Walke, H. (Henry), Rear Admiral:
Naval Scenes and Reminiscences of the Civil War on the Southern and Western Waters During the Years 1861, 1862 and 1863. With the History of That Period Compared and Corrected from Authentic Sources, F. R. Reed & Company, New York, 1877, 8vo (6 x 9 3/8 in - 15 x 24 cm), green blind stamped cloth with front cover lettered in gilt and title in gilt on and spine, bevelled edges, xii, 480 pp. The book contains a total of 37 full page size plates (on thick paper stock protected with tissue guards). There are 31 collotype type plates made from sketches by the author and 6 portraits (5 engraved and one "Artotype"). Walke was an accomplished artist and specialized in ship images. The collotype type reproductions of sketches are of particular interest in that the names of ships and locations are identified in the titling below the image. The book also contains 14 bound in "Notes" and supplemental comments/material which cover 37 unnumbered pages. Included in the material is a "Full List of Casualties at the Battle of Fort Donelson." Throughout the book are diagrams which illustrate waterway configurations and the location of ships and shore facilities. The stated object of the book is to narrate "...some of those interesting scenes of the late war, in the very valuable services rendered by the gunboats on our Western Waters...." The narration starts with the capture of the Navy Yard in Pensacola in January of 1861. Other major events include the Battles of Belmont, Fort Henry, Fort Donelson, Island No. 10, New Orleans, Fort Pillow, Memphis, Vicksburg, Mobile, on the Yazoo and on the Grand Gulf. A wealth of information and illustrations.



I.   	Pensacola
II.  	Organization of the Western Flotilla
III. 	Battle of Belmont
IV.  	Battle of Fort Henry
V.   	Battle of Fort Donelson
VI.  	After the Battle of Fort Donelson
VII.  	Bombardment of Island No. 10
VIII.	Running the Gauntlet at Island No. 10
IX.	Capture of the Confederate Batteries and Their
	  Army Below Island No. 10, April 6 and 7, 1862
X.	Island No. 10
XI. 	Battle of New Orleans
XII.	Naval Operations above Fort Pillow
XIII.	Evacuation of Fort Pillow
XIV.	Battle of Memphis
XV.	Engagement Between the "Carondelete" and the
	  Ram "Arkansas"
XVI.	Reconnoissances and Guard Duty
XVII.	Helena, Vicksburg and Yazoo
XVIII.	The "Lafayette"
XIX.	A Review of the Fleet Passing Vicksburg
XX.	Admiral Porter's Fleet Below Vicksburg
XXI.	Battle of Grand Gulf
XXII.	First Expedition to Alexandria, LA
XXIII.	Seige and Capture of Vicksburg
XXIV.	Contrabands and Guerrillas
XXV.	Helena and Tunica Bend
XXVI.	Battle of Mobile
Index (Not Listed in the Table of Contents)

Listing of Plates (Black and White Collotypes unless noted otherwise):

