paper wraps, bound with staples, reinforced tape spine, printed in typewriter type font, 60 illustrations, 243 numbered pages, errata & addenda (8 pp), illustrations (19 pp) and index (20 pp), plus misc pages for a total of 298 pp. This publication is an excellent resource on the history of Ryukyuan culture, politics, religion, education, handicrafts, industries and art. The author has a very detailed account of the Christian activities in Okinawa with information on Dr. Bernard Jean Bettelheim. In his book Okinawa, The History of an Island People, George Kerr notes that the American missionaries Earl R. Bull and Henry B. Schwartz resided on Okinawa in the period of 1905-1924 (at page 493). It appears the Bull may have remained longer, or perhaps returned. In May of 1926 he organized a memorial and dedication service for Dr. Bettelheim that was held on May 18. For information on that activity, click here.



I. Geography II Resources III History IV People VI Culture VII Handicrafts VIII Religion IX Organized Groups X Government XI Public Welfare XII Education XIII Communication - Transportation XIV Public Affairs XV Industries - Crops XVI Standards Appendices References Illustrations Index

Illustrations - Black and White (60 illustrations)

  1. The First War Cemetery
  2. Where Ernie Rested
  3. Marker for Lt. Gen. Simon Bolivar Buckner, Jr.
  4. Naha Harbor
  5. Coat of Arms of Royalty
  6. Hidari Mitsu Tomoo, Momojana
  7. Itaradzichi Chochu, with "Hachimaki"
  8. Even Her Hairpin shows
  9. Tama-nchabu
  10. Sammo
  11. Stone funeral urns
  12. Earthware funeral urns (12-A & 12-B)
  13. Tattooing on Oshima
  14. " on Yaeyama
  15. " on Toku-no-shima
  16. " on Naha, Miyako & Oshima
  17. Kami-na-ku-baka
  18. Tattooing on Miyako
  19. Hosho Pond Bridge
  20. The Navy rings the score
  21. The Coronation
  22. Yin and Yang
  23. Three Surrender
  24. Shuri Castle Grounds
  25. Shuri Castle
  26. Ancestral Tablets of Kings
  27. Ancestral Tablets of the Princess and the concubines
  28. Nami-no-ue
  29. Loving Cup given Bettelheim by Perry
  30. Bernard Jean Bettelheim
  31. Bettelheim Monument, unveiled by Mayor of Chiban of Shure, aged 80
  32. Kadena Air Base Chapel
  33. Bettelheim's translation of John 4:14
  34. Bettelheim's Personal History
  35. Key to Ryukyuan-American Friendship Day
  36. Firing on Shuri church snipers
  37. Baptist Church, Naha, before 1945
  38. Bettelheim's grave, Brookfield, Mo
  39. Gibraltar of the Pacific
  40. Glendale Mobil Unit
  41. Inauguration Day, The University of Ryukyus
  42. The Ghost Castle
  43. Transporting sweet potatoes
  44. Dragon Boat Race
  45. Departure of a native junk
  46. Historical Marker at Unten
  47. A Home Rebuilt
  48. Homes of the Americans - Sukiran
  49. Native Seals
  50. U.S. Army Jeeps
  51. Sundial on Shuri Castle Grounds, before 1945
  52. Coins
  53. The King's Royal Dragon Robe made up form a Ch'ing dynasty Lung p'ao, tailored in local style. Date 17440-1760.
  54. Royal Hairpin and Magatama
  55. Wooden Funeral Urn, from Momojana
  56. Yomochi Bridge, Shuri Castle ground
  57. Marker of Shuri Castle
  58. Hananda Natural Bridge
  59. Shikiya Memorial Library
  60. "Teahouse of the August Moon"



    Collation. Full Title: Okinawa or Ryukyu - "The Floating Dragon", Newark, Ohio, self-published, illustrated stiff paper wraps, Title Page & Copyright Notice (2 pages), Contents & Dedication to "Blanche" (2 pages), Introduction (i-ii - 2 pages), List of Illustrations (iii-iv - 2 pages), Errata & Addenda (v-xii - 8 pages), text (numbered pages 1~243 - the back of page 243 is blank), Illustrations (60 different on 19 pages) and Index (20 pages) for a total of 298 pages from title page to end.

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