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Buying List
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This is a Buying List. If you are interested in purchasing Singapore material please go to my Singapore price list.

Buying lists for other British Commonwealth are found at Buying British Commonwealth.

The below prices are for Mint, Never Hinged, stamps that are free of all defects. Prices are for stamps that are centered Very Fine (VF). This term is defined in the Scott Catalogue. All stamps in a set must be centered Very Fine or better to support the VF buying price. Stamps with defects are not purchased.

Do not send material until we have discussed the transaction by email. In many cases I purchase in quantity but I reserve the right to limit quantities and offer slightly different buying prices where quantity of a set exceeds five (5) sets. Prices are subject to change and I reserve the right to decline material or limit the quantity purchased.

All prices are in whole dollars, the cents have been rounded off (eg 10 = $10.00 US). Catalogue numbers are Scott Catalogue numbers.

Buying      Buying

         Scott               Paying
Singapore-Buy   1-20(15)       100      Definitives,perf 14
Singapore-Buy   1a-20a(18)     175      Definitives,perf 18
Singapore-Buy   21-2            40      Silver Wedding
Singapore-Buy   28-42           32      Ships
Singapore-Buy   62-9            22      Birds,flowers
Singapore-Buy   101-6           30
Singapore-Buy   106a           145      Sir Thomas Raffles,S/S
Singapore-Buy   107-11          20      Musical Instruments
Singapore-Buy   141a            30      Childeren,S/S
Singapore-Buy   115a             8      Expo 70, S/S
Singapore-Buy   142-3           20
Singapore-Buy   144-9           18      Paintings
Singapore-Buy   166a            10
Singapore-Buy   188a            10
Singapore-Buy   189-201         18      Definitives
Singapore-Buy   221a             8
Singapore-Buy   236-9           10      Birds
Singapore-Buy   243-6            3      Trees
Singapore-Buy   247-50           4      Flowers,orchids
Singapore-Buy   263-75          10      Definitives,sea life
Buying Complete Sets. For sets that are not listed above, I buy at 28% of the current Scott catalogue value. However, for the topics of birds, flowers, fish and butterflies, I will pay 35% of Scott for complete sets. Only complete sets are purchased except for certain high value definitives.

Buying Better Covers. What do you have to offer?


George C. Baxley, PO Box 807, Alamogordo, NM 88311

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