Japan (China)
Its History, Art and Literature
Illustrated - "Library Edition"

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Brinkley, Frank (Captain):
Japan (China), Its History, Art and Literature (Oriental Series), Boston & Tokyo, J.B. Millet Company, 1901-2, 12 volume set designated "Library Edition" with numbered sets printed in a quantity of 1,000, 8vo, 3753 pp in total. Fine grain green linen cloth boards with guilt top edge and guilt crest/Chrysanthemum on front cover and guilt title on spine. Right and bottom edges untrimmed (unneven cut pages except at top), printed on high rag content paper. Illustrated with 223 full page plates (most with tissue guards) many in color (most black and white halftones but some appear to be color photogravures), a double page map and 2 large folding maps. Occasionally, the tissue guards stain the text page opposite the plate.

This lavishly illustrated series offers a comprehensive review of Japan and China. It covers a wide range of topics to include rulers, history, government, art, religion, trade/commerce, international relations and institutions.


Volumes 1-8

Volume 1 (260 pp - 1901). Present Japan, Primaeval Japanese, Japan on the Verge of History, Japan in the Early Eras of History, the Japanese in the Nara Epoch, the Heian Epoch, the Heian Epoch (cont) and Appendix.

  1. Frontispiece. A Portion of Count Okuma's Garden, Tokyo (color)
  2. Wrecked by an Earthquake (b&w)
  3. A Winter Scene in Yokahama (b&w)
  4. Ornamental Pottery, Taken from Dolmens (no tissue guard, b&w drawing)
  5. Contents of Dolmens (various artifacts & utensils) (no tissue guard, b&w drawing)
  6. View of Katsura River Near Arashiyama (b&w)
  7. A Group of Ainu (b&w)
  8. Terra-Cotta Sarcophagus and Cover from Isokami (Bizen) (b&w)
  9. Dolmen at Domyoji-Yama (Kawachi) (b&w)
  10. A Tattooed Man (color)
  11. Buddhist Priests (b&w)
  12. Garments of the Nara Epoch (no tissue guard, b&w drawing)
  13. Playing Go (color)
  14. Approach to the Kasuga Shrine, Nara (b&w)
  15. Nobleman of the Heian Epoch (b&w)
  16. Military Costumes of Thirteenth and Fifteenth Centuries (no tissue guard, b&w drawing)
  17. A Shirabiyash, Aristocratic Lady, Heian Epoch (b&w)

Volume 2 (286 pp - 1901). History of Military Epoch, Manners and Customs of the Military Epoch, Manners and Customs of the Military Epoch (cont), Weapons and Operations of War During the Military Epoch, Bushi-do or the Way of the Warrior, Refinements and Pastimes of the Military Epoch, and Appendix.

  1. Frontispiece. A Corner of a Japanese Tea House (color)
  2. Planquins and Carriage, Sleeping Place in an Aristocrat's Mansion (b&w)
  3. Costumes and Head-Dress of the Heian Epoch
  4. Tokugawa Iyeyasu (color drawing)
  5. Japanese Weapons of War, Sixteenth Century (b&w drawing)
  6. Samurai of the Kamakura Period (hunting costume) (b&w)
  7. Nagoya Castle (b&w)
  8. Mortuary Bronze Latterns in the Temple Enclosure at Shiba Park, Tokyo (b&w)
  9. Weapons of War, Twelfth Century (no tissue guard, b&w drawing)
  10. Playing Blindman's Buff in a Side Stree Leading to the Moat in Tokyo (color)
  11. Temple Bell at Kawasaki (b&w)
  12. The Graves of the Forty-Seven Ronins (b&w)
  13. Samurai in Armour (b&w)
  14. Examples of Japanese Flower Arrangements (no tissue guard, b&w drawing)
  15. House for the Tea Ceremony in the Mito Park, Tokyo (b&w)

Volume 3 (256 pp - 1901). Refinements and Pastimes of the Military Epoch continued, the Early Tokugawa Times, Middle Period of the Tokugawa, Later Period of the Tokugawa, The Fall of the Tokugawa, and Appendix.

