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Image Policy for this Web Site

It is my intention to keep images with large file size (jpg files) off the main pages on this site. On items where there is an image, you will find a clickable link that will take you to a separate page where the image will automatically load up if your browser does not have the auto images function disabled. While doing this takes more time for me, it will make the pages load up much faster for you. You will not have to wait for a page to load all the images to continue.

Where there is an image over 50k, I will indicate the file size. If you have a non-pentium computer, or equivalent - with memory under 8mg, you should consider the loading time for larger image files. Here is the bad news on image load up time (assumes a minimum of a Pentium 166hz processor + Windows 3.1):

14.4k 28.8k 56k 128k T1
50k File
Opens In
40 sec 22 sec 14 sec 5 sec 1 sec
75K File
Opens In
48 sec 27 sec 18 sec 6 sec 1 sec
100k File
Opens In
73 sec 39 sec 26 sec 8 sec 1 sec

If you see an item that you would like to see an image of let me know. I will scan the item for you and send it by email or post it to the web site.

I would appreciate your feedback regarding image problems or any other technical problems you encounter on the site. Quite often, you will see a problem before me and your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, George

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