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Frames Policy on this Web Site

This site is being constructed with No Frames pages. However, over time they will be supplemented with Frames Versions of the pages. On the main page index the Frames Version are in Italics and designates with a (red ball). Currently the following Frames Versions have been placed on-line:

	Master Index
	Ryukyu Islands
	Buying Lists
	Far East
	France & French Colonies
	France & French Colonies Covers
	Middle East
	Order Form

I will always have a No Frames page in the event you prefer the larger format out of personal preference or the requirements of your software and hardware. I believe you will find the Frames Version helpful on pages that have numerous countries or categories. On the Frames Version page, the index will remain fixed as you view the various index items. This will keep you from having to jump to the top of the page or back and forth between the Main Page. Eventually, I will have a Master Index of the site that uses frames.

When using frames the best setting is 800 x 600 High Color (16 bit). At that setting, you should find the frames function properly and require a minimum of scrolling - at least horizontally.

If you are an Internet Explorer user you may experience a significant lag time when you visit a Pic and return to the preceding page. I don't know why this happens. If you have an explanation or solution, that would be greatly appreciated. In IE, I recommend you let a Pic page load completely before you return the the prior page. This seems to help in returning to the exact spot you left. The frames pages seem to work best with Netscape, Version 4 or higher.

If you encounter problems with Frames page, or anything else for that matter, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks, George


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