  1. Frontispiece - Rear View of a Japanese Nobleman's Residence (color)
  2. Interior of the Imperial Palace Kyoto (color)
  3. Yoshitsune's Helmet (Iron): Twelfth Century (b&w)
  4. Interior of One of the Largest Temples, Nikko (b&w)
  5. Suicide of Oishi (b&w drawing - no tissue guard)
  6. Ceremony on the Arrival and Departure of a Guest (color)
  7. No Dance - The Bugaku (b&w)
  8. Captue of Osaka Castle by Troops of Iyeyasu (b&w drawing - no tissue guard)
  9. Nakajima, Nagasaki (b&w)
  10. Bugaku, The Sword Dance (b&w drawing - no tissue guard)
  11. A Wrestling Ring (b&w)
  12. Big Bronze Bell at Kyoto (b&w)
  13. Kago Bearers (b&w)
  14. Pappenburg at Nagasaki (b&w)
  15. Japanese Type (Portrait of 2 Japanese Ladies) (color)
  16. Stone Steps at Nikko (b&w)
  17. The Village Water-Wheel (b&w)
  18. Fishermen Launching Their Boat (b&w)

Volume 4 (268 pp - 1902). Manners and Customs of the Tokugawa Era, The Tokugawa Court, Criminal Procedure and the Criminal Classes in Tokugawa Times, Personal Liberty, Justice Slavery and Checks on Vice, Philospophy, Education, Customs and Costumes, Meiji or the Era of "Enlightened Government," and Appendix.

  1. Frontispiece. Reception Room in a Japanese Nobleman's House (color)
  2. Boat Bridge on the Nakasendo (b&w)
  3. The Shogun Receiving Investiture from an Imperial Envoy (no tissue guard, b&w drawing)
  4. Fujiyama from Numigawa (b&w)
  5. Feudal Chief's Procession Entering Shogun's Palace Enclosure... (no tissue guard, b&w drawing)
  6. Oji Tea House, Tokyo (b&w)
  7. Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights (b&w)
  8. Iyeyasu Temple (b&w)
  9. No Dance (no tissue guard, b&w drawing)
  10. Spinning Cotton (b&w)
  11. Merchant's Store and Fireproof Warehouse, Yedo Epoch (no tissue guard, b&w drawing)
  12. A Curbstone Merchant (color)
  13. A Buddhist Priest (color)
  14. Bronze Lantern from Korea and Candelabrum from Holland (b&w)
  15. Small Summer Hotel at Kanawawa (color)
  16. Stone Torii, Suwa Temple, Nagasaki (b&w)
  17. A Dancing Girl (color)

Volume 5 (260 pp - 1902). Financial and Economical Conditions, Japan's Foreign Politics, Steps of Progess, Creed and Caste, Religion and Rites, Superstitions, and Appendix.

  1. Frontispiece. Rear Corner of a Japanese House (color)
  2. Raking a Rice Field (b&w)
  3. People of Yedo; Beginning of Nineteenth Century (no tissue guard, b&w drawing)
  4. A Japesec Cemetery (b&w)
  5. Yara (or Gero) of Satsuma (End of the Seventeenth Century) (no tissue guard, b&w drawing)
  6. Carpenters at Work (b&w)
  7. Threshing Grain (b&w)
  8. Norimono and Kaga (no tissue guard, b&w drawing)
  9. Washing Kimonos (b&w)
  10. Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto (color)
  11. Weighing Tea (b&w)
  12. A Fair Student (b&w)
  13. Group of Children (color)
  14. Wooden Bridge at Iwakuni (b&w)
  15. Bronze Gate and Tomb Shiba Park, Tokyo (b&w)
  16. Lunch Stand in a Public Park (color)

Volume 6 (301 pp - 1902). Festivals, Observances and Pastimes, Observations and Pastimes (cont), The History of Commerce in Japan, The History of Commerce in Japan (cont), Appendix (included listing of Emperors of Japan 660 BC - 1867) and Cummulative Index for Vols. I through VI.

