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Ryukyu Islands
Buying List

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This is a Buying List. If you are interested in purchasing Ryukyu Islands material please go to my Ryukyu (Selling) Page.

The below prices are for Mint, Never Hinged, stamps that are free of all defects. Prices are for stamps that are centered Very Fine (VF). This term can be found defined in the Scott Catalogue. In some cases, I have noted a buying price for Fine to Very Fine (F-VF) stamps. All stamps in a set must be centered Very Fine or better to support the VF buying price. Stamps with defects are not purchased. Souvenir Sheets must be free of creases, wrinkles and all faults.

Do not send material until we have discussed the transaction by email. No agreement is reached until we have come to a subsequent written or email agreement. In many cases I purchase in quantity but I reserve the right to limit quantities and offer slightly different buying prices where quantity of a set exceeds five (5) sets.

All prices are in whole dollars, the cents have been rounded off (eg 10 = $10.00 US). Catalogue numbers are Scott Catalogue numbers.

Buying   Buying
Buying   Buying

                                Buy Price (Mint, Never Hinged, VF or better)
Ryukyu - Buy      1-7             $6
Ryukyu - Buy      1a-7a         $155
Ryukyu - Buy      8-13           $16
Ryukyu - Buy      14             $13
Ryukyu - Buy      15             $13
Ryukyu - Buy      16              $3   Must have good gum - not dry gum
Ryukyu - Buy      16a             $8   Must have good gum - not dry gum
Ryukyu - Buy      16b            $15   Must have good gum - not dry gum
Ryukyu - Buy      17 VF      On Request
Ryukyu - Buy      17 F-VF    On Request
Ryukyu - Buy      17 LH      On Request - lightly hinged buy price
Ryukyu - Buy      19-26          $14
Ryukyu - Buy      24a            $14
Ryukyu - Buy      27-28           $3
Ryukyu - Buy      29              $3
Ryukyu - Buy      30-3            $4
Ryukyu - Buy      39              $4
Ryukyu - Buy      40 (sheet only)$28     (Only Purchased in Sheets of 50)
Ryukyu - Buy      44-53          $14
Ryukyu - Buy      51a-2a          $7
Ryukyu - Buy      58-62           $8
Ryukyu - Buy      76-80           $5
Ryukyu - Buy      192b        On Request
Ryukyu - Buy      195a-9a         $5

Ryukyu - Buy      C1-3 VF        $50
Ryukyu - Buy      C1-3 F-VF      $40
Ryukyu - Buy      C4-8            $7
Ryukyu - Buy      C9-13          $15
Ryukyu - Buy      C14a        On Request
Ryukyu - Buy      C14-18         $12
Ryukyu - Buy      C19-23          $4

Ryukyu - Buy      E1              $8

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