Youth's Instructor & Guardian
October and November, 1828
The Island of Lewchew

Not Stated:
The Island of Lewchew, from the Youth's Instructor and Guardian, October 1828 (Vol. XII, No. 141, pages 324-30) and November 1828 (Vol XII, No 142, pages 360-5), London, J. Mason, 10.6 x 18 cm (18mo). These two articles are extracts from the book by John McLeod that was first published in 1817 (Voyage of His Majesty's Ship Alceste, Along the Coast of Corea, to The Island of Lewchew with an Account of Her Subsequent Shipwreck). The articles have the two Okinawa related illustrations that are found in the book (see below).



Lewchewan Chief and Attendants


Garden of the Temple at Lewchew


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