  1. Frontispiece. A Bit of a Japanese Garden (color)
  2. A Typical Street Scene (b&w)
  3. The Car of the Gion Festival in Kyoto (no tissue guard, b&w drawing)
  4. Boys Playing Kotoro (color)
  5. Costume of Filles Joie; Beginning of Ninteenth Century (no tissue guard, b&w drawing)
  6. Danjuro - The greatest actor of Japan, in his famous role of Kangoncho (color)
  7. A "No" Dancer in Costume (b&w)
  8. A Japanese Interior (b&w)
  9. Types of Pleasure Boats; Tokugawa Time (no tissue guard, b&w drawing)
  10. Wayside Resting Place (b&w)
  11. Niomon Iyemitsu Temple at Kikko (b&w)
  12. Temple Gate, Shiba Park, Tokyo (color)
  13. Winter Costume (b&w)
  14. Side View of the Bronze Buddha at Kamakura (b&w)
  15. Torii at Miyajima (b&w)
  16. The Yomeimon Great Gate, Nikko (b&w)

    -- Map (in text) US to China (two pages - half on each facing page) outlines shipping routes (b&w)

    -- Map (at back, multifold - 5 out, 1 up & 1 down), color lithographic, Japan with inserts of Ryukyu Islands (Loo-Choo), Osumi Province and Formosa.

Volume 7 (396 pp - 1902). Pictorial and Applied Arts. Japanese Pictorial Art, Japanese Applied Art, Japanese Appplied Art (cont), Bronze-Casting, Architectural Sculpture and Decoration, etc., Various Applications of Art, Sculupture on Sword-Furniture, Sculupture on Sword-Furniture (cont), Sculupture on Sword-Furniture (cont), Special Subjects, Appendix & Index.

  1. Frontispiece. A Corner of a Japanese Garden (color)
  2. A Goddess of Fortune (Benzaiten) (color)
  3. Figures of Samuri by Iwasa Matahei, End of Sixteenth Century (tinted)
  4. Rihaku Looking at a Waterfall by Masanobu (tinted)
  5. Heron by Seishiu (tinted)
  6. Group of Monkeys by Sosen (tinted)
  7. Moonlight onthe Snow by Motonobu (tinted)
  8. Quail and Rice by Tosa (tinted)
  9. Flower Study by Korin (tinted)
  10. Sunrise on the Seashore by Nomura Bunkyo (tinted)
  11. Carp in Stream by Okio (tinted)
  12. Landscape in Semi-Japanese Style by Hashimoto Gaho (tinted)
  13. Modern Semi-Japanese School by Omori Keido (tinted)
  14. Wooden Statute of the Deity of Art (b&w)
  15. Wooden Statue of Manjusri, the renowned Bodhisattva (b&w)
  16. Bronze Statue of the Moon Deva (Gekko) in the Temple Yakushi-ji at Nara (b&w)
  17. Clay Figures, Eight Century, Preserved in the Temple of Horju-ji (b&w)
  18. Wooden Stature of Vimala-Kirti, Attributed to Unkei, End of twelfth and beginning of thirteenth centuries (b&w)
  19. Bronze Gong, Eight century workmaship (b&w)
  20. Statue, One of the Deva Kings by Jokaku, a pupil of Unkei, Preserved at Kofuku-ji (b&w)
  21. Image (Wood) of one of the twelve devas. Sculptured by Kokei, 1190, Preserved at Kofuku-ji (b&w)
  22. One of the Deva Kings Guarding the Gate Temple Todai-ji, Sculptor Kwaikei, pupil of Unkel, 1180-1220 (b&w)
  23. Eleven-Faced Kwannon in Shrine, Fourteenth Century (b&w)
  24. Netsuke (25 different pictured) (b&w)
  25. Wodden Brackets, Carved by Matsumoto Kisaburo (b&w)
  26. Modern Ivory Statuettes, Old man drawing the water of the New Year by Hamada Seiko and Farmer by Udagawa Kazuo (b&w)
  27. Ivory Inro (tinted)
  28. Menuki (various decorative items - 29 shown) (b&w)
  29. Sword Guards Plate I (b&w)
  30. Sword Guards Plate II (b&w)

Volume 8 (450 pp - 1902). Keramic Art (Japan). Early Wares, Wares of Hizen, Wares of Satsuma (Kagoshima Prefecture), Wares of Kyoto, Wares of Kaga (Ishikawa Prefecture), Wares of Owari or Bishiu, and Mino, Miscellaneous Wares, Modern Developments of Japanese Keramics, Appendix, Index.

