Memorials of the Empire of Japon
Hakluyt Society
Thomas Rundall, Editor

Rundall, Thomas (editor):
Memorials of the Empire of Japon: In the XVI and XVII Centuries, London, Hakluyt Society, 1850, 8vo, frontispiece folding map of Japan, 5 facsimiles of letters/documents (2 are foldout), 187 pp. This book publishes six 17th century (1611-1617) letters written by William Adams, an Englishman living in Japan at the time, who was employed by the Shogun. An account from an agent of the East India Company is also published. The letters generally relate to foreign trade with Japan. The last four letters are from Adams and specifically concern trade with Japan by the British (East India Company). William Adams was instrumental in obtaining trading concessions from the Shogun for the British East India Company. The book has extensive notes which describe Japan in the 16th and 17th century.



  • Memorials of Japan, Part I, Description of the Empire in the 16th Century. (This part is a reprint of a 17th Century document describing Japan)

  • The Kingdome of Japonia. (pages 1~15)

    The Description.
    The Historie.
    The Regiment.

  • Memorials of Japon, Part II, the Letters of William Adams, 1611-1617. (pages 16~88)

    Letter No. I. [Adams to friends in England, October, 1611]
    Letter No. II. [Adams to his wife, undated]
    Letter No. III. [Adams Letter to Augustin Spalding in Bantam, January 12, 1613]
    Letter No. IV. [Captain Saris Account of Visit to Japan, ca August, 1613 and Adams letter home regarding the visit, December, 1613] (facsimile writings, 1 pages each, after page 46 and page 56 and a foldout (3 folds out), facsimile letter after page 66) Appendix to Letter IV. [Trade contract between Adams and East Indies Company, Firando, Japan, dated November, 1613] (facsimile writing, 1 page, after page 74)
    Letter No. V. [Extracts from a letter by Adams dated December, 1613]
    Letter No. VI. [Adams to Sir Thomas Smyth, Governor of East Indies Company, London, dated January 14, 1616(7?)] (facsimile writing, 1 page foldout (3 folds out, 1 fold down), after page 82)

  • Memorials of Japan, Notes. (pages 89~170)
    Notes desiganted A-Z and AA-BB

  • Memorials of Japan, Appendix. (pages 171~186)

  • Directions to Binder (re placement of chart and fascimiles) and Errata. (page 187)

Listing of Inserts (per above directions to binder)

  1. The Map, to face Title-page)
  2. The Autograph of Captain John Saris .. page 46 (actually bound in after page 46)
  3. The Autograph of William Adams .. page 57 (actually bound in after page 56)
  4. The Original Privileges granted A.D. 1613 .. page 67 (actually bound in after page 66)
  5. The Autograph of Richard Cook, etc. .. page 75 (actually bound in after page 74)
  6. The Modified Privileges granted A.D. 1616 .. page 83 (actually bound in after page 74)

Title Page

Frontispiece Map


Frontispiece folding map, "Report for 1849" (pages 1-4), "The Hakluyt Society" [general information regarding the society and a list of members] (pages 1-8), abbreviated title page, full title page (both dated M.DCCCI (1850), listing of officers of the society (1 page), "Memorials of Japan. Prefatory Remarks" (pages i~xxxviii - 38 pages), "Memorials of Japan, Part I, Description of the Empire in the 16th Century" (pages 1~15), Memorials of Japon, Part II, the Letters of William Adams, 1611-1617 (pages 16~88), Memorials of Japan, Notes. (pages 89~170), Memorials of Japan, Appendix. (pages 171~186) and "Directions to Binder" (re placement of chart and facsimiles) and Errata (page 187).


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