Grogan Photo Company
Picture Post Cards
Okinawa Related

Number 175

Former Police Gymnasium, Naha, Okinawa


The Grogan Photo Company of Danville, Illinois, produced real picture post cards relating to WWII Okinawa. These were produced from the late 40's to early 50's. The picture post cards were made from photographs, thus the description "real picture post cards" applies, and came in at least 8 different series. Each card had a printed caption and a number for that particular image.

The Okinawa related series were produced on several types of post card photopaper stocks.

Type I, EKC ("Eastman Kodak Co.")
Type II, EKC with a "Grogan Photo Co" divider
Type III, No Stamp Box - with "Post Card Grogan Photo Co. Danville, Ill." printed on back
Type IV, Stamp box that says "Grogan Photo Place Stamp Here."

Below are the cards which have been confirmed. I would like to thank Donn Cuson for helping fill in many of the missing numbers. Donn has prepared a monograph on this series. He has identified six types of cards. His monograph contains a check list of the cards. Some of the numbers appear on more than one type of card. If you are interested in purchasing this monograph, contact me and I will put you in touch with Donn.

As you can see, gaps remain on some of the series. Information to fill in the blanks would be appreciated.

Series 1 (1-1 to 1-12)
        1-1   1 April, 1945 L-Day - Landing of 6th Marine Division on Okinawa
        1-2   The General and the Private
        1-3   Observing Artillery Fire on Outskirts of Naha
        1-4   Taking of Sugar Loaf Hill - Vicinity of Naha
        1-5   Taking Naha
        1-6   Chow Line
        1-7   Cleaning Out Cave - Vicinity of Naha
        1-8   Civilians Aid in Feeding Sick and Wounded\
        1-9   Watchful Waiting
        1-10  Tanks in Action Outskirts of Naha
        1-11  Motobu Peninsula - On Road to Nago
        1-12  Farming in Okinawa

Series  2 (2-1 to 2-12)
        2-1   L Day 1 April 1945 On Okinawa
        2-2   Marines Moving Thru Rice Paddys
        2-3   Mud Vicinity of Naha
        2-4   Jap Pillbox Naha
        2-5   Camouflaged Jap Landing Craft Motobu Peninsula
        2-6   Church Services at Nago
        2-7   Tombs of Okinawa (landscape format - 2 GI walking in tomb area)
        2-8   Naha, Capital of Okinawa
        2-9   Good Luck Give em Hell
        2-10  Rice Paddies in North Okinawa
        2-11  Attack of Motobu Mountains
        2-12  Okinawan Child Sleeping with 2 Marines

Series  3 (3-1 to 3-12) (Envelope "12 Genuine Photographs, Group 3")
        3-1  L-Day
        3-2  Pioneers (GIs rolling barrels onto track vehicle)
        3-3  Questioning a Jap Prisoner
        3-4  Major General Lemuel Shepherd, Jr.
        3-5  Ruins of Nago
        3-6  Yontan Airfield - Okinawa
        3-7  Native Okinawan Having a Little Horse Trouble
        3-8  Cleaning Rifle - Okinawa
        3-9  Bombardment of Naha
        3-10  Okinawa - Jap Personnel Trench
        3-11  Marines Attacking Motobu Mountain, Motobu Peninsula
        3-12  Flamethrowers - Outskirts of Naha

Series 4 (4-1 to 4-12)
        4-1   Landing of 6th Marine Division on Okinawa, April 1st 1945
        4-2   An Okinawan Beauty
        4-3   Major General Lemuel C. Shepherd Jr. Visits Front Lines
        4-4   Yonitan Air Field L-Day as Found by Marines of the 6th Division
                (“of the 6th” not typeset, manuscript)
        4-5   Operating Room in a Cave
        4-6   Flamethrowers in Action Naha
        4-7   Marines Moving into Naha
        4-8   Sugar Loaf Hill - Vicinity Naha
        4-9   Typical Okinawan Scenery
        4-10  Sugar Refinery Naha
        4-11  Bridge Demolished by Japs
        4-12  Be Kind to Animals  [3 Marines feeding hay to a small horse]