  1. Frontispiece. Satsuma Faience (7 different items) (color)
  2. Specimens of Pottery Taken from Dolmens (b&w)
  3. Shapes of Dolmen Pottery (no tissue guard, b&w drawing)
  4. Sake Bottle (b&w)
  5. Korean Faience (b&w)
  6. Nabeshima Porcelain (b&w)
  7. Imari (b&w)
  8. Faience Cha-Tsubo (Tea Jars) (color)
  9. Hirado Ware (b&w)
  10. Hirado Porcelain (b&w)
  11. Tea jar, Water Vessel, Takaton Ware (b&w)
  12. Blue and White Porcelain (color)
  13. Shuntai-Yaki Vase, Hagi Faience, Garatsu (b&w)
  14. Awaji Faience (b&w)
  15. Bowl of Faience (By Kenzan) (color)
  16. Faience (by Zengora Hozen), Kutani Porcelain (Famille Rouge), Kutani Porcelin (Arita-style) (color)
  17. Polychromatic Banko Faience (b&w)
  18. Bizen Ware (Seventeenth century) (b&w)
  19. Maiko Ware, Akahada Ware (b&w)
  20. Fukakusa Ware, Fainece (By Koemon), Arita Porcelain (b&w)
  21. Uga Ware, Soma Ware, Tachibana-Hada Ware of Agano (b&w)



Volumes 9-12

Volume 9 (426 pp - 1902). Keramic Art (China). Chinese Porcelain and Pottery, Early Wares of China, Wares of the "Sung" (960-1279) Dynasty, The Celadon, Sung and Yuan Wares (cont), Porcelain Decorated Under the Glaze, Porcelain Decorated Over the Glaze, Porcelain Decorated Over the Glaze (cont), Monochromatic Glazes, Monochromatic Warec (cont), Polychromatic Glazes. Transutation of Flambe Glazes, Chinese Pottery, Chinese Porcelain in the West, Manufacturing Process, Index.

  1. Frontispiece. Vase of Kang-Hsi - Kwang-Yao - Transmutation Ware, Vase of Kang-Hsi - Coral-Red Porcelain, Vase of Kang-Hsi - Craquelle Porcelain with Superimposed Transmutation Glaze (color)
  2. Sacrifical Jar (b&w)
  3. Censer of Purple, Ting-Yao (b&w)
  4. Vase of Early Sung Ju-Jao with Bright Green Finely Crackled Thick Glave (b&w)
  5. Vase - Sung dynasty (b&w)
  6. Vase of Ju-Yao Celadon - Sung dynasty (b&w)
  7. Censer of Kuan-Yao - Sung dynasty (b&w)
  8. Wine-Pot of Chun-Yao - sung dynasty (color)
  9. Early Ming Spotted Celadon, Bowl of Yuan-Tsu, Early Ming Celadon with Peony Scroll in Relief (color)
  10. Vase, Famille Rose Porcelain - Kang-hsi era (color)
  11. Vermilion-Ink Box of Cheng-Hwa (b&w)
  12. Yung-Ching Porcelain, Decorated with Red Under the Glaze (color)
  13. Lotus-Flower Lamp of Cheng-Haw, Enamelled Porcelain (color)
  14. Vase of Kang-Hsi Ting-Yao (b&w)
  15. Wine-Pot of Cheng-Hwa, Enamelled Porcelain with Yellow Body Colour (color)
  16. Vase of Yung-Ching, Tiger Skin Porcelain (color)
  17. Vase of Kang-Hsi, Eggshell Ting Yao; Soft Paste (b&w)
  18. Wine-Pot or Hsuan-Te Porcelain Covered with Chi-Hung Glaze (color)
  19. Teapot of Yi-Hsing Pottery (b&w)

Volume 10 (273 pp - 1902). The Features of the Country, Administration, Finance, Foreign Trade and Intercourse: Early Period, Preconventional Period of Foreign Intercourse and Trade, Prevonventional Period (cont) and Appendix.

  1. Frontispiece. First Castle Gate, Peiking (color)
  2. A Bit of River Life (color)
  3. Wall Around the Tartar City in Kekin (b&w)
  4. A View Over the Roofs of Han Kow (b&w)
  5. View of the Great Wall of China (b&w)
  6. Inflicting Punishment in the Presence of Court Officials (no tissue guard, b&w drawing)
  7. Pagoda Island and Anchorage (color)
  8. A Ceremonial Boat. A Parade of Prisoners (no tissue guard, b&w drawings)
  9. Street Scene in Shanghai (b&w)
  10. The City and Harbour of Hong Kong (color)
  11. A Village Street in the Interior of China (color)
  12. A Canal in Ningpo (b&w)
  13. A Country Crowd Gathered to see "Foreign Devils" (color)
  14. The Ordinary Method of Carrying Baggage (b&w)
  15. The Island Bridge and Wall of Longevity (color)
  16. Irrigating by Bullock Power (b&w)
  17. An Old Paved Mountain Pass Intended for Foot Passengers Only (b&w)
  18. Old Arched Bridge in Western China On the Border of Thibet (color)
  19. A Village on the River Bank (b&w)

