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Order Pic Date Type* Price Description
56.3.10 Large $16.00 Kita Nakagusuku, registered
56.9.25 Small $16.00 Kunigami, registered
57.5.2 Large $12.00 Kochinda, registered
57.5.3 Large $14.00 Kanegusuku, registered
57.5.6 Small $16.00 Haneji, registered
57.5.14 Large $14.00 Itoman, registered
57.5.18 Large $14.00 Haneji, registered
57.5.21 Large $14.00 Zamami, registered
57.5.22 Small $15.00 Kita Nakagusuku, registered
57.6.5 Small $16.00 Motobu, registered
57.6.6 Large $14.00 Ishikawa, registered
57.6.6 Small $16.00 Tamagusuku, registered
57.6.8 Large $14.00 Izena, registered
57.6.27 Small $16.00 Higashi, registered
The covers on this web page are Offical Business envelopes that have seen registered use. All the covers have the origin Post Office cancel on the back. The envelopes have handstamped or manuscript "Tsushin Jimu" desgination on the front in addition tthe registration number. The covers are mostly from 1957. Unless stated otherwise, the cover does not have official seals.

The basic envelope used for these covers is discussed in Volume 11, No 2 (July 15, 1979), pages 46-51 of From the Dragon's Den, the official publication of the Ryukyu Philatelic Specialist Society, LTD. The covers on this page are shown at Figure 3 and Figure 4 of the RPSS article.

* I call the these covers small (Figure 3 in the RPSS article) and large (Figure 4 in the RPSS article). The small size covers are 84cm wide and 175~200cm tall. The large size covers are 95.5cm wide and 220~240cm high. The variations in height noted here are because the covers were cut open and this usually reduced the top or bottom where they were opened.

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