Map of The Luchu Island with
Insert of Okinawa or Great Luchu
From an Article Entitled:
The Luchu Islands and Their Inhabitants

by Basil Hall Chamberlain

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This map is extracted from the 1895 Geographical Journal article that is discussed below.

Chamberlain, Basil Hall:
The Luchu Islands and Their Inhabitants, a three part extracted article from The Geographical Journals of 1895. The three parts are:

  • April, 1895, Volume 5, No. 4 (pages 289 - 319),

  • May, 1895, Volume 5, No. 5 (pages 446 - 462) and

  • June, 1895, Volume 5, No. 6 (pages 534 - 545).
In all these three parts, there are a total of 57 pages, 1 fold out map of the Luchu Islands, 4 photographs, 5 illustrations. The map page size is approximately 34 x 25 cm.

This three part article is found in the hardback bound edition of Geographical Journal, Volume 5-6, 1895. The Geographical Journal is a publication of The Royal Geographical Society, London. The printer for the hardback volume is William Clowes and Sons, Limited, London. The bound volume for 1895 includes Volume 5 (January - June, 1895) and Volume 6 (July - December, 1895). The Map of Luchu Islands is found after page 408 of Volume 5, No. 4 (April, 1895) and is not bound in with the article that appears in that issue.


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