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Detailed Information for Orders Outside the US

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed.

This page applies to all orders from outside the US. This includes Canada. Orders from the US Military Postal System (APO,FPO,etc) are not covered and are considered US orders as long as payment is by a US check (Military Banking System checks are OK).

Email Your Basic Order: Upon receipt of your email order I will respond with confirmation by return email.

Make Payment: Once confirmed, the ordered material will be held for 14 working days pending receipt of payment.

Possible Ways You Can Pay.

  • By Check or Money Order. The instrument must be in United States dollars and payable by bank in the United States of America. A US dollar check/money order must have a US bank routing code number on the face (front) of the check (this is important). In some countries Western Union sells US dollar money orders that are payable by a bank in the US.
  • By PayPal. The PayPal system extends to certain foreign countries. You must be a PayPal member to send money through that system. For more information visit my PayPal page. Click here for a listing of the countries that PayPal covers. If you pay by PayPal we will only ship the material to the address you have listed with PayPal.
  • Western Union Wire Transfers. I have found the Western Union wire transfer system very fast and reliable. There are Western Union offices in most major cities (quite often numerous offices). You will have to compare prices to see how the fee for the Western Union transfer compares to other methods. A Western Union wire transfer will speed up the transaction as the funds are transferred immediately and I ship the next working day after I receive the wire transfer here.

    Western Union wire transfers should be in the name of George C. Baxley and sent to Western Union in Alamogordo, New Mexico, USA. You will need to provide me an email notice of the Transfer Number. Based upon your email notification with the number, I will immediately contact my local office and complete the transaction. Do not rely on Western Union notifying me. That could significantly slow the transaction down. These transactions are very secure as positive identification is required before Western Union will disburse the funds.

  • For Japan and Canada only, an International Postal Money Order in US dollars is acceptable. Postal Money orders from most other countries probably will not be acceptable. If you are planning on use a IPMO that is not Canadian or Japanese Post, we need to discuss it in detail. It probably will not work.
  • For Germany. The Post and Telecommunications Department appears to offer a low cost bank to bank electronic transfer system. If you are in Germany, I recommend you look into this method of payment.
  • Wire Transfers (transactions over $2000 only). Bank to bank electronic transfers (wire transfers) are acceptable, in some circumstances, for transactions over $500. Wire transfers can be expensive.
  • Cash (US $) can be sent by registered mail but is not the preferred means. If you send US $ cash by registered mail it should be enclosed so it is not visible when the envelope is held to the light. Why give a thief an advantage in locating a target. Cash is sent at your risk of loss in the mail.

  • Sorry, no direct credit or debit card transactions accepted. However, you can use your VISA or MasterCard when making a payment by the PayPal system.

Add Postage and Insurance. Outside the US, postage will be the actual cost of Air Mail ($3.50 and up), Registered Air Mail ($11.00 and up) or Global Express Mail ($24.00 and up). When the order is firmed up, I will advise as to the exact amount to add for postage. While it is called "Express Mail," I find it can take up from 5-7 days to arrive at the destination outside the US. Registered mail usually makes it in 12-20 days. For several countries, insurance is not available on registered sendings (never available on air mail). On a country by country basis, I may accept the risk of loss on registered sendings. This is based upon my experience of loss to the country/area in question. In this event I will not accept the risk of loss in the mail, the only way insurance is available will be with Global Express Mail. When I reply to your order, I will discuss these matters. Registered mail and Express mail that is covered by US Postal Service insurance, will require customs declaration labels which state the contents and value. The amount of insurance can not exceed the value declared on the customs form.

Order Early. Quantities are Limited so email your order early.

Satisfaction is guaranteed. Return any item within 5 working days (by Registered Mail) for an immediate refund. Working days are Monday through Friday.

Condition of Material & Terms Used. Absent information to the contrary all stamps are Mint, Never Hinged. Unless stated otherwise, each stamp is centered F-VF or better (per the Scott Catalogue Definition) and free of all defects/faults. You will find most stamps are VF or better. Used material is indicated by "o". LH = Lightly hinged.

Discounts (Philatelic Material Only). Orders Filled: $100 and over - 5%, $300 and over - 10%. Some items are priced "Net". In that case no discount applies and they are not counted in the overall order to determine the discount. Discounts do not apply to books.

Ownership. Title and ownership of all material remains in George C. Baxley until the material is accepted by the buyer.

Legal Jurisdiction. Regarding mail sales to buyers not resident in New Mexico and which are mailed outside New Mexico - material is accepted (title and ownership) in the jurisdiction where the buyer is located. You have 5 working days to accept the material (see Satisfaction is Guaranteed, above) or return it as not accepted. After three weeks (21 days), if I have not received your notification and returns by accountable mail (registered mail - post marked within 5 working days of receipt of material) there is a conclusive presumption that you have accepted the sending. Of course we can agree to extend this period but we must discuss it and any extension approved by me must be in writing (letter-not email). I recommend that you email me promptly regarding any returns. That way we can promptly start tracing actions in the unlikely event the accountable mail does not reach me in due course. This will protect the interests of both of us.

Customs/Import Duties & Taxes. Your country may have import duties or taxes that are due on your order when you receive it. We have no way of knowing what the cost will be, and you are responsible for these fees. If this is a concern, please check with your local customs / postal official before ordering.  

Minimum Order. As a general rule, we respectfully decline foreign orders under $45.00. The minimum non-US order for PayPal payment is $75.00.

Want Lists are Welcome.

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