Series 5 (5-1 to 5-12)
        5-1   Wading Ashore L Day
        5-2   L Day
        5-3   Dummy Jap Plane Yontan Airfield
        5-4   Artillery in Action
        5-5   He Isn't So Brave Now
        5-6   Two Marines in An ___
        5-7   Rockets in Action Jap Air Attack
        5-8   Even Marines Must Rest
        5-9   View of Yontan Airfield
        5-10  Waiting for Trouble Vicinity of Naha
        5-11  The Japs Were Well Entrenched in Caves
        5-12  Mail from Home

Series 6 (6-1 to 6-12?) 
        6-1  Dedication Services, 6th Marine Cemetery, July 4, 1945
        6-2  Taps at the 6th Marine Division Cemetery on Okinawa
        6-3  Captured Gun on Oroku Peninsula
        6-4  Naha Airfield
        6-5  Flamethrowers in Action,
        6-6  Southern Tip of Okinawa
        6-7  Naha
        6-8  Senaga Shima
        6-9  Sugar Loaf Hill

 Series 7 (7-1 to 7-12?)
        7-1   6th Marine Divison Cemetery on Okinawa
        7-2   Entrance 6th Marine Cemetery
        7-3   Outskirts of Naha
        7-4   Radio Towers East of Naha
        7-5   Admiral Ota's CP
        7-6   Advance on Oroku Peninsula
        7-7   Bridge Between Naha and Oroku Peninsula
        7-8   Yontan Airfield
        7-9   Jap Gun Found Overlooking Naha Airfield

Three Digit Series (170 to 211)
        170  Ishikawa Resettlement Camp
        171  Defended Tombs, Naha, Okinawa
        172  Interior Native Tomb, Okinawa
        174  Island Cemetery, Isa, Okinawa
        175  Former Police Gymnasium, Naha, Okinawa [Butokuden - Karate]
        177  Naha Harbor & Bay, Okinawa
        178  Ruins of Shinto Shrine, Naha, Okinawa
        179  Steps to Shinto Shrine, Naha, Okinawa
        180  Entrance to Shinto Shrine, Naha, Okinawa
        181  Shrine Ruins, Naha Park, Okinawa
        182  Naha Park & Shrine, Okinawa
        184  Typhoon Wake, Naha, Okinawa
        187  Saw-Tooth Ridge to Buckner Bay, Okinawa
        188  Chocolate Drop Hill, Okinawa
        192  Obascom Headquarters, Okinawa
        195  Interior Native Hut Okinawa
        196  Okinawa Kids
        197  Deserted Village, Okinawa
        198  OBASCOM Chapel, Okinawa
        199  OBASCOM Chapel, Okinawa (vertical format)
        200  Boys’ High School, Shuri, Okinawa
        201  Shuri Christian Church, Okinawa
        202  Okinawa Memorial Church (vertical format)
        203  Okinawa Memorial Church (vertical format)
        204  Ruins of Shuri, Okinawa
        206  Bailey Bridges, Okinawa
        207  Ie Shima Cemetery Ryukyus
        208  Aerial View, Ie Shima
        209  Ernie Pyle Memorial, Ie Shima
        211  Snipers Hill Ie Shima

The Grogan Company also produced souvenir photograph packs depicting the fighting on Okinawa. These photographs are on photo paper, black and white and 2 3/8 x 3 3/8 inches. Thus far, packs of 10 each designated "Series 1" and "Series 2" have been confirmed. These came in a mailer envelope with the lettering: "10 Genuine Photographs, Okinawa, Series No. 1 (or 2), Mfg by Grogan Photo Co., Danville Illinois." Each photograph has the following imprint in black inside a white rectangular box at the lower right corner: "Official US Marine Corps Photo." To see the pack for Series 2, click here.

Official Photo Co. Okinawa Battle Photographs. Images similar to the Grogan picture post cards are found on 4 x 5 inch black and white glossy photographs. Each photograph has "Okinawa USMC Photo" in white lettering at the bottom. These were sold by the Official Photos Company of Hollywood, California. I have seen a set of 20 with the following information on the envelope.

U.S. Marine Corps Photos, Set No. 17, 20 Photographs, Okinawa Operation, February 18, 1944, Price $1.20, Official Photos Co., 1434 North Western Avenue, Hollywood 27, California

While the set's envelope carries the date February 18, 1944, the images appear to depict combat during the battle of Okinawa (April, 1945) and scenes showing the results of the combat.


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