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The Expedition to China, Japan under Commodore Ringgold
and Commodore John Rodgers by Wilhelm Heine


This is Volume 1 and 2 combined in one book. These volumes were published in 1858. This item does not include the third (supplemental) volume to the set that was published in 1859.

Condition. The book is in Good+ condition. It is complete (text, illustrations and maps). Internally there is significant foxing. The covers are worn. The spine is soft and frayed at head and foot and corners are bumped. The front hinge has been repaired. The maps have tears. Two bookseller/owner marks - "Jiuiya Book Store, Yokohama" & "Keitaro Mayeda, Tokio."

This is a heavy book. Shipping outside the US will be $18.00 for surface mail.

Heine, Wilhelm:
Die Expedition in die Seen von China, Japan und Ochotsk unter Commando von Commodore Colin Ringgold und Commodore John Rodgers im Auftrage der Regierung der Vereinigten Staaten unternommen in den Jahren 1853 bis 1856, unter Zuziehung der Officiellen Autoritšten und Quellen, Leipzig, Otto Burfurtt, 1858, German language, Volume 1 & 2, 8vo, Vol 1 - 330 pp - Vol 2 - 391 pp. Four folding maps and 16 full page lithographic or engraved plates. The full page illustrations in this book depict Japanese and Chinese people and scenes and are all variants of illustrations (generally based on Heine's drawings) found in Volume 1 of the Narrative of the Perry Expedition to Japan.

Full Plate Illustrations/Maps by Volume.
Volume 1 Tinted Lithographs: 4 Tinted Engravings: 4 Maps: 1 Multi-Fold -- Index Lists 9 Illustrations/Maps Volume 2 Tinted Lithographs: 0 Tinted Engravings: 6 Black & White Engravings: 2 Maps: 3 Multi-Fold -- Index lists 11 Illustrations/Maps

This is a German language translation of the report of North Pacific Surveying Expedition of 1853-6 headed by Commodore Commodore Colin Ringgold and later Commodore John Rodgers. This Expedition was conducted at approximately the same time as Perry's Expedition to open Japan. The purpose of this expedition was to survey sea routes to be used by American merchant ships and to explore the most secure way from California to China. While he did not actually accompany the North Pacific Surveying Expedition, the subject of this book, Heine believed that it was an important undertaking and edited and translated the report of that expedition into German in this book. In addition, he supplemented/illustrated the work with art from the Perry Expedition. Heine accompanied the Perry Expedition to Japan and his art work figured prominently in the official US Government Narrative. All of the art in Volumes 1 and 2 can be traced directly to work actually published in the US Government narrative of the Perry Expedition.

The general scope of each volume covers:

  • Volume 1. Australia, Batavia, Singapore, Shanghai, Formosa, Madeira, Mauritius, Ceylon, topography of Japan and the Russians in Japan.

  • Volume 2. Simoda, Hakodate, Nagasaki, the English in Japan and Kamtschatka.

Title Pages:

Volume 1, Click Here.
Volume 2, Click Here.

Lithographs/Engravings -- #1 through #16

(Click on Picture for Expanded View)

Illustrations, Volume 1

Simoda from Vandalia Bluff
Tinted Engraving
Chinese Sycee Maiden
Tinted Engraving
Chinese Irrigation Machine
Worked by Buffalo

Tinted Lithograph
Chinese Irrigation Machine
Worked by Men

Tinted Lithograph
Japanese Junk (Full View)
Tinted Lithograph
Chinese Grinding Machine
Worked by Buffalo

Tinted Lithograph
Japanese Junk & Equipment
(sectional drawings)

Black & White Engraving
Japanese Junk & Equipment
(sectional drawings)

Black and White Engraving

Illustrations, Volume 2

Hakodadi from Snow Peak
Tinted Engraving
Hokodadi from Telegraph Hill
Tinted Engraving
Mother and Child
Tinted Engraving
Bungo or Prefect, Hakodadi
Tinted Engraving
Bay of Wodowara
Tinted Engraving
Japanese Woman
Tinted Engraving
Priest in Full Dress Simoda
Tinted Engraving
Kura-Kawa-Kahai, Prefect of Shimoda
Tinted Engraving


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