Ryukyu Islands
Commercial Covers

This page features Ryukyu Islands covers. The majority of the material listed here is domestic commercial (non-philatelic) mail.

Ryukyu Islands
Commercial Covers

Order Pic Date Franking Price Description
53.1.22 6y $14.00 Kunigami
53.1.28 3y $15.00 Itoman
53.1.30 3y $14.00 Chinen
53.1.31 3y $12.00  
53.2.5 3y $14.00 Nago with double strike of cancel.
53.3.17 3y $12.00 Naze
53.4.1 3y $12.00 Yaeyama
55.1.13 3y $8.00 Post Office name indistinct
57.1.11 3y $10.00 Yomitan
57.7.3 3y $14.00 Ishikawa, handwritten family reregistration designation.
57.7.6 3y $16.00 Koza - Faint Family Registration handstamp, torn on the right side.
57.7.11 3y $10.00 Shuri
57.8.14 3y $11.00 Naha
57.11.19 3y $10.00 Yomitan
57.11.19 3y $10.00 Urasoe
57.11.20 3y $10.00 Naha CPO
60.2.12 3c $8.00 Gushichan
60.2.25 3c $8.00 Miyako CPO
60.2.26 3c $8.00 Miyako CPO
60.3.1 3c $8.00 Yaeyama CPO
60.3.22 3c $8.00 Naha CPO
60.4.4 3c $8.00 Yaeyama CPO
60.4.23 3c $10.00 Motobu
A note regarding rates. The domestic first class rate from August 1, 1949 through December 1, 1953 was 3 yen. Effective December 2, 1953, the rate was 4 yen. Many of the above covers during the 4 yen rate period only bear 3 yen franking. These covers were all from the same source. I believe that the 3 yen covers during the 4 yen rate period may be family reregistration covers and moved at a reduced rate. While most of the covers are not designated for family reregistration, several of these three yen covers have that designation handwritten on them.
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