Public Bath at Simoda

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This is the rarest of the 90 lithographs found in the Narrative. At the time, it was considered too risque and removed or not placed in most copies of volume 1. I have found no figures as to how many actually were left in the Narrative but I believe it was only a small fraction. No other lithograph in the Narrative suffered the same "censorship" problem as this one.

This lithograph is not noted in the listing of illustrations. When present in a volume 1, it is generally found in the area of pages 405~8 and most often opposite page 408.

Commodore Perry visited the newly opened port of Simoda on the 18th of April, 1854. He remained there until the 9th of May. This particular excursion resulted in a total of 15 lithographs, which is approximately 17% of all the lithographs in the Narrative. It appears that Commodore Perry was very much impressed with Simoda and found many aspects of it to represent typical facets of Japanese culture and life. These were recorded in paintings by Heine.

The titles/lettering read:

  • From nature by W. Heine

  • Js. Queen delt.

  • P.S. Duval & Co. Philada.


Slightly trimmed. Plate is clean and free of stains and foxing.

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Page Size (cm): 28x22cm

Image Size (cm): Width-21.3, Height-15.2 Dia 27.5


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