  1. Surrender of the Navy Yard at Pensacola (Frontispiece).

  2. U.S. Gunboat Taylor (After note after page 16).

  3. General Ulysses S. Grant (Engraving) (facing above plate).

  4. Battle of Belmont [#1] (after page 32).

  5. Battle of Belmont [#2] (after above plate).

  6. Battle of Belmont [#3] (after above plate).

  7. Rear Adm Andrew H. Fotte, U.S.N. (Engraving) (after page 50).

  8. U.S. Gunboat Carondelet (after above plate).

  9. Battle of Fort Henry (after above plate).

  10. Battle of Fort Donelson (after page 70).

  11. Explosion on board the Carondelet at the battle of Fort Donelson (after above plate).

  12. Battle with Fort No. 1, Above Island No. 10 (after page 98).

  13. Carondelet Running the Gauntlet at Island No. 10 (after page 120).

  14. Maj. Gen. John Pope (Engraving) (after page 142).

  15. Misrepresentation ofthe Bombardment of Island Number Ten (Italics added) (after page 174).

  16. U.S. Gunboats capturing the Confederate Forts below Island Number Ten, April 7, 1861 (after above plate).

  17. D.E. Farragut, Admiral, U.S.N (Engraving) (after page 200).

  18. Beginning of the Battle of New Orleans (after above plate).

  19. Battle of New Orleans (after page 202).

  20. Battle of Fort Pillow, First position (after page 244).

  21. Battle of Fort Pillow, 2d position (after above plate).

  22. Rear Adm Charles H. Davis (Engraving) (after above plate).

  23. Night Scene at Randolph (after page 268).

  24. After the Battle of Memphis (after page 276).

  25. Battle of Memphis, Enemy Retreating (after above plate).

  26. Battle of Memphis, First position (after above plate).

  27. Battle Between the Carondelete and Arkansas [#1] (after page 302).

  28. Battle between the Carondelete and Arkansas [#2] (after above plate).

  29. Arkansas Running the Gauntlet (after above plate).

  30. Vice Adm David D. Porter (Engraving) (after page 332).

  31. Admiral Farragut Passing Fort Hudson (after page 352).

  32. The U. S. Flotilla Passing the Vicksburg Batteries (after page 362).

  33. Battle of Grand Gulf, First position, Ad. D. D. Porter Commanding (after page 372).

  34. Battle of Grand Gulf, 2d Position (after above plate).

  35. Battle of Grand Gulf, 3d Position (after above plate).

  36. Battle of Mobile (after page 428).

  37. Rear Admiral H. Walke U. S. N. (after page 440) ("Artotype Harroun & Bierstadt N. Y.)

Listing of Tipped or Bound in Inserts (not numbered):
  1. "Note. -- 'The Settled Principal of military ethics....'" (1/4 page inserted after page 10).

  2. "Note. -- When our country was in imminent peril...there was no disposition on the part of loyal men to increase the embarrassment of the administration...." (1 page after page 16).

  3. "Note. -- The Eastern Contingent...." (2 pages after page 30).

  4. "Note. -- History like many other things, is largely made up of items and atoms...." (2 pages after page 48).

  5. "Full List of Casualties at the Battle of Fort Donelson" (after page 72).

  6. "Note. -- The following account of the operations at Island No. 10 was written in February, 1874, by John Ford...." (4 pages after page 152).

  7. "The subjoined picture is photographed from a large, colored lithograph...." (after page 174).

  8. "Note. -- To enable the reader to understand more fully, the causes of the remarkable perversion of history and the numerous misstatements...." ) (2 pages after page 198).

  9. "We received the following copies of unpublished letters through the kindness of Colonel J.L. Broome, U.S. Marine Corps." (5 pages after page 244).

  10. "Note. -- We have endeavored to give a perfectly impartial narrative of these scenes...." (1 page after page 268).

  11. "Note. -- Acting Rear Admiral D. D. Porter, U. S. Navy, in his official report of the expedition, says...." (1 page after page 336).

  12. "[Note] The Admiral must have known that no vessel could get nearer than the Lafayette to the enemy's batteries at the battle of Grand Gulf." (4 pages after page 386).

  13. "Note. -- The thirst for renown created a spirit of rivalry and jelousy...." (has page no 440 and then 7 unnumbered pages follow).

  14. "Note. -- This letter of thanks expresses in general terms...." (4 pages after page 446).

Illustrations (Examples of the 37 Plates)

Close-up Showing the Characteristics of the Collotype Type Plates

Expanded View of Covers (Front & Spine)

Title Page

Collation. Full Title: Naval Scenes and Reminiscences of the Civil War on the Southern and Western Waters During the Years 1861, 1862 and 1863. With the History of That Period Compared and Corrected from Authentic Sources. Title Page (2 pages), Preface (4 pages), Contents (6 pages), Frontispiece, 480 numbered pages which include 26 chapters, Appendix and Index, 37 full page size plates, 14 bound in "Notes" and supplemental comments/material which cover 37 unnumbered pages.


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