Volume 11 (285 pp - 1902). Preconventional Period of Foreign Intercourse and Trade, the Propaganda and Chinese Religions, The Propaganda and Chinese Religions (cont), The Propaganda and Chinese Religions (cont), Conventional Period, Education, Literature, Secret Societies, and Rebellions, The Second War and the Events Preceeding It and Appendix.

  1. Frontispiece. Inner View of Peking Castle, Show a Temporary Railway Station (color)
  2. A Portion of the Street Leading to the Ming Tomb (b&w)
  3. A Street Scene in Peking, Showing Some of the Principal Merchant Houses (color collotype)
  4. Interior of Chinese Store - A Religious Procession (no tissue guard, b&w drawings)
  5. Entrance to the Tomb of Confucius (b&w)
  6. A Group of Chinamen Preparing Their Own Coffins (color)
  7. Buddhist Monument (b&w)
  8. Shrine and Temple of Confucius (b&w)
  9. The Bubbling Fountain Monastery (b&w)
  10. One of the Guards at the Entrance of the Bubbling Fountain Monastery (b&w)
  11. Ma Kok Temple, Macao, China (b&w)
  12. A Religious Procession (no tissue guard, b&w drawings)
  13. Tower of the Great Bell Temple (b&w)
  14. Temple at Macao (b&w)
  15. Ancient Astronomical Instruments Formerly on the Great Wall at Peking (b&w)
  16. The Watch Tower in Examination Grounds - Furnace for Burning Paper in Examination Grounds (b&w)
  17. Hall of the Stone Classics (b&w)
  18. Ancient Astronomical Instruments Formerly on the Great Wall at Peking (b&w)
  19. Chinese Children in a Garden (color)
  20. Sheds Containing The Examination Halls to Accommodate Twenty Thousand Studends, Nanking, China (b&w)

Volume 12 (292 pp - 1902). Canton and Peking at Last, The Treaty and the Taipings, The Sequel of Conquest, China's Education, The Closing Episodes, Today, Appendix (w List of Emperors of China Hia Dynasty to Manchu/Tatsing Dynasty (2208 B.C. ~ 1875)), Index, Map.

  1. Street in Peking Leading to the Ha Ta Gate (b&w)
  2. A Portion of William Barclay Parson's Retinue... (b&w)
  3. Footbridge in the Grounds of the Empress's Palace (b&w)
  4. A Frequent Sight on Any of the Large Rivers (color)
  5. Old Tombs in the Interior (b&w)
  6. A Chinese Fruit Seller (b&w)
  7. A Popular Tea House in the Old Part of Shanghai (b&w)
  8. A Chinese Carpenter (b&w)
  9. A Picturesque Far (color)
  10. A Chinese Hand Loom (b&w)
  11. The Imperial Ancestral Temple (b&w)
  12. A Chinese Tea-House (b&w)
  13. Type of Wheelbarrow Used for Travelling (color)
  14. A Chinese Country House (color)
  15. A Group of Chinese Officials (b&w)

    Map - Chinese Empire with Korea and Japan - multifold 5+ out, 1 up 1 down

Pages/Plates/Maps (Total 3,753 pp, 223 plates, 3 maps):

    Japan (2,477 pp - 150 plates - 2 maps)
  • Volume 1 - 260 pp, 17 plates
  • Volume 2 - 286 pp, 15 plates
  • Volume 3 - 256 pp, 18 plates
  • Volume 4 - 268 pp, 17 plates
  • Volume 5 - 260 pp, 16 plates
  • Volume 6 - 301 pp, 16 plates, 2 maps
  • Volume 7 - 396 pp, 30 plates
  • Volume 8 - 450 pp, 21 plates

    China (1,276 pp, 73 plates, 1 map)

  • Volume 9 - 426 pp, 19 plates
  • Volume 10 - 273 pp, 19 plates
  • Volume 11 - 285 pp, 20 plates
  • Volume 12 - 292 pp, 15 plates, 1 map

Examples of Plates

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