Charge to Your Credit Card with PayPal.
  PayPal is a Free Service.
You Get Faster Shipment Using PayPal!

George C. Baxley
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Alamogordo, NM 88311

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BaxleyStamps is a Verified Pay Pal User


I am a subscriber to the iNet service know as PayPal. This is service that allows you to pay for a purchase using your credit card. Here are the key features of the PayPal service as implemented by BaxleyStamps:

PayPal is a Free Service for the Buyer

(In some countries there may be a sign-up/registration charge.)

  1. We agree on the terms of the transaction.
  2. I log into my PayPal account and send you a request for payment. You also have the option of sending payment without my request for payment.
  3. You will receive an email from PayPal and you then log into your PayPal account and make payment. The email will contain payment instructions. You can charge the payment to your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express credit card account or have it taken directly from your bank account.
  4. I receive immediate email notice from PayPal that you have paid.
  5. You receive the material promptly. The material goes in the mail that day or the next working day (depending on the time payment notification is received) after I receive the notice that you have paid.

The above steps can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. With PayPal it is possible for your order to be in the mail on, or even before, the next working day after you place it.

Please do not initiate a PayPal transaction on your own as my account is not in the same email address as you find on these web pages.

Sorry but the PayPal service only extends to the US and a limited number of other countries. Click here for a listing of these countries.

The only information exchanged between PayPal and BaxleyStamps is:

  • your name,

  • the payment amount,

  • the date of payment and,

  • your mailing address.

We do not receive from PayPal any of the other private information you submit.

Please Note. PayPal is an independent contractor of BaxleyStamps/BaxleyBooks. We do not receive your credit card information. PayPal only notifies us of the date/ time/ amount of payment and your name and billing/shipping address. We have no control over how PayPal handles your credit card or other personal information. By using the PayPal system you expressly waive any claim that may arise from you providing your credit card or personal information to PayPal. We believe that PayPal provides a secure and safe way pay for your transaction via the internet using your VISA or MasterCard. However, you must be comfortable with that system and understand that your recourse for misuse of your credit card or personal information provided to PayPal is against PayPal and not BaxleyStamps/BaxleyBooks. If you are uncomfortable with using the PayPal system, pay by a US dollar check or money order payable by a bank in the US.

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