Pictures of Okinawa
Blackie Bradford

Blackie Bradford (photographs)
Howland, Grace D. (compiler):
Pictures of Okinawa, 8vo (8 1/2 x 11 1/4 in), not dated but ca 1953, no copyright notice, publisher unstated, 93 black and white photographs, red illustrated paper wraps, staple bound, 44 pp. The price "$2.50" is included as a part of the front cover illustration. A photo essay on Okinawa and it's culture in the early to mid-1950s.

Dating this book. Like many of Blackie's books, this one does not have a date of publication. In a book that I believe was published ca 1954, This is Okinawa, the following comment is found:

The popularity of two previous books, Pictures of Okinawa and Blackie's Best Photos of Okinawa, has decided the authors to create another picture-story of scenes, events ....

Based upon this comment, both the mentioned books are presumed to have a publication date of ca 1953.

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Page by Page List of Photographs with Captions
  1. (Illustrated title page - Torii - no caption)

  2. Over-the-Waves Shrine
    Pre-War center of Shinto Shrine

  3. Entrance to pre-war transportation center
    Restored upper class homes, Naha

  4. Courtyard of ancient Nakagusuku Castle
    Okinawa Museum near Ishikawa

  5. Samisen and Sake
    Ceremonial drum
    Wedding music from samisen and koto

  6. Finest product of Okinawa (a baby)
    Mama's pride and joy
    War's aftermath of orphans

  7. Proud protector

  8. Baby sitter
    Festive costumes
    High pressure salesmen of Okinawan aircraft

  9. Cotton candy on a stick
    Ceremonial dance

  10. Open Air Theater
    Peripatetic players

  11. Exponents of Eurythmics
    Each gesture and poses helps paint the story (2 pics - one caption)

  12. Modern music and dance
    Comedy act
    Smooth as velvet voice

  13. Seed time

  14. Fails (fields?- sic) as old as the Orient
    Primitive sugar cane press

  15. Sorting rice
    Burden bearer

  16. Turtle tomb from ancient China
    Burial urns

  17. Boats in the sunset
    Boats for fishing

  18. Boat in grass
    Boats on the beach

  19. Seacoast and mountains

  20. Rice paddies
    Reaching arms

  21. Marching pines
    Sheltered village

  22. Silvery grasses
    Mountain road

  23. Autumn by the sea
    Coastal vegetation

  24. Ebb tide
    At sunset

  25. Village stables
    Village in the pines

  26. Terrace by the sea
    Nago village

  27. Pacific scene
    Koza village

  28. General store
    Fresh pork market

  29. Naha market street
    Native foods

  30. Three generations
    More baby-setters (2 pics - one caption)

  31. Studio of the artist Yamada
    Paintings, sculpture, masks and Yamada

  32. Bombed out sugar mill
    Rusting machinery
    Idle boilers

  33. Typhoon damage
    High and dry
    Beached by "Gloria"

  34. Ie Shima

  35. Lonely hilltop
    Memorial to Lt. Gen. Simon P. Buckner, Jr.

  36. Stilwell Park
    Japanese surrrender site

  37. Front of first army built chapel
    Now rebuilt in hospital area

  38. Suicide cliff
    Suicide cliff memorial

  39. Tomb above cave entrance
    Preserved as a memorial to Okinawan student nurses

  40. Habu and Mongoose begin a battle
    Victory goes to the Mongoose

  41. Unique custom - The bulls fight each other
    Straining combat
    The winner

  42. Rustic peace
    Informal garden

  43. Papa-san's day is done
    Picture also found in Okinawa Post Script, Vol 1, ca 1956

  44. The end (two children one with an infant on his back)
(93 images) on 44